YACGR (yet another creepy grant report)

I mean creepy in the sense that results slowly creeping in. People who follow my tweets know that 2 smaller milestones are achieved: predefined subrules and regex quantifier are now all in place (in Index A and B). This was of course a byproduct of my upcoming Perl 6 Regex and Grammar talk.
So we not far away from 700 items in Index A (50 more than last time). Some bits other were done.

Hope you guys are not to impatient but since im doing this thing for years and still on it, its not far fetched that one day im ready with it. It's also like writing a book, which, when taken seriously, needs constant improvement. The quality and consistency of the entries grew all the time. They also explain some of the terms like LTM, role, runtime and so on. if you think that doesn't have to be in an index, please let me know.

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No need to be creepy. Keep the good work.

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