A real Grant Report for the Perl 6 Tablets

Allright, long long time ago i got this TPF grant. You were all a generous boss to not tackle me because i had other important stuff to do for Perl community (including Perl 6 articles for $foo perl magazine, perlzeitung and heise online - the leading German IT news portal and a modern perl 5 tut to spread the praise of Perl into the free software world). But because slowly are coming in real results, I write now a real grant report the TPF can publish.

First I lied with the submission. Perl 6 so huge it can't be done even if I would triple or quadruple the suggested amount of time. I mean if you want have real (book) quality - which is my aim. But i wanted to be accepted right? While I gathered during several years some understanding of the inner workings of Perl 6, there were still many details I never came across. So changed the plan. Instead of making the tablets as promised I expands Index A and B for two reasons. a) Even if i never come further we still had a pretty complete lookup and learning device which is also used by Perl6::Doc right now. b) it enabled me to contribute in any rare spare time while learning P6 myself, because you can add or improve very small up to very large bits. And as you can visually compare here, some of it is done now. There is still lot to do but currently I have the feeling most operators, methods, types, Regex chars, quoting adverbs, special variables, grammar categories and so on are in the index.

In numbers: we're gone in ~360 changes from 572 to 764 entries even if deleting more than 40 and rewriting nearly half of them. Also Index B is almost in sync with that. Also each entry has at least one anchor and can be externally linked and there are over 900 internal crossreferences (links) as well as even more additional links to the according Index B sections and Tablets. Many examples are added but lets not count these since many are boldly copied from the synopses. There is now also an additional index to better overview and browse the none ASCII part of the index A. Tablets 2-4 have some substance.

There is still lot to do, refinements like consistent description of the arity and associativity for all ops and many more examples and crossreferences. I want to continue to do something daily about that. But my plan is now for the most part to complete Tablets 2-4 and cash in the first half of the grant.

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