Perl 6 Tablets: what happened this week

We're consolidating. Quality of about 50 entries was raised, escape chars for zero width assertions added, precedence table updated, better explanation of this compile time / runtime thing, the flipflops and zip operator.

And hurray i got help from raiph mellor, who has ambition to stay and constantly raise the quality.

But main news is something else. Im done with socialtext. Really. I had to dance around the syntax all the time, never knowing how this character would be displayed or if I had to put {{ }} around it. But even that doesn't helped --> which is used in Perl 6 in signatures to define the return type. And to make headlines, that also work as a link to the top of the page was sheer impossible. Lets not speak about beauty. So I left the wiki and moritz++ was kind to set up the URL, were further development will take place. This means you can easily fork it. Its just html for now, but lot more automation for generating html, pdf and pod (for Perl6::Doc) I expect to happen.

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