8th Week of Perl 6 Tablets

This might be the last entry about the perl 6 tablets for a longer time. (lot of projects and articles have to be written soon and the moose article for heise sits on the brink and no article from me in this issue of perlzeitung). The work is now gradual and you surely don't want to hear same stuff every week. Just one thought on strategy.

I still work on the appendix (F and G now) rather on the actual tablets for several reasons:

A) work for the beginner

The appedices are more structured toward questions starters might have and maybe the answers there are also easier to find. This helps to bring more people to Perl 6 and for more sophisticated musings are still the specs there, which are much easier to read, once you have every term there explained in the glossary of the tablets.

B) have to learn myself

Even after all these years, I'm still not fond of all corners and depths of Perl 6 (which is still constantly changing - mostly gaining depth and cutting the not practically working ideas). So I write the broader parts first. Not only to let the tablets shine by having at least some parts in decent completeness, but also to be able to contribute while learning myself. once the appendices are written its much easier build upon that the tablets. yes it sounds like having it backwards but to me it feels better to knowing what I actually linking to and knowing what repetetive explanation I not have to do. Also creating a structure where it is clear what belongs where makes it much easier to contribute, which is far more important than having a few good chapters since this task is simply beyond of the scope of one person. I have a life you know. :)

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