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You have no clue about Perl 6 but still want to help? Here is your chance. After Appendix A now stabilizes and most of the 750 entries are well formated (signatures still catching on) and in Appendix B also over 600 items link back to Appendix A so you can click back and forth to get a minimal wikipedia effect (What I was looking for in the first place?), now my primary focus is on Appendix G.

This page was created just 2 weeks ago to separate all the glossary terms out of Appendix A. This way A is more pure and usable for autogenerated docs, we have a clearer division of labor and G can have slightly different concept and formating, more suitable for a bit longer explanations which take out some repetitive, shorter descriptions out of A which should serve more as a reminder (like johans pocket ref printed by o'reily). But G is still an integrate part of the tablets, linking to related builtins in A, categories in B, explanations in D or into the tablets 0-10. This makes it even more usable by not only explaining the words in the tablets and Perl 6 spec you might not understand, but also linking to syntax where this concept is put into practice.

The first part is exactly where I wish to see more help, because from the initial 30 something entries it has risen to 100 now, no end in sight. Many are just emty entries that can be filled out by people with some better understanding of the programming concepts several languages use. Adding the Perl 6 bits to it will be much easier for me than. So please clone this repo and send github pull requests or come to #perl6 and get your commit bit.

Thank You very much.

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