My IPW afterthoughts

This will be just partially about the just ended Italian Perl Workshop in Bologna, because frankly most of the talks I did not not understand, even if I would like to improve my Italian. So why even bother being one of a hand full not Italian?

  • They let me speak.
  • They are sooo welcoming, friendly and relaxed.
  • The food is better then on any other Perl conference I know.
  • Gelato.
  • Bologna.
  • Adventure of being in a foreign country.
  • Have an evening with michele, stefano, ovid, and matt trout.

I know, some think of mst as a bastard with maybe an heart. Its rather the other way around if you know him better. We're quite lucky to have him.

Yes the travelling wasn't that cheap but its so welcoming to arrive there, I almost forgot that its not the norm til I attended two years ago some none-Perl conferences. I found trough Perl conferences people I consider friends in several places and pals in almost every country around and I don't want to miss that. YAPCs are much more overloaded and good just to see people, say hello and recognize new topics. For really learning something are Workshops much better suited.

And its just a great experience (like they say in advertisement just in real) - thanks michele and team. This may doesn't sound special to some but its what makes life really good and rich. Last year it was the small round composed of matt, ingy, gaby and me - just unforgettable evenings. And of course with the wonderful locals which are partially gone to England now. Maybe i should try the London - soon to be renamed into English - Perl workshop too next year.

P.S. don't forget


Thank you to you Norbert!
I'm one of those who had the pleasure to attend your "Perl 5 quiz" talk at the IPW, which has been extremely instructive, besides entertaining.

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