Climbing the Charts (request for feature requests)

Hurray, released another version of Chart without new features. Actually rewrote the complete documentation and I guess especially this page (with a little help of this list) is all what most people need. That also allowed us to drop the old PDF and HTML docs which took 8/9 of the distributions space (good side effect).

But main reason to tell this: writing the docs forced me to plough through most of code and also test most of it with self written or at least adapted code, which brought me into the position actually understand what I maintain.

So now I can give actually intelligent responses to feature requests. So please post them here or there. And yes , there will be SVG support, but not soon.

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Thanks for doing this mate, the documentation is key and the modernisation will make it more sustainable. I cant wait to see SVG support. I appreciate it will not be soon, there is a lot of work needed here, but the incorporation of vector fonts and lines will transform the output.

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