Hai Julia !

I released Juliagraph an interactive fractal painter for Julia and Mandelbrot types of fractal.


It parallels and builds upon the Cellgraph and Harmonograph and yes its not very fast yet and it needs Wx to build its GUI which is not easy to install under windows. Both issues i think about how to tackle. I need to learn XS and also want to an option for smooth color gradients. There is an algorithm for that I know via calculating interim values. Also The background color is still fixed and probably will be selectable in future.

But we already got some unusual features like:

  • choosable exponent: produces classes of different overall shapes
  • linear component: drags the shape in not always beautiful but sometimes interesting ways
  • stop metric: creates differently shaped halos around the fractal
  • colors: select them freely from store or via value sliders in RGB and HSL color space (thanks to GTC)
  • color mapping: dynamics and length of the color gradients, how many colors or an black and white option

But it the end it is a toy for amusement and mathematical learning. It has several features that are just geared for that. First of all the sketch preview, which gives you a low resolution version of the current fractal allows you to interact with the settings. Tweak them to get a feel what does what. A huge amount of these settings allow you to make aesthetic choices. And best of all, you can not only save your favorite fractals as JPG / PNG or SVG but also the settings as an .ini file. Reload them later via the recent's menu with one click and continue you journey for beauty.

Also the mentioned Cellgraph and Harmonograph are geared toward getting beautiful images. And much more *graph apps are planned, all in all maybe 9, just check my github.


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