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Color Evolution

The most requested feature of the Cellgraph is now in operation: Colors.

I added one panel with all the options and functions to control them. It is a little complex, but well documented (see here). In short you can load and save from and to the config file single colors and color sets under special names. And then you have direct access to the gradient and the complimentary function of Graphics::Toolkit::Color. Reverting to the default grayscale is always possible with an push on a button.

The deep, the shallow and the ugly (classes)

Previously I showed parts of the API of my new module Graphics::Toolkit::Color. This time I want to mention some bits about the code base, which demonstrate what I tried to say long ago (sorry for the long delay i hope I can complete the series).

Look mom I invented colors

Just released Graphics::Toolkit::Color for the purpose to create computationally harmonic color pallets (2-3 lines max for most needs). It is in fact a chunk out of Chart I needed to reuse in other projects as the Harmonograph. And as you can see in the SEE ALSO section of the POD - I'm aware that there are plenty other modules doing, parts, similar stuff or even more.

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