Daily #perl6 summary now built in to irclog software

One of the best ways to connect to the Perl 6 community is to join the hub of its activity, the freenode IRC channel #perl6. Another great approach is to read the daily log for that hub. To start with the full log for today, visit today's log of the freenode IRC channel #perl6.

The original driver for this blog was publishing short(ish) "summaries" of that looong log. Since starting it a few weeks ago things have been experimental, erratic, rapidly evolving. Today things settled nicely.

From today forward, to see a "summary" (subset) of any day's log, just visit that day's log page and click the "summary" link that appears near the top, typically near Camelia. (Or, to save a click, here's a direct link to yesterday's summary.)

Q. Why is the summary blank?

A. Because neither you nor I have yet added some lines to the summary for the day you're viewing.

Q. How do I add lines to the summary for the day I'm viewing?

A. Make sure you are viewing the full log. Click the "Enable summary mode" link (below the words "All times shown according to UTC."). Click the checkbox of the line(s) you want to add. Click the "Save summary changes" link. Drink a beer.

Q. Does that mean no more #perl6 summaries at this blog?

A. Good question.

Q. Are you going to bring back the organized breakdown such as was done for 26 #perl6 summaries for 2012-09-02 or the earlier weekly summaries?

A. Do you think I should?

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