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This week in PSC (122) | 2023-10-26

This week we discussed:

  • Release process needs better docs, maybe some more automation.
  • "inward goto" has been deprecated since 5.12. We have set an end date for it and will announce in 5.40 that we'll remove it in 5.42.
  • Our call for a project manager to get SSL into core has not gone unheeded. We're happy to accept Nicolas Mendoza to the role.
  • We need to review our notes about keeping multiple CPAN indexes from PTS in Lyon and publish them for all to see

This Week in PSC (121) | 2023-10-19

  • Reviewed recent mailing list threads - multiple namespaces, moose + warnings conflicts. Determined there’s not a lot the perl core can do (at the moment)

  • Reviewed PR#21532 (Module loading function)

  • SSL out of the box still needs someone to project manage whatever various bits need to be done. A specific email on the subject will be sent to the list.

  • PR#18059 to fix up perl version number macros is still outstanding and needs fixing up so it can be merged

This week in PSC (120) | 2023-10-12

This week we discussed the following topics:

  • load_module has a PR in progress; needs continued nudging on a few last issues so we can move forward and merge it
  • Pod “U<..>” for underline has better docs; again that could possibly be merged now if all are happy
  • We spent further time thinking about other ideas for extending and improving Pod: further details may be published in due course
  • We briefly discussed how to break the logjam on PPC0013 and continue work on join/etc…

This week in PSC (119) | 2023-10-05

This week we discussed the following topics:

  • Module::CoreList is still somewhat awkward and manual to update around releases. We need better instructions and possibly some automation around the simpler
  • Pod’s new U<> format needs more documentation around its limited availability.
  • Test2::Suite sometimes spuriously fails in perl core; needs some poking
  • We should put out a call for bugfixes for a possible 5.38.1 release

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