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This week in PSC (125) | 2023-11-23

The PSC met today. In summary:

  • Paul’s TPRF grant was accepted, he plans to spend some of that time to work on some PPCs first (qt strings, overload)
  • FOSDEM Perl Devroom CfP: none of us are planning to attend in person, but if someone else wanted to present on our behalf we could coördinate with them and work out a subject to talk about
  • Discussed coming up with a Perl roadmap that we could present to the world (and entice sponsorship for TPRF’s Perl Development Fund and Grants program)
  • We discussed opening up our meetings to the occasional guest, so they could see what we’re actually doing (boring!) and give us an outside perspective

This Week in PSC (124) | 2023-11-16

This week we:

  • Reviewed some recent email threads:
    • Returning values from require multiple times - seems not useful as compared to using do FILE or the new load_module builtin
    • observed to use lots of memory, but also complicated to fix. It might benefit a new smaller simpler tool being provided by Perl core
  • Perl 5.39.5 is due soon and we have release managers up to 5.39.8, but we’re still in need of folks to do up to 5.40.0

This week in PSC (123) | 2023-11-09

We skipped the meeting last week (2023-11-02). This week was a quiet week too, so we don’t have much to report.

We talked a bit about the PPCs currently being implemented. PPCs 14 (English names) and 21 (optional chaining) have people implementing them - we hope to have some progress to publish soon.

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