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This Week in PSC (129) | 2023-12-21


  • Arranged for a representative from TPRF to join us in January to discuss roadmaps
  • Started discussing what might turn up in the PSC talk at FOSDEM

We’re skipping next week due to Christmas, so next meeting should be on 2024-01-04

This Week in PSC (128) | 2023-12-14

This week, Graham was on holidays, so Paul and Philippe:

  • reviewed new mailing list threads. Just one - a rethink of signatures.
  • submitted a talk proposal to the Perl dev room at FOSDEM
  • continued to discuss the complexities of moving past the number ‘5’ for the major part of the language version

Quote of the week: “There are features that make the language slow, but those are the features that make the language.”

This Week in PSC (127) | 2023-12-07

This week we:

  • Worked out final resolving actions for security issues.
  • Discussed recent mailing-list posts about making method non-public by default. This probably won’t work but we could open a PPC discussion on my method + $obj->&method syntax.
  • Reviewed Projects in Flight - posted below
  • Merged the PR for PPC 0022 (Metaprogramming API). Discussions on individual points can be made using GH Issues

Projects in Flight

  • HTTPS out of the box — (Paul) has nudged Mark Gardner by email
  • PPC 0013 overload in join — (Philippe) should open an issue with his thoughts on the topic
  • PPC 0014 English names — (Paul) should check in with Joe McMahon
  • PPC 0019 qt Strings — (Paul) now has TPF Core Development Grant so can start writing this Any Day Now(TM)
  • PPC 0021 Optional chaining — (Paul) should check in with Veesh Goldman
  • PPC 0022 Metaprogramming API — (Paul) has a CPAN module, would be nice if anyone started using it for any reason
  • (Graham) to write a PPC for ->&
  • Perl roadmap for 2024 — Yeah it’d be nice if we had one, but without having any weight of promise behind it it’s just words
  • TODDR to write a draft pod/security_disclosure_process.pod (not in December), and also offered to coordinate the next incident

This week in PSC (126) | 2023-11-30

Three Perl releases have been published this past week, containing patches for security issues CVE-2023-47038 and CVE-2023-47039. This kept us busy for the past few weeks (explaining the somewhat thinner recent updates).

  • Paul will publish a post-mortem on the recent releases, looking at what went wrong and some thoughts on how to improve it so those don’t happen again
  • We discussed a plan to improve documentation of the security disclosure process
  • We took note of what projects we have in flight (e.g. PPCs being implemented) and may find a way to keep that list published and updated

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