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This Week in PSC (133) | 2024-01-25

Just me and Graham this week.

  • builtin::nan needs better documentation on the kind of NaN it provides.
  • We discussed lots about builtin and lexical imports, and how to handle a few odd cornercases.
  • Perl 5.39.7 is now out; we need to work out the schedule for the final few devel releases and the real thing in May.

This week in PSC (132) | 2024-01-18

We discussed

  • lwn.net writes a lot about Python. Should we let them know “Hey Perl still exists, here’s what we’re doing” too?
  • Reviewed a draft of some slides for the “Updates from the PSC” FOSDEM talk
  • Discussed some thoughts around getting use VERSION to imply builtins
  • Further clarifications were made on the PPC0019 (qt strings)

This Week in PSC (131) | 2024-01-12

We discussed

  • Some issues with PPCs in flight - meta (0022), qt strings (0019). More mails or PRs may be inbound
  • A gap in the PPC process overall; it seems unclear how to edit and amend accepted documents to resolve questions that come up during implementing

This Week in PSC (130) | 2024-01-04

Happy New Year!

This week, we discussed some recent mailing-list threads:

  • meta experiments continue. They should probably provoke some kind of runtime warning about being experimental, but exact details need discussion
  • Ovid requests to write another PPC about value constraint checks. We don’t object as such, but would remind that a specification alone does not guarantee an implementation and we’re still busy implementing the previous big idea (class)

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