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This Week in PSC (137) | 2024-02-22

Paul was away this week.

  • we talked about the hiccups that PAUSE seems to have been through
  • we discussed further changes to the use VERSION behaviour (warnings)
  • and we started going through the bug list to tag release blockers

PSC #136 2024-02-15

  • working out a timeline of what should go in to 5.39.8, 5.39.9, and what to defer to 5.41
  • draft tests+docs received from Martijn Lievaart (“M4”) for a logical xor (^^) operator
  • the responses saying no to adding Data::Printer in core that it doesn’t seem like it would be popular
  • some potential new sprintf format templates:
    • a float template that produces the shortest string that represents the exact float (similar to what Math::Ryu does),
    • a %q to access B::perlstring/quotemeta or something similar
  • the realisation that, some months ago, Mark Gardner had volunteered to work on the SSL-in-core project, and we haven’t heard from them since.

This Week in PSC (135) | 2024-02-08

This week, the three of us:

  • noted that use VERSION restrictions have had mostly positive responses
  • thought that Data::Printer can’t go in core as-is, but there’s a use case for a debugging helper, some of which might be hidden in D:P’s core
  • discussed adding a builtin::numify function (and the corresponding OP in core)
  • quickly reviewed the PPCs currently being implemented:
    • we should ping the implementors of PPC0014 (English names) and PPC0021 (optional chaining)
    • PPC0022 (meta) has an implementation on CPAN
    • PPC0019 (qt strings) implementation is in progress, but unlikely to be done by 5.40
    • PPC0013 (overload in join) is currently stalled

This Week in PSC (134) | 2024-01-25

All three of us returned.

We only had one issue to discuss, the pressing matter of how to handle lexical unimports, builtin version bundles, the integration with use VERSION, and various related topics.

It’s complicated. We’ve been putting together a longer mail on the subject and that will come out as its own thread soon.

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