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  • Commented on I failed to pause before blogging
    I think the indexer probably goes through line by line to avoid slurping in the whole file....
  • Commented on I found the truth about GameStop, Qanon, the Biden adminstration, and the British Royal Family
    Aliens from Mars killed Lee Harvey Oswald to hide the truth that eating Kraft instant mac and cheese boxes causes obesity. Lee Harvey Oswald found out because they were the source of all knowledge. Aliens from the moon know the...
  • Commented on Mood Lighting
    The way I currently have it, one cycle takes about 20 minutes; it's very subtle and slow, so a video would not be especially interesting. I'll try filming a faster sequence with more contrast between the colours though....
  • Posted Mood Lighting to Toby Inkster

    The lighting in my bedroom uses Philips Hue bulbs — specifically, the coloured ones. Last night, I decided it would be nice to set the three lights in my bedroom to cycle slowly through a set of warm colours using a script.

    I didn't…

  • Commented on Perl weekly challenge 95
    Your initial function can be simplified further. sub is_palindrome_rev { $_[0] eq reverse $_[0] } Any time you have something like: if ( X ) { return true; } else { return false; } That should trigger your code smell...
  • Commented on A Static Archive of
    Also click on the "URI-duri" link from
  • Commented on A Static Archive of
    Some issues seem missing. If you look at then try clicking on the links. The first one is broken, but the others work....
  • Commented on Drawing a blank with XS
    Python: Let's make whitespace characters syntactically signicifant. Perl: Hold my beer and watch this!...
  • Commented on Perl dying? Well now I don't care
    (If it was unclear in my previous comment, the "Yes" was supposed to be alt text for the image, to be displayed if the image cannot be shown.)...
  • Commented on Perl dying? Well now I don't care
    I can understand the push back on YAML. YAML is a huge specification, way more complex than you need. There's already a cut-back broken implementation in core, adding a second cut-back broken implementation seems a bad idea, and adding a...
  • Commented on Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
    There's a lot of variation in how CPAN testers have their machines set up, so I can't say for sure if there's any way of getting output from them which will always work, but it seems to work pretty reliably....
  • Commented on Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
    Yeah, I've seen in quite a few distributions the first test file will print out version numbers of dependencies. CPAN Testers will usually include version numbers of dependencies as part of their report, but that will not generally include optional...
  • Commented on CY's Take on PWC#088
    Why do this? my $pre_prod = 1; # short for "previous product" Why not just call the variable $previous_product? Sure, it's a little longer, but it's not that bad, and you'd actually make the code shorter overall because you could...
  • Commented on I founded a company called Perl Research Institute, Ltd.
    Looks interesting from what Google Translate is able to show me!...
  • Posted Thank You, to Toby Inkster

    For letting me know my test coverage has increased by 0.00006%.

    (Seriously it's a pretty cool service though.…

  • Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 085
    Ohhh, it means "to the power of". ^ is usually bitwise xor in Perl....
  • Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 085
    Can't all non-negative integers be represented as a^b? If so, here's a Perl script to do task 2: print "1\n";...
  • Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 084
    This: my @newlist = map { BLOCK } @oldlist; Is basically just a shortcut for: my @newlist = (); for my $item ( @oldlist ) { local $_ = $item; my @got = do { BLOCK }; push @newlist, @got;...
  • Posted Finding Squares in Matrices to Toby Inkster

    I don't usually take part in the Perl Weekly Challenge but one of this week's challenges caught my eye. I thought it could be a fun thing to attempt and decided to use Zydeco to help solve it.

  • Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 084
    Parsing the input matrix can be made a lot simpler. my @matrix = map [/([01])/g], grep /[01]/, <$fh>;...
  • Commented on Adventures in Perl
    Welcome to the site! Sometimes if you want to eke out the last drop of performance from Perl, it can mean sacrificing readability, so looking at code from contests that reward performance, brevity, etc can give a bad impression of...
  • Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge 81: Frequency Sort
    This is why I like the list util modules.
  • Commented on Week #080: Smallest Positive Number & Count Candies
    perl -MZ -E'my @N = (1,8,-1); $_ = 1; while () { match($_, \@N) ? ++$_ : (say,last) }'...
  • Posted Applying Operators to Coderefs to Toby Inkster

    In algebra, there's this pretty funky concept:

    (f+g)(x) = f(x) + g(x)

    And I was thinking if $f and $g were coderefs, what could ="prettyp…

  • Commented on Where do you like bugs reported?
    The reason I like is because it has incredibly flexible reporting on issues. Like I have my RT dashboard set to show six sections: Ten most recently updated new/open issues across all my distributions Ten most recently updated patched/stalled...
  • Commented on A meta issue for modules: bug tracking
    Easy peasy....
  • Commented on A meta issue for modules: bug tracking
    Oh nice. I swear it used to disable pull requests when you disabled issues. Now I need to figure out how to use the API to loop through all my repos and disable the issue tracker....
  • Commented on A meta issue for modules: bug tracking
    But if you disable the GitHub issue tracker, it also disables accepting pull requests....
  • Commented on A meta issue for modules: bug tracking
    My modules link to the correct location ( but people report bugs on GitHub anyway. :|...
  • Commented on OO linked lists in Perl
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  • Martin McGrath commented on A Static Archive of

    Submitted a couple of comments which were held for moderation, I'll try with a different URL. Thanks for this, but is the closure definitely happening? See

  • James Curtis-Smith commented on Perl weekly challenge 95

    Two things about the first comment:

    1. Perl best practises recommends that you explicitly return from any function - rather than miss the return out as it makes things easier to read.
    2. The challenge requested a return of 1 or 0 from a function, I think
         $a ? 1 : 0
      easier to read than 
      in these situations {and it avoids any potential side effects}

    As for the second one - yes if you treat this purely as a string based problem then it will work for any string - but then it is just proving strings are…

  • Lee J commented on A Static Archive of

    I have no involvement or idea about any ongoing plan for keeping up - I only created this archive for my own purposes (as per the README) but have made it publically available as that seems like a useful thing to do.

    Robert asked my if I would be OK with it being the official static archive, which I said is fine but bear in mind the caveats (again, as per the README).

  • Ivan Bessarabov commented on Mood Lighting

    I highly recommend you to try using — it is an awesome system for home automation.

  • Ben Bullock commented on I failed to pause before blogging

    There are some very long modules on CPAN, like this one I saw yesterday:

    It has a dictionary of English words, and each word has its own hash reference, with ten different keys.

    It might be better not to slurp them all in at once. Perhaps the PAUSE indexer could do something like

    if (-s $pm > $max) {
    else {

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