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  • Commented on LPW2013 Survey Results
    Thanks for this Barbie....
  • Commented on Moving PPI to GitHub encourages some new activity
    The second module to move across to GitHub is Perl::MinimumVersion Excellent! I know what I'll be doing this evening....
  • Commented on Release a new distribution every month in 2014
    Jakob, I was referring to my adoption list, which has a lot more candidates....
  • Commented on Release a new distribution every month in 2014
    Whoa, hold your horses Aristotle! :-) I didn't say "just delete them". I said mark them as deprecated, "and direct potential users to alternative modules, if there are any. And schedule their removal from CPAN". Ie remove them at some...
  • Commented on Release a new distribution every month in 2014
    > In fact, if I knew for sure that nobody was using them, I would delete 8 of my existing 15 CPAN distributions right now because I don't think they're being used and I don't plan on updating them. Set...
  • Posted Release a new distribution every month in 2014 to NeilB

  • Commented on Post #1
    Welcome! I look forward to your posts....
  • Commented on A new or die trying
    Jakob: +1 for the comment on perlmonks. And +N to Kirk for a smashing rant....
  • Commented on Fancy writing a Dist::Zilla plugin?
    Shantanu, I am happy to report that with my dzil bundle reconfigured, I am at full spec compliance now :) Excellent - good man!...
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    • Zoffix Znet commented on Please Join Gittip

      Keeping the community visible is a great idea! I'm glad to see the 270-people rise since the last time I visited gittip a few weeks ago :)

      The only thing... I'm not seeing myself neither in the members list nor in the givers list (yeah, I've used the ?filter=400 thing to see all users)... Weird.

    • Ron Savage commented on Seeking code to find a free TCP/IP port

      The code using this is a test, t/daemon.t, in Pod::Webserver, which I recently adopted. It (obviously) runs a daemon (which I very rarely do in my code), using:
      my $port = $ENV{'PODWEBSERVERPORT'};
      Due to fails via CPAN testers, I changed that to:
      my $port = $ENV{'PODWEBSERVERPORT'} || empty_port();
      But then the connexion was always refused. Putting that in a BEGIN block worked.

      I've saved your links in my annotated list of modules. $many x $thanx;

    • commented on Perl and Me, Part 13: Here's To Future Days

      Outstanding series, really enjoyed it. Thanks!

    • Aristotle commented on Damage control is not quality assurance

      Yes, holding the event in a hotel is an excellent suggestion.

      I remember YAPC::EU 2010, whose venue was a hotel. Many of the attendees stayed in that hotel, and the advantages you mention apply are all on the mark. And as an in-hotel conference-goer myself, I can say that especially the fact that I could duck out and up to my room for a short break and then slip right back into the bustle, both in no more time than an elevator ride, was by far the best feature of any conference I’ve attended so far. It also removed the need to figure out a commute and then do it daily. It also made…

    • Wendy commented on Damage control is not quality assurance

      Using a hotel is a great idea. Certainly when it is within the budget.

      But remember, even when you let the hotel take care of breakfast, lunch, dinner and inbetween snacks (ow budget again), they might not accomodate for all the little things. Large amounts of grapes, for instance, just to be taken by the handful (my preferred way of eating them), from a bowl (instead of still hanging in a bunch on their twigs). My experience is that the hotel buffet can be boring quickly.

      So even if you let a hotel take care of this, make sure that there are bakeries, supermarkets and othe…

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