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  • Posted CV-Library is sponsoring the QA Hackathon to NeilB

    We're delighted to announce that CV-Library is supporting the

  • Posted All our other sponsors for the QA Hackathon to NeilB

    The QA Hackathon (QAH) will be kicking off on Thursday morning this week, starting 4 days of intensive work on the CPAN toolchain, test frameworks, and other parts of the CPAN ecosystem. The participants will be gathering from all over the world on the Wednesday evening.

    The QAH wouldn't b…

  • Posted SureVoIP is sponsoring the QA Hackathon to NeilB

  • Posted Strato are sponsoring the QA Hackathon (again!) to NeilB

    We're very happy to announce that Strato are supporting the Perl QA Hackathon, as a gold sponsor, for the second consecutive year.

    Strato are a global ho…

  • Posted The Perl Toolchain: developing your module to NeilB

    This is the second in a series of blog posts about the Perl toolchain and the collection of tools and modules around it that are central to the CPAN we have today. In the first post we introduced PAUSE…

  • Posted The Perl Toolchain: PAUSE and CPAN to NeilB

    This is the first in a series of blog posts about the Perl toolchain and the collection of tools and modules around it that are central to the CPAN we have today. These posts will illustrate the scope of things worked on at the QA Hackathon. We'll start with the core lifecycle of CPAN modules,…

  • Commented on Drop perl 5.8 support in GitPrep 2.0
    GitPrep is a github clone:
  • Posted ZipRecruiter is sponsoring the QA Hackathon to NeilB

  • Posted Announcing the Perl QA Hackathon 2016 to NeilB

  • Commented on CPAN Weekly: one module per week, in your inbox
    Sorry about that -- should be fixed now!...
  • Posted CPAN Weekly: one module per week, in your inbox to NeilB

    CPAN Weekly is a mailing list for Perl 5 programmers. with a brief description of a CPAN module, and example usage.

    The idea is not to provide a tutorial, but just to make you aware of the module, and show one basic use c…

  • Posted 24 Pull Requests to NeilB

    If the Pull Request Challenge hasn't provided enough pull request action for you, you could sign up for 24 Pull Requests. The idea is to do 24 pull requests in the 24 days before Christmas Day. You have to find the…

  • Posted One more month in the 2015 CPAN PR Challenge to NeilB

    So far 487 people have signed up for the 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge. Each month participants (who have just joined or completed the previous month) get a semi-randomly assigned distribution, and have one month to submit a pull request.

    A lot of those…

  • Commented on CPAN Testers needs our help
    grim: I've added a link to the CPAN Testers sponsors page. I hadn't added a link to it before because it's probably going to get a rework soon, but you're right, it should be linked right now, so people can...
  • Commented on CPAN Testers needs our help
    Ovid, thanks for the feedback. I've toned down the language. I was trying to protect CPAN Testers' funding from the vagaries of exchange rates, but you're right, the fewer barriers the better. That said, the EPO donation form does make...
  • Posted CPAN Testers needs our help to NeilB

    CPAN Testers needs recurring funding to cover its hosting costs. If you, or your company, rely on CPAN, then please seriously consider setting up a standing order to donate £50 (or some multiple thereof) to CPAN Testers every year. We encourage companies to use a multiple of the base £50 that…

  • Posted CPANtoberfest - CPAN projects for hacktoberfest to NeilB

    If you're taking part in Hacktoberfest, you may have noticed that the list of suggested projects doesn't contain any Perl projects. So I've created

  • Posted Hacktoberfest to NeilB

    The goal of Hacktoberfest is to get more people contributing to open source by submitting at least one pull request (PR) during the month of October. If you sign up and do at least four PRs in the month, then you'll get a free t-shirt.

  • Commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: September 20th-26th
    This is great Sawyer -- thanks for doing this! I have two suggestions. First, there's a lot of content, and I guess there often will be. So how about a slightly more interactive format? I took your summary and did...
  • Posted Please blog about YAPC::EU! to NeilB

    If you're at YAPC::EU, please blog about the conference and your experience, and preferably do that before the end of this weekend: (1) the thoughts are still fresh in your mind, and we'll get your raw unedited thoughts, and (2) you stand a better chance of getting a mention in PerlWeekly :-)

  • Posted CPAN is 20! to NeilB

    Perl hackers have now, as of today the 16th August 2015, via PAUSE for 20 years. Andreas König, who did that first upload, is still releasing to CPAN, and as I write this …

  • Commented on Converting glob patterns to regular expressions
    You could have a look at glob_to_regex() in Text::Glob. I haven't checked it, but if it doesn't handle the cases discussed here, you could submit a PR tomorrow, as part of your CPAN Day celebration :-) And while you're there,...
  • Commented on Check your test coverage with Devel::Cover
    Good point Dave — done!...
  • Posted Raise hell, or bugs, on CPAN Day! to NeilB

    If you've got one or more distributions on CPAN, any ideas you've had which aren't listed in the issue tracker (typically RT or github issues).

    If you don't have any distributions on CPAN, then you could go through the modules…

  • Posted What's your favourite CPAN module? to NeilB

    We've probably all got one or more modules that we're very thankful for. you from having to write it yourself. Maybe it's such a well-crafted module that you don't need to think about it, but always have it on your tool belt.

  • Commented on Refactoring Very Old Perl 5 in Perl 6
    While waiting for a late meeting I hacked up a quick perl5 version without using any CPAN modules: my @lines = `ps auxww`; my $header = shift @lines; my $rule = '-' x length($header)."\n"; print $header, $rule; print grep {...
  • Posted Do something for CPAN Day 2015 to NeilB

    CPAN Day marks the date of the first upload to CPAN, on 16th August 1995. Last year was the first time we celebrated CPAN Day, and many of us

  • Posted You're not too late for the CPAN Pull Request Challenge to NeilB

    The CPAN Pull Request Challenge has now been running for half a year. Hundreds of people have done pull requests on CPAN distributions. Many have fallen by the wayside, as life and other distractions caught up with them, but more than 50 are still in the game. If…

  • Posted Sponsors for the QA Hackathon to NeilB

    The QA Hackathon wouldn't be possible without the support of all of our generous sponsors. In this post we cover the sponsors not previously thanked here, including the individual members of the Perl community who made personal donations.

    You can read about some of the things done at the h…

  • Commented on is broken is known to be broken in various ways: Until someone has both the tuits and the inclination to try and fix some of these, the situation isn't going to change, alas....
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