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  • Mike Friedman commented on A NuoDB Driver for Perl

    NuoDB looks like a really cool project. But if you want Perl programmers to use your driver, it has to be on CPAN. That's the only place 99% of us are ever going to look for Perl code.

    Plenty of CPAN distributions use GitHub for their repositories; Dist::Zilla has a number of tools for automating CPAN releases from GitHub. We can help you get set up on CPAN if you haven't used it before.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on A NuoDB Driver for Perl

    The installation instructions says:

    sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'force install DBI'

    This is very bad practice because:

    • this will probably corrupt the packages handled by the system (usually on Linux systems). Instead, suggest to the user to use a local::lib-based environment
    • 'force install' is a bad practice. If DBI doesn't install, there is a good reason that must be fixed, either on the system or in DBI.
  • mwaci commented on A NuoDB Driver for Perl

    Currently our head of engineering is out of the office this week, but we are definitely going to discuss this internally as soon as he is back and try and evaluate the next step. Thanks to everyone for their input, making sure that NuoDB is reaching programmers is extremely important to us and we will come back with an answer as soon as we speak internally.

  • jtimothyking1 commented on A compelling reason for Perl6

    Hi, Randal. I just discovered this post, thinking about the same sort of problem, a next-generation web framework, and thinking that Perl 6 might be the right platform on which to build it. I don't see any other posts on the topic, however, since this one. Have you brainstormed any further?


  • gidisrael commented on My Dist::Zilla and git/GitHub workflow

    Hey, Oliver.

    Could you please add some instructions on how to get started?

    For a Dist:Zilla newbie, how do I begin with your bundle? I mean, I’m not even clear on what a bundle is.

    Do I install your module and it configures everything?

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