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  • Posted I'm Thankful for Perl to Joel Berger

    These last few years have been just astonishing and so much of it is due to Perl and the Perl Community. In 2013 I ended my 8 year graduate experience (where I learned a lot of Perl) by defending my

  • Commented on Calculating U.S Federal holidays with Time::Moment
    Looks great!...
  • Posted Anonymous Classes With Private Data to Joel Berger

    A long while back (I’ll find the reference if I can) Stevan Little, author of Moose, commented that part of what he wanted for a p5mop was the ability to have truly private data in classes. Much in the way Perl 6 has $!data attributes that are simply private…

  • Commented on A Basic Challenge
    I thought you might say that, and IMO, that's more preprocessor than C++ anyway. What would be cool would be implementing a DSL or even a p6 grammar that does it directly....
  • Commented on A Basic Challenge
    I see and on CPAN already. I'm sure that someone could implement either a source filter or something else on top of those, but in essence, its been done long ago :-)...
  • Posted YAPC::NA 2015 Wrap-up and More New (PSGI!) Modules to Joel Berger

    I was lucky enough to be able to attend YAPC::NA 2015 in Salt Lake City, this year.


  • Commented on Bounty for fixing CPAN modules
    I believe I suggested bounties in a previous post actually. I think that sounds like a great idea, at least as a pilot program....
  • Commented on An example using Mojo::DOM for rewriting HTML
    Hi, I’m not at all sure what you are attempting to do and the comment system of this site does not make it very conducive to technical discussion. I would recommend asking a question on StackOverflow and include the Perl...
  • Posted New CPAN Modules to Joel Berger

    I have found myself in a bit of a CPAN exuberance these last few months. While I have released several new modules, I haven’t found time to announce them individually. Here then is a joint announcement of what I’ve been doing on CPAN lately.

  • Commented on Term::ReadLine::Gnu Unicode Hell
    is it possible that you are not decoding your json as it comes in? In JSON::Tiny you probably should be using decode_json rather than from_json (which you might be, but without seeing the code I don't know)....
  • Commented on Alien::Base past, present and future (upcoming change in behavior)
    Two quick clarifications, its "Berger" and I'm still involved, though Graham certainly is doing the lion's share of the work....
  • Posted Come to MojoConf and tell us something cool! to Joel Berger

    Maybe you are already registered for this year’s MojoConf in New York City (June 4th-6th) or maybe you are still thinking about it. Either way, a great way to introduce yourself to the Mojolicious…

  • Commented on Non-blocking Mojolicious apps are even easier now!
    The subs (steps) are invoked in order, waiting for preceding steps to complete. You can also start multiple “simultaneous” non-blocking actions in each step in which case all of these must complete to move to the next step....
  • Commented on File::Which, pwhich and App::pwhich
    I'm curious, I was told that IPC::Cmd::can_run was also useful as a portable "which" and it is core since 5.9.5; can I ask for an opinion between these?...
  • Commented on A Year of CPAN Uploads
  • Commented on Writing XS Like a Pro - The INTERFACE Keyword
    Both your module and its code look very nice! I'm looking forward to using it!...
  • Commented on GSoC 2015
    Mojolicious is in! Come on people think!...
  • Commented on A survey of table rendering packages
    If Text::CSV counts, you might also be interested in Tie::Array::CSV (my own). Then again, I'm not sure I would count it....
  • Commented on My Attempt at CPAN PR Challenge for 01/2015
    A fine start, and you have already learned a lot! Keep it up!...
  • Commented on The sad story of pseudohash criticism
    At risk of jumping in to a battle I barely understand, my understanding of the talk was criticizing and lamenting the loss of time and productivity that could have gone to other efforts (perhaps even to your suggestion). I don't...
  • Commented on You have nothing to lose but your chains!
    Yes indeed. Thanks. Fixed....
  • Posted You have nothing to lose but your chains! to Joel Berger

    Perhaps a misleading title. Seeing as this is not a political blog but a Perl one, I’m going to talk about method chaining, not worker’s unions.

    Method chaining is the practice of consecutively calling methods on the return of a previous method. This comes in primarily two flav…

  • Commented on Method::Signatures : Some relief for MooseX::Declare users
    Hi Phil, since I wrote this, there have been other improvements, mostly in the Perl core itself. With these improvements that allowed MooseX::Declare to work, albeit with some scary side effects, newer modules can do similar things in a much...
  • Commented on I want Package BLOCK syntax return 1.
    The class doesn't need to return 1, the file/module does. These are separate tasks and though they are commonly seen together are fully unrelated....
  • Commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...
    I really like the ++ on Metacpan. It enforces the old adage "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Might not be as useful for long-form reviews, but I know that if I see a module...
  • Commented on So I went to Mongolia and rode a Camel
    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!...
  • Posted Mojolicious: Do It For The Candy! to Joel Berger

    Most of my recent blog posts about

  • Commented on Urging users with good test suites to test-drive latest DBIx::Class trial
    I won't say it's substantial, but my Galileo CMS is on cpan and uses DBIC. It's mostly just basic CRUD tho. Still another data point is good right?
  • Commented on Rewriting Pod::Readme
    The major reason I find for replicating my pod as my README.pod (`podselect lib/ > README.pod`) is that GitHub displays a README.pod on its front page. That is plenty worth the (autogenerated) replication in my mind....
  • Commented on Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency
    Jonathon gave a surprise talk at MojoConf, the topic of which was of course the benefits that p6 would have for a non-blocking web framework like Mojolicious and I have to admit, it was the first time that I got...
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  • rockyb commented on A Basic Challenge

    I don't know how others feel, but both of these while having some coolness isn't as direct or cool as how you do this with C++. Doing something not as good, albeit a long time ago isn't the same thing, IMHO.

  • rollbear commented on A Basic Challenge

    Hullo all,

    I don't generally write in Perl, so in many ways I don't belong here. But I was made aware of this challenge, and since I'm the one guilty of the C++ stuff, I thought I'd introduce myself. Hi there!

    Are you sure you want to show that Perl can be an even weirder language than C++ is?

    I understand the spirit. I did this in part because I was amazingly bored, and in part because an ex-colleague complained about having inherited code that reminded him of BASIC. The combination of the two made horns grow on my forehead, and they weren't the BSD type.


  • Makoto Nozaki commented on Bounty for fixing CPAN modules

    As a start, I have made a list of ideas I gathered and also added a link to BountySource. Feedback will be welcomed!

  • Henryk Paluch commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example


    For Unicode support there are few fixes needed:


    use Encode;
    plugin Charset => {charset => 'utf-8'};

    modify / method to:

    any '/' => sub {
      my $self = shift;
      my $rows = $self->select;
      # convert utf-8 octets -> unicode
      for my $Item ( @{ $rows } ){
          map { $_ = decode('utf-8',$_) } @{ $Item };
      $self->stash( rows => $rows );

    Best regards

     —Henryk Paluch

  • collin commented on Calculating U.S Federal holidays with Time::Moment

    This is awesome! There is also Bank::Holidays on the CPAN, which is limited to the five years the Federal Reserve posts on their site. Full disclosure: I am a contributor to that module.

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