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  • Kasek Galgal commented on Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract)

    Only in my Department at the university, to keep track of our students and make our job easier when grading. I hope the benefits are seen by others who would like to adopt it.

  • marcoonroad commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Sorry for my bad english, Perl Hackers, I has (near) 6 months with Perl, I has come from PHP, Python and Ruby languages, so, Perl is Uglyness than all? No, may be, or not, (Uglyness for me is bad structured and modularized code) but Perl is so far the most flexible language that I learn. I still study Software Engineering course based (with small things about Computer Science) here in the Brazil. My Intro to Development Web teacher was working with Perl in the 90’s years, but now he is work with C# (He was work with too, before, Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, C, etc…, good people).…

  • marcoonroad commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Oh Sawyer X, i like so much your Dancer presentation for Python Programmers, thanks.

  • Manuel Ceron commented on On the relative readability of Perl and Python

    I’m a Python developer but I started coding Perl full time since a little bit more than a year. It’s true that Python has many quirks. That happens with any language that is more than 20 years old. But I think Perl probably has more quirks than Python.

    I think one reason why people think that Python is more readable is because it’s simpler. Both syntax and semantics are simpler. Less operators, less constructs, less ways of doing things. In practice this means that you can understand any Python code after an afternoon. While the same thing for Perl takes years.

  • Aristotle commented on Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract)

    The last comment you thanked was actually comment spam. You will recognise these by the fact that the link entered in the link field of the comment form points to a product or company page rather than some personal homepage or blog, esp if the name entered in the comment form is not the (nick)name of a person, as in this case where it was “Abstract Management” – even if the body of the content is “signed” with a person’s name. That is a dead giveaway that someone is leaving the comment in order to communicate with Google’s crawler rather than with the author of the blog post…

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