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  • Alberto Simões commented on Term::ReadLine::Gnu Unicode Hell

    Hmms, is there a difference? It seems I have to RTFM. Will say something soon. Thanks.

  • Alberto Simões commented on Term::ReadLine::Gnu Unicode Hell

    I confess I did not notice the difference when looking to the manpage. I though they were just aliases (similar names). But of course, it was my mistake.

    Nevertheless, still not that good:

    my $newGloss = $self->{term}->readline(">> ", decode("utf-8", $gloss->{gloss}));
    if (length($newGloss) && $newGloss ne $gloss->{gloss}) {
    my $x = decode("utf-8", $newGloss);
    my $ans = $self->post("gloss/$offset", gloss => $x);

    But got simpler, yes.
    Next, try to figure out if I am using post_form fro…

  • Alberto Simões commented on Term::ReadLine::Gnu Unicode Hell

    And yes, the comparison works well with $newGloss. But the post needs to be decoded first...

  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    The render_static was deprecated in the middle of the Mojolicious 5 evolution and is now reply->static:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Mojolicious::Lite;
    use Cwd;
    app->static->paths->[0] = getcwd;
    any '/' => sub {
  • commented on An example using Mojo::DOM for rewriting HTML

    Hi, I’m curious about Mojo:Dom. Let’s say you want a generic method of traversing a page, and returning a hash of headers and related sub headings and text from a page using Mojo::Dom. The sub text may not necessarily be a descendant of the heading and from what I can tell, mojo::dom can only descend not ascend. How does one construct this? I’ve read the docs and tried a number of things but I’m not getting far :(

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