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  • zaki commented on So I Guess I'm Back

    Yay! Glad to see you around again!

  • morandimus commented on That Darn Single Quote


  • gflynn commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example

    Before I ask a question, let me say thank you for all the examples and explanations (I see your name frequently).

    I have gotten a handle on the fundamentals of Mojolicious. The one thing I can not find any information on is, creating a schema from and existing MS SQL database then connecting.

    Everything I read is SQLite or any other version beside MS SQL. I’m starting to wonder if it’s similar to Corona SDK in that you create a sql database to store information, then push that data to your server DB.

    If anyone else has any experience or information PLEASE…

  • preaction commented on Yancy - Mojolicious CMS - Version 1 released

    I tricked myself: I just wanted to write a JavaScript editor and read an OpenAPI spec and built a CRUD interface. By the time I realized what I was actually building, it was too late.

  • JJ Merelo commented on Do your piece to fix TIOBE or stop talking about it

    Still as needed as ever...

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