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  • Posted Moose Fixes Second Bug to byterock

    ts fix the other bug day here in the Moose-Pen.

    The second of the bugs that I am after squishing today was in Driver::DBI and in test case '15_alias.t'
    It was dropping the elements/fields from the upda…

  • Posted Moose Fixes Test to byterock

    It fix a test postette day here at the Moose-Pen

    Felling a little better today as the mind is a little less foggy, that might change back on October 17th though?
    Today I am…

  • Posted Moose-Pen is Back to byterock

    Moose-Pen is Back

    Sorry I missed a few days it seem that when you have walking pneumonia it can turn into creeping pneumonia very easily. Who knew? I will have to start my year of daily posts again I guess I should be satisfied with 297 consecutive days.

    Just a postette for for …

  • Posted Back to Pratical Moose to byterock

    Back to piratical Moose;

    You may remember a post a few days ago where I was starting the first of my practical Database::Driver::DBI tests against an Oracle DB I happen to have handy. I ra…

  • Posted A little More API Moose to byterock

    Its piddle with old code day here in the Moose-Pen

    Yesterday I managed to clean up the '$container' param and now it only sends down to the DAD only items that match with the present view. After cleaning up all the related tests and adding a few more test in other test cases I have a lit…

  • Posted Moose Forges Ahead to byterock

    Its take one step forward day here in the Moose Pen

    today I am going to try and fix that stoppage I had yesterday. To recap I have a rule in my API that states that I can only 'update' or …

  • Posted A little ahead but really back Moose to byterock

    Its practical test day here in the Moose-pen

    Yesterday I set up a new class that would generate a nice little set of DB table for me on what ever DB the end user may have by using a plug-in to supply the gene…

  • Posted Extend that Moose to byterock

    Still extending my Moose tests here in the Moose pen today.

    For my next extended tests I will need to have some tables on the target tests database. This of course poses some problems as the DDL (Data Definition Language) of each SQL db is slightly different;

    Take dropping a table…

  • Posted Extend Your Moose Tests to byterock

    Its extended test Day here in the Moose-Pen

    Now that I have what I think is 99.95% of my API set and both Database::Accessor and Driver::DBI are code-complete and passing all test cases, I think is is time to do some practical tests on my system.

    By piratical I mead testing on a '…

  • Posted Another Moose Test Day to byterock

    Why break a habit day here in the Moose-Pen

    Time for another bottom up test run and for Database::Accessor I had

    8 files changed, 317 insertions(+), 237 deletions(-)

    and all my tests passed so maybe a very short post t…
  • Posted Moose Identity Round Up. Part the Second to byterock

    A little more identity clean-up here in the Moose-Pen today.

    As a final clean up I would like this exception test to pass

    caption => 'on an identity element blocked',
    type => 'exception',
    key …

  • Posted Moose Identity Round Up. Part the First to byterock

    Its identity round-up day here in the Moose-Pen

    I decided to add in another test;

    { caption => 'have identity option but do not use',
    key => 'elements',
    elements => [
    { name => 'id',

  • Posted Take Another Look Moose to byterock

    Its re-think things day here in the Moose-Pen

    Well I eally do not like this part;

    container => [
    {first_name=>'Bill',id=>"",last_name =>'Bloggings'},
    {first_name=>'Jane',id=>"",last_name =>'Doe'},

  • Posted More Identity Moose to byterock

    Its still identify day here in the Moose-Pen

    Yesterday I made a good start with my 'identity' flag and today I carry on with this using this test;

    caption => 'use identity option with exe array',
    key => 'elem…

  • Posted Running Down Moose to byterock

    It running out of things to do day here in the Moose-Pen

    So I am getting very close to being code complete on both Database::Accessor and Driver::DBI I thing I only have a few more little things to add. One that I am going to look at today is the problem of 'identity' fields.


  • Posted No More Moose Case to byterock

    Its rethink my case day here in the Moose-Pen.

    Some of my loyal readers (if there are any) my remember when I started playing with the 'Case' statement I had a few iteration with the naming convention for my API. I finally settled on 'whens' that holds all the case conditions and 'stateme…

  • Commented on Sunday Moose Test
    No not yet but getting close You can find the source here and here
  • Posted Sunday Moose Test to byterock

    Test postette day again here in the Moose Pen.

    Time to re-run my tests suites again to check the 'Sate of the Onion' before I move on. I expect this will be a very short post.

    For Database::Accessor as expected I did not have many changes since last week


  • Posted Final Moose Case to byterock

    ts final Case postette day here in the Moose-pen

    For the final clean up of Case I am going to add in a few tests in Database::Accessor that should have been there in the first place.

    First I will add this;

    whens => [

  • Commented on Solving one of the two great unsolved problems in computer science
    isn't that three? nameing, cache invalidation, and off-by-one errors ;)...
  • Posted Still on a Moose Case to byterock

    It case out day here in the Moose-Pen

    After looking at some more examples of 'CASE' in SQL I cam across one I have not encountered yet;

    WHEN Products.Price 10 THEN 'under 10$'
    WHEN (Products.…

  • Posted Stuck on the Moose Case to byterock

    Another Case Day here in the Moose-pen

    So I decided to do some more case work today specificity their rather odd little SQL to start;

    SELECT CASE WHEN Price 100 THEN 'under 100$'
    WHEN Price in (105, 110,120) TH…

  • Posted Sorted Moose Case to byterock

    Its Sort the Case day here in the Moose-Pen

    It appears that one of the more common uses for the CASE statement in SQL is in a 'GROUP BY' or at least a good 80% of the tutorials for SQL I have looked at have it as an example so let see how well the present Driver::DBI handles it.


  • Posted Fix Moose Case to byterock

    Its another case day here in the Moose-Pen

    Yesterday I left off with this result

    Expected--> SELECT CASE WHEN Price ? THEN ? WHEN Price >= ? AND Price = ? THEN ? W…

  • Posted Moose Does Case to byterock

    Finally its Driver::DBI Case day in the Moose-Pen

    Has it really been since August 15th that I have been mucking about with Case? I guess after almost two weeks I am glad to finally get into the DBI::Driver part…

  • Posted Another Moose Test to byterock

    Well it why stop a good thing day here in the Moose-Pen

    I usually try once a week to do a full regression test on both Database::Accessor and Driver::DBI so I figure I might as well keep that going and have another testing postette again.

    Looking at Database::Accessor I see that we…

  • Posted Not Tomorrow for Moose to byterock

    No!! Still on a case here in the Moose-Pen.

    I just started my first test for '22_fields_extended.t' and then I saw one other little point I forgot to take into account. I should add in some validation for my 'Case' class as it is invalid to have a case that has only one condition.

  • Posted Maybe Tomorow Moose? to byterock

    Oh well! Still stuck in DA day here in the Moose-Pen.

    Well I still have a little more work to do as I just read that you can have a 'case' in a 'Join/link' as this;

    SELECT *
    FROM sys.indexes i
    JOIN sys.partitions p

  • Posted More Moose Case Tests to byterock

    It't clean-up test day again here in the Moose-Pen

    Well over the past few days I seem to be just about ready to go back to Driver::DBI but I find yet another little thing wrong with my Database::Accessor when playing with my new test Class.

    The first thing is to clean up the test …

  • Posted Moose Cracks Case! to byterock

    It still stuck on Case here in the Moose-Pen

    Same sort of story as my last post I as looking at my tests and just cleaning up a few typos and a little perl tidy and I notice the when I have a 'case' like this;

    whens => [

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