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  • Posted Dist::Zilla On Style to byterock

    Even more POD here on the Dist-Pen today.

    I my last post I finally figured out how Pod::Weaver works, a template, weaver.ini file, that has 'Sections', [Nam…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Tempate to byterock

    It is still POD day here at the Dist-Pen

    I spent the day trying to get a little deeper into POD::Weaver to understand how it works rather than just aping the three lines I have seen in the odd tutorial or should I say tuturial-ette;

  • Posted Dist::Zilla and Weaver. Play Nice! to byterock

    Small problem solving day here in the Dist-Pen.

    Just a quick post-ette today to resolve the problem I was having in my last post, where I was trying to get [="…

  • Posted He's Back!!! to byterock

    Just when you think the Dist::Zilla is gone, I am going to go back to the Dist-Pen for the next few posts.

    I could just spend the next thirty posts or so writing up a new POD each day and posting the results here. I wouldn't learn anything though, I alreay know how to write POD, and I am…

  • Commented on Yancy - Mojolicious CMS - Version 1 released
    Love it Do have one question though how do you Bundle 'Bootstrap' and the other things you need. I can't figure out how to get them all??...
  • Posted No Dist::Zilla to byterock

    I guess it is the POD-pen now.

    The third POD post in as many days and really noting to do with Dist::Zilla so I guess I will have to find some other pictures to post.

    After yesterday's post I took some time and had a look at a large number of different CPAN modules to get some idea…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Goes to SKULE to byterock

    Another boring day in the POD-pen

    I am getting sick of writing up PO of well necessary evil I guess at least my post will be sort for the next few days.

    Today I managed to get my methods and attributes all written up but that left me with a layout dilemma that I have to solve. Sho…

  • Commented on Controlling a stepper motor with the Raspberry Pi
    Mmm Moose and pi on the same page happy π day....
  • Posted Dist::Zilla Does Pod to byterock

    So it is POD day here in the Dist-Pen.

    I am not going two write up another POD tutorial as there are tons of those about what today's post-ette
    is about what happened when you start writing up your POD.

    What I always like to do in the POD process is start writing it at abo…

  • Posted Dist-Zilla Hates Tidy to byterock

    It is discovery of silly mistakes day here in the Dist-pen.

    Over the past few posts I have been running down a persnickety bug in my Database::Accessor system. I had first seen it while expanding and cleaning up my test cases and I thought at first I ="…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla is Sad or is that Happy? to byterock

    Sad day here at the Dist-pen.

    Today I awoke still having nagging doubts about putting a copy of 'Database::Accessor::DAD::Test' directly into '="…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Party Time to byterock

    Its a good day for a party here in the Dist-pen.

    A milestone here today in the Dist-pen. I finally got;

    t/56_retrieve.t ............. ok
    t/test.t .................... ok
    All tests successful.
    Files=26, Tests=319, 34 wallclock s…

  • Posted Very Little Dist::Zilla to byterock

    Only an indirect dist-pen post today.

    You ever have one of those days. Your code just does not want to come together and gives you know end of grief. Well today was one of those days for me.

    I left off yesterday with what I though was a solution for my problems with 't/30_view.t'…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Plan to byterock

    Just when you think Dist-Pen is gone its back again.

    Now that I have my Dist::Zilla mostly worked out with all sorts of test goodies it is time that I buckle down and finish off and or clean up all my 'Automated' level test. As an side note, the term 'Automated' tests was a little confus…

  • Posted Is this the End for Dist::Zilla?? to byterock

    The last round of test case review here at the Dist-Pen today.

    Down to the final few today;

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Improved POD to byterock

    laying with another seven sisters here is the Dist-Pen today

    Well the good news for today seems Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Legal is finally pointing to the correct version at meta::cpan I guess if finally got indexed. …

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Get More Friends to byterock

    Plug-in test day yet again here in the Dist-Pen.

    After getting my Legal test to work in yesterday's post, funny thin is metacpan still show ver 0.02 as the latest not 0.03 for some reason, I am going to plink away at seven more sisters today;

  • Commented on Dist::Zilla Hates Bugs
    Your tests did not pass they where skipped; plan skip_all => 'Test::Legal required for testing licenses' if $@ if that worked you would skip all the tests; Test::Legal has requires that a 3rd pary spell checker is installed to test...
  • Posted Dist::Zilla Hates Bugs to byterock

    Today in the Dist-Pen I am going to have a quick Post-ette.

    In yesterday’s post I was a little disappointed with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Sorry Today to byterock

    The plug-ins for today are

  • Posted Dist::Zilla In The Sky to byterock

    Its plow though some more test plug-ins day again here in the Dist-Pen.

    So in my last post had found one plug-in that was useful, today I hope to find another from this list of Dist::Zilla::Test plug-in

  • Commented on Dist::Zilla Likes Toys
    Ah an 'esl' 'eats shoots leaves' situation. Will correct the post thanks...
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla Likes Toys
    First line in the PDO NAME Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Compile - Common tests to check syntax of your modules, using only core modules...
  • Posted Dist::Zilla Likes Toys to byterock

    Yeah another test play-date here in the Dist-Pen.

    Playing with testing and Dist::Zilla over the last few posts has not only introduced me to a the newer 'Perlish' way to ogranize your test cases but I have seen a good number of plug-ins that might be interesting for me to add into my '.ini…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Likes Critic to byterock

    Another test play date in the Dist-Pen today.
    ― Ambrose Bierce
    hmm criticism, of a fashion, but not much good to us in the Perl world, I much prefer;

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Do Kwallitee Test to byterock

    Playing with tests in the Dist-Pen today.

    On part of Dist::Zilla that I do find intriguing is the way it does its testing. As I discovered in my last post some things only work at release time and that is true of testing as well. Dist:Zilla take the newer extended testing model as a de…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla VCS Opps! to byterock

    Well in the Dist-Pen today I am going to start to play with linking my Distro back into GitHub.

    There are a good number of Dist::Zilla plug-ins to be found in CPAN that work with Git and

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Takes Instructions to byterock

    YAP, Yet another Post-ette here at the Dist-Pen today.

    There seem to be a never ending list of the chores that are involved with creating a distribution for CPAN. This is my eight post dealing with these little chores and hopefully the last in this vain. So today I am going to see if Dis…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Takes To POD to byterock

    Well another post-ette day again here in the Dist-Pen getting rid of one more chore.

    Yep getting rid of one more chore the programmers least favorite thing next to code-reviews documenting your code. As good Perl programer we like to use POD as our format of choice and there are quite a …

  • Posted Dist::Zilla Likes Change to byterock

    Another Post-ette here in the dist-pen today.

    As we have seen in my last post Dist::Zilla is really good at doing all those boring yet important chores for you distribution, today I am going to look at a…

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