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  • Posted Where to find the good stuff to byterock

    One thing I ave found when doing a little research for this post was the very large number of perl tutrials out there and how many where well over 10 years old some as old as 15.

    Well still stuc…

  • Posted Well A long way From home to byterock

    Well I am a long way from home today and of course I had to check in and look at a few things.

    Well No problem with the modern web just connect in from anywhere in the world and do your work.

    Well my internet connection is 34kb so not very broad as well I using my cousin's comput…

  • Posted Gluu fer the Wëëbb Part 2 to byterock

    Well in my first post of this series I just managed to get a listing up and running utilizing the Toto plugin well lets move on a little.

    Well it seems I have my list and the underlying urls I have 'http://localhost:3000/char…

  • Posted Gluu fer the Wëëbb Part 1 to byterock

    Having been a fan of Mojolicious for a few years it is only reasonable that I pick it as the platform but this time instead of going with my usual default layout and architecture I wanted to give the

  • Posted Moose to The Resque to byterock

    Well not really but it did save me a good deal of time. I have been slowly putting together a small stand alone web app with Mojolicious to trunly demonstate what I have been doing with all these Moose posts.

    Well I was just setting up a controller (using ="…

  • Posted Relief from Regexes to byterock

    As most of the readers on this blog know that my sys-admin skills are not on the high side. Well also one thing that I am very poor at is regexes. I know I hold my head in shame in this, I just never used them very much and most of my programming hasn't been in the area of text processing so I…

  • Posted A Little more Testing of the waters to byterock

    Still exploring the MooseX name-space these days and today I was going to have a look at 'MooseX::YAML' as that was the format I was saving my AD&D data in it (for the time being) I thought it might be a good fit to load things up faster or at…

  • Posted My Master Voice to byterock

    One part of AD&D that I allays loved and why I played it for so long was its story telling nature. I can't tell you how many reams of paper myself and the rest of us players and DMs produced in our epic mutil-year game, Still have a few stuffed upstairs in the attice where they where shoved…

  • Commented on Dear Perl lazyweb: how to construct read-only data objects out of JSON?
    how about MooseX::Blessed::Reconstruct
  • Posted Still Plinking Away, The End Game to byterock

    Well it is time to make a choice! I started with three and took another good look at was available in the MooseX space on CPAN today and didn't see anything else that I think would do what I want. …

  • Commented on lex parsimoniae
    Good to know maybe I will have to look at it again...
  • Commented on The Hidden Benefit of Data-Driven Programming
    Yep fun stuff stumbled across that one myself a few post ago I wouldn't call it data driven more on the side of 'abstract data types' I would leave data driven programming up to the awk and sed crowd...
  • Posted lex parsimoniae to byterock

    For the less classically trained Occam's Razor or to dumb it down even more, the answer is staring you in the face, is the topic for tonight.

    Well to make a short story long, I was happily programming along, in the zone if you wi…

  • Posted Plinking Away Part the Fourth to byterock

    Well my last post trying to work with MooseX::ClassCompositor was a bit of a bust as it is not what I needed. So onto the next one one my list '

  • Commented on Plinking Away Part the Third
    That is #3 on my list from this post
  • Posted Plinking Away Part the Third to byterock

    In my last post I had a look at how MooseX::Abstract::Factory worked and what it could do for me. Today I will continue down my little list and have a look at

  • Posted Plinking Away Part the Second to byterock

    In my last post I identified three MooseX modules that might help me out and end the perhaps some tedious typing and bring a more structure design into my ADD game. The first of this is MooseX::Abstract::Factory.

    Despite its n…

  • Posted Still Plinking Away, Part the First to byterock

    So of you might remember this post some weeks ago where I came up with a huge org-chart of all the different roles they I thought i would need for may AD&D characters.

    Well I was just now …

  • Posted One Moose, Many Mooses, or is that Mise? to byterock

    Now that I am getting into the game play part of AD&D I am finding there are more and more times where I want to keep a record of some attribute not just a running total.

    For example after a successful encounter experience for monsters killed or defeated (making them run away is defeatin…

  • Posted Well More Little Helpers to byterock

    Had a power outage for most of the day today so just a short post carrying on from where my last post left off.

    Again I figured I might as well add in a second function into my little mod this one parses a directory listing (very badly) and then prints out the English for it

    I do …

  • Posted I Was so Impressed I Wrote More Code to byterock

    I guess I was inspired by by Bradley Andersen's little perl mod 'ParseCron' do a little code writing in the same vain.

    Like I mentioned in my last ="…

  • Posted I != SysADMIN to byterock

    I am very proudly not a sys admin I am so bad in fact I can't even spell it correctly. This of course has its disadvantages in the perl world where it seems every perl knows what this does.

    ls | perl -pe 's!([^_]+)_(.)(.*)!mv $1_$2$3 \u$2\E$3!gio'
  • Posted Roleing Along Like a Tumbling Tumbleweed to byterock

    Well here is a little store from the trenches today that oddly enough does has something to do with Moose and roles.


  • Commented on You Can Have Your Moose and Eat it Too
    Oh yes thanks fixed that...
  • Posted You Can Have Your Moose and Eat it Too to byterock

    It seems that my never ending story of AD&D Moose posts are coming to an end. I have a good bunch of code written and things are working quite well. I did run into a slight problem. If you remember this post where I…

  • Posted Does it Really only take a min? to byterock

    I have been a Mojo::head for a few years now and I have heard alot a good things and bad things over the years. One thing that has always sort of seemed funny to me was the cliam that it taks less than 1 min to install.

    Of couse you need a good connection and a fast computer. The are a…

  • Posted Most Useful Letter on CPAN to byterock

    This one have been around for a while but it has only been recently that I had a need to use it more often. So here goes my little story on it.

    Well the best letter on CPAN is 'V',

    The story begins with me needing to install some new code o…

  • Posted Zap that thing! to byterock

    One of the really fun aspects playing D&D was the plethora of spells that where available to the various player characters. To a programmer they introduce a whole nightmare of very vague rules that have to be implements some-how hopefully without an endless chain of it thens, given whens or,…

  • Posted A Moose at the Door to byterock

  • Posted Getting Cocky With Moose to byterock

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  • Helmut Wollmersdorfer commented on Blast From the Past

    This blog-software is really crap.

  • James commented on Blast From the Past

    Embperl 2.5.0 still hanging out in beta right now.

  • Graham Knop commented on Moose, Mouse, Moo what next 'M'

    There's no reason OO is less appropriate for CGI or command line programs, especially if they share components with a larger system.

    The only real concern is if the overhead is worth it. And for Moo and Mouse, you won't even notice their load time. The accessors they create will be as fast as or faster than anything you write yourself.

    Moo also gives you get the benefit of being able to cleanly inter-operate with a larger system. So if you have something like a Catalyst driven web site, it can share components with utility scripts, and they can still be fast.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Life is good

    More seriously: orignal.

  • jandrew commented on Plinking Away Part the Third

    Sorry for the oversight. I thought I had been keeping up with your posts but I missed that one. I'm flattered to be reviewed. (for better or worse.)

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