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  • xF commented on Machine learning in Perl, Part2: a calculator, handwritten digits and roboshakespeare.

    Hello. Can You recommend me module with ML in Perl and optimal setup for them for prediction petrol price? Input are 10 financial values. I need it to school project.

  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    I think you're giving Python too much credit. Replacing symbols with words doesn't make the language simpler, as you still need to know the exact behaviour, edge cases, and failure modes, to understand the program correctly. Just because you can *guess* that `pass` is a no-op, just as `{}` is in bracketed languages, doesn't mean you understood the program or that your guess about the reasons of why the statement was used is a correct one.

    With what little Python I come across day-to-day, the Perl 6 version of the program often comes out shorter and clearer[^1][^2][^3].

    Due to…

  • Pawel bbkr Pabian commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    I consider colonpairs in method arguments THE BEST feature of Perl 6, hands down. It makes large codebase very consistent because it promotes genuine laziness when choosing variable names.

    Consider common P5ism like:

    my $name = 'John';
    sub authenticate {
    my ( $login, $password ) = @_;
    # is correct data passed?
    # or maybe user authenticates by his email?
    authenticate( $name, ...);

    While in P6 if I have:

    sub authenticate ( Str:D :$login, Str:D :$password ) {

  • adamcrussell commented on Machine learning in Perl: Kyuubi goes to a (Model)Zoo during The Starry Night.

    Hello Sergey,

  • Tom Metro commented on Machine learning in Perl: Kyuubi goes to a (Model)Zoo during The Starry Night.

    >It was one of the best attended Boston Perl Monger meetings in some time...

    I can confirm that. (I'm a co-organizer of

    ML with Perl is definitely a popular topic, and seemed to be one that got people interested in taking another look at the language.

    Thanks to Adam for giving the talk, and keep up the good work Sergey.

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