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    Install irssi

  • Commented on A call to action for CPAN authors
    "Entries are returned in an apparently random order. The actual random order is subject to change in future versions of perl, but it is guaranteed to be in the same order as either the keys or values function would produce...
  • Commented on A call to action for CPAN authors
    I believe the 'breaking change' was for security reasons; to prevent an horrific DoS situation that had been discovered recently. As I understand it, getting hash data back in a predictable order is a bug that people have learned to...
  • Commented on Converting to Dist::Zilla
    To convert from "manually manage everything about every release, every time" to a setup where I can just type "dzil release" and have numerous things happen automatically? Yes, there are a few things that need to happen to get to...
  • Posted Converting to Dist::Zilla to Chisel

    I’ve converted a number of distributions from $something to Dist::Zilla for making notes as I go along.

    Worst case, future-me will thank present-me (or will that be past-me?)

    What follows is …

  • Commented on Versioning Developer Releases
    The 'v' is only display level - I promise :) $WebService::NotifyMyAndroid::VERSION = '0.0.6';...
  • Commented on Versioning Developer Releases
    Yeah, I accidentally did this for the module I was working on while these thoughts were solidifying. I've accidentally turned the module into odd-developement/even-stable versioning, but I'm not sure that how I'd like to stay. Now that I've crowbarred the...
  • Commented on Versioning Developer Releases
    Thanks for confirming I wasn't alone in this :) I realise that it's extra work for people to choose to install a developer release, but I didn't want to make life even more difficult for them when the release was...
  • Posted Versioning Developer Releases to Chisel

    I finally stopped to think about how I’m numbering my developer releases for various modules I have floating around.

    Two theories

    Until recently I’ve always thought:

    v0.0.5_1 is the first developer release leading up to v0.0.5
  • Posted Command history in the perl debugger to Chisel

    I’m always forgetting what pieces I need to make this happen, so I’m writing a note to my future self.

    Ubuntu Packages


    • libncurses-dev
    • libreadline-dev

    Perl Packages


    • Term::ReadLine::Gnu
  • Commented on Notify Your Android?
    Having a quick exploratory skim, isn't Notify My Android a generic implementation of all the pain I'd need to go through to send notifications to an android device? I'm not writing device/android applications that want to display a notification, I...
  • Commented on Notify Your Android?
    Mostly because I wasn't aware it existed. Still, I think it's nice to have the module updated and functioning again for those that want to experiment with Perl and the NMA site/app. I'll have a look at the cloud messaging...
  • Posted Notify Your Android? to Chisel

    Following my recent I’ve been looking into notification apps that I can hook into and send message to using Perl.

    Luckily for me there was already a perl module, ="https://metacpan.…

  • Posted DBD::Mock ... still maintained? to Chisel

    Has DBD::Mock fallen out of favour, love or maintainer energy?

    Some recent work at $employer led to me working on a patch for some desired changed to the module.

    After hunting down ="…

  • Commented on Easy Data::Printer in the perl debugger
    Thanks for the feedback - I have to admit I just used Data::Printer without fully reading the docs. I stumbled on np() when I was playing with the debugger shortcut and because it was np() and not _np() I assumed...
  • Posted Easy Data::Printer in the perl debugger to Chisel

    I find myself often wanting the magic of Data::Printer when I’m debugging. Sometimes ‘x’ just doesn’t cut the mustard.

    I’ve finally got bored of typing:

    use Data::Printer alias => dp;

    in the debugger and…

  • Commented on Be nice to your speakers
    These are really cool - I'd love to see these used at more events/talks/conferences....
  • Commented on CPAN Testers - "Can't locate FindBin/ in @INC"
    Very helpful (and probably fewer questions coming your way). Thanks for this!...
  • Posted What does CATALYST_DEBUG do? to Chisel


    I used to think that CATALYST_DEBUG was an all-reaching magical environment variable that somehow affected the ‘Come back Later’ screen as well as what messages were output via $c->log->...().

  • Posted The Ten Minute Thinking Rule to Chisel

    What’s the problem?

    This idea was shared with me during a retrospective session at $employer when I was expressing some frustration at people starting to:

    Ask first, think never

    I’m at least as busy as the next person and …

  • Commented on CPAN Testers - "Can't locate FindBin/ in @INC"
    Odd - just found this RT ticket: ... I'm not sure why it's not being indexed and not sure how to investigate why it's failing. Is there a METACPAN module to test indexing against?...
  • Posted CPAN Testers - "Can't locate FindBin/ in @INC" to Chisel

    Following my recent update to Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher I’ve taken some time to scan through the

  • Commented on Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher - now with parameters
    Reasonable point. I'll leave them as they are for the moment and address this in a near-future update. Thanks for pointing this out - I ought to know better!...
  • Posted Catalyst::Plugin::ErrorCatcher - now with parameters to Chisel

    Following on from a recent feature request I’ve released version of

  • Commented on Simple config for the perl debugger
    I'd use /^v$/ out of paranoia, but great suggestion!...
  • Commented on Simple config for the perl debugger
    sub afterinit { push @$DB::pretype, 'v' } seems to suffer from the same buildup of 'v' commands. After a couple of (R)estarts: DB x @$DB::pretype 0 'v' 1 'v' 2 'v' 3 'v'...
  • Posted Catalyst::Plugin::Session::PSGI - minimal configuration access to PSGI/Plack session to Chisel

    This is a module I wrote a few weeks ago and intended to share sooner for feedback, suggestions and guidance.

    The module was born out of my discovery that although there’s PSGI support in recent versions of Catalyst the session’s are discrete entities. As I was experimenting wi…

  • Commented on Simple config for the perl debugger
    I've not stumbled across pretype before; that looks much simpler! Thanks....
  • Posted Simple config for the perl debugger to Chisel

    I’ve been using a config file ($HOME/.perldb) for some time now. While it’s not the biggest file in the world it automates settings that I’m far too lazy to type every time I fire the beast up.


  • Commented on Authors vs. Contributors
    Interesting. So maybe Maintainer + Author(s)? I'm definitely interested in the long-term direction of the module that set me off on this train of thought. I would feel quite happy with Maintainer and a list of authors. I've always credited...
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  • Steven Haryanto commented on Converting to Dist::Zilla

    I should also point out that one of the things that I most certainly need to do in dzil is setting up so that the line numbers do not change between the original source code and the one in the dist built by dzil. So:

    1. Put all your POD at the bottom of source code.
    2. Put your #ABSTRACT at the bottom of source code.
    3. Replace PkgVersion with OurPkgVersion.

  • Steffen Mueller commented on A call to action for CPAN authors

    @James: We only broke modules that were already subtly broken. In certain circumstances, Perl would actually change the order of the hash contents (rehashing due to collisions or hash growth) and two hashes with the same content could actually have differing hash orders. It's just that it was rare and lurking to make your mission critical software fail in mysterious ways in the most unfortunate moment. You're welcome.

    On top of that, we had a one-liner that could make any unpatched Perl consume a virtually infinite amount of RAM. This was through an HTTP request if the process on the…

  • john napiorkowski commented on A call to action for CPAN authors

    I'm not sure what the confusion here is...

    AFAIK this change has been spoken about for quite a while, at least a year that I can recall. Beta and RC releases have been out with this change, and if you are a CPAN author you've likely already been getting reports about the broken test cases for months. So I can't really think its fair to jump in at such a late moment and complain about the 'decision making process'.

    A slightly backwards incompatible change was made that made already broken code slightly more obviously broken in order to fix a monumental security issue. Thi…

  • Toby Inkster commented on MooseX::Types::Structured - how I detest thee!

    Late response, but see Types::Standard's errors.

    (I used Moo instead of Moose for the example because throwing exception objects for type constraint violations breaks in Moose; Moose stringifies the exception object, which means we can't call the lovely "explain" method on it.)

  • commented on Converting to Dist::Zilla

    I don't like having dzil change my files as much as it does, either, which means I don't use any pod-changing plugins. The whole 'cleanup POD' section is something I would ignore.

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