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  • xdg commented on Let's top

    Or scan through this list of trending developers and follow anyone you recognize:

  • KENTNL commented on Let's top

    I've modified my automated script also to commit with an email address that will cease to contribute to contribution stats.

    If I apply this to the whole repo retroactively it should take me down from 22k contributions to around 6k.

    That's still in the top 10, so I'm not worried.

  • zaki commented on Let's top

    Kent, looks like you didn't make it this month. The follower cutoff got bumped up to 296.

    I agree that fixing the follower limitation is a better approach. Or even creating a reputation-like measure (people that contribute more count more?)

  • JT Smith commented on Item Design in MMORPGs

    I've not heard of ECS before, but I love the concept. I used roles to build things like ships in Lacuna, but I can see how this could have been even better. Thanks!

  • Ovid commented on Item Design in MMORPGs

    JT: does this mean you might find yourself having a use for this in the future? (i.e., another game?)

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