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  • Buddy Burden commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art


    Speaking as someone who's spent over a year maintaining, repairing and replacing other people's awful python code, I can say unequivocally there is nothing intrinsic in the python language that makes it easy for the next guy working on your software.

    That was my feeling as well, but I haven't had the experience in Python that you have, so I didn't want to say something I couldn't back up. :-)

    In the end, it comes down to exactly what you said:

    ... you can write garbage in any language.

    which we all know is tr…

  • Buddy Burden commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art


    Comment became a rant, that generally agrees with Samuel.

    Good article. Your real-world Python experience enabled you to come up with some great concrete counter-examples to what Mr. Lutz was saying.

    I disagree with anyone (not necessarily you Buddy) who axiomatically contends that Python is more readable than Perl.

    Well, I certainly didn't mean to imply that I was conceding Mr. Lutz's point that Python was more readable than Perl. I just didn't get into a readability discussion for two reasons:

    1. The…

  • Buddy Burden commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art


    Personally I think slight irregularity in the code promotes readability. When people do layout of text for magazines, the don't use fix width font and make everything the same, because we've learned that one thing that leads to reader fatigue is if all the lines are uniform. I've read code where I got 'highway hypnosis'.

    Excellent point.

    I just don't understand why in a book about programming python they'd feel the need to stop and bash Perl... That seems strange to me.

    I know, right? I personally don't have as high a…

  • David Mertens commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art

    The first part of your post is beautiful! Thank you!

    The second, more rant-ish part of your post, is what I would say if I were as good a write as you: I have not one but two unpublished drafts of a similar deconstruction in my account.

    I was once rather unbiased about Python and endeavored to learn it because Python was in use where I worked. This specific box in Learning Python poisoned the whole experience for me and I stopped trying shortly after reading it. (In case you were wondering, my contract wasn't renewed, which was certainly for the better.)…

  • rlauer commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art

    Some real interesting and well articulated thoughts by the community...I enjoyed reading all of the posts.

    Some thoughts: line-level variety is intrinsic to Perl, just as a rich vocabulary of words, stolen from many different languages permeates English. Having so many ways to say the same things or perform similar actions, I can reveal in those choices, subtleties in the problem I'm trying to solve or the message that I want send. I love that...the ability to accurately and precisely say want I want to say. I often advocate a change to code in a code review simply to have the c…

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