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  • Toby Inkster commented on Data::Dumper Debugging


    Anyway, the first thing I do on any new Unixy box is:

    chsh -s `which tcsh` `whoami`
  • garu commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    Hi everyone! I see some of the discussion got a bit sidetracked towards Data::Printer. On this matter, I just wanted to point out that I really appreciate all the enthusiasm and feedback you guys have >shown, and that because it is so hard to please everyone I've built it so you would create a ~/.dataprinter file with your own preferences and never have to worry about it again :)

    @tobyink for the issues that you have pointed out, I'd make it like so and never worry about it ever again:

        use_prototypes => 0,
        return_value   => 'pass',
        deparse        => 1
  • garu commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    As for Pry, I really liked it, but like Samuel Kaufman said here, I wonder how different it is from Carp::Reply itself. You mentioned it only works when exceptions are thrown, but Carp::Reply let's you put "Carp::Reply::repl();" anywhere in the code and then resume it with Ctrl-D, just like your "pry" command does. Or did I get it wrong?

  • James commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    Toby Inkster:
    |& is only inherited from csh, |& in ksh is for co-process creation. So the reason people don't reach for it is perhaps because it is non-standard, non-portable and incompatible. And (luckily) not every /bin/sh is a /bin/bash

  • booke393 commented on Live Streaming
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