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  • Commented on Image::Magick packaged for Perlbrew and cpanm
    Hum, weird. I blame Google re. my blogs comments. Strange for perlbrew re-install. --force should do the job. I've got App::perlbrew/0.67. Try updating yours?...
  • Posted Image::Magick packaged for Perlbrew and cpanm to Jerome Eteve

    Image::Magick is great, but it's a pain to install if you are using perlbrew, or if your system's Image Magick library is out of date. After some googling I found that this was the best…

  • Posted Blobs in Postgresql with Perl to Jerome Eteve

    Providing you are in the Moose ecosystem, here is Pg::Blobs. Pg::Blobs is a role that adds blobs handling methods to any Moose based package.


  • Commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?
    Though you can achieve similar things using inheritance, specially the messy multiple one, roles are a very different beast. I often compare them to Java interfaces with code, or more accurately to monkey patching done right. They get in lined...
  • Commented on Modular, Decoupled, Best Practiced, Well Designed, Bullshit
    If best pratices and good design principles get on your way of making something that work, they shouldn't probably be called best or good. Best practices and good design principles should be there to give you more power to make...
  • Commented on Poor Mans Jobqueue for Catalyst Apps
    As far as I know, gearman by itself will manage your three needed states "pending", "in_progress" or "finished" just by using the handler it gives you back when you launch a job asynchronously. If you need extra info (like started...
  • Posted Email::Postman - Yet another email sending package to Jerome Eteve

    I know I know, there is Email::Sender, and Mail::Sendmail, the 'send' method of MIME::Lite, Mail::Mailer and probably other ones I don't know about on the CPAN and also the good old pipe to /bin/sendmail trick.

    Each of them have their advantages, but none of them actually does what I want…

  • Posted Get a B::Deparse piggy back through Gearmany to Jerome Eteve
    Or how to execute arbitrary Perl code using Gearman and B::Deparse.

    Perl offers us the flexibility that empowers us to clearly separate code that deals with different concerns.

    As developers, we should take advantage of it and build r…

  • Posted Mason - A Template system for us programmers to Jerome Eteve

    Templating Modules are a bit like editors. Every web application developer has a favourite one. And every template system is someone's favorite.

    Mine is Mason. But not because the Perl MVC tutorials are full of examples using Mason. Not because it's the fastest (use xSlate if you want to t…

  • Posted The only bad thing about Mason to Jerome Eteve

    At the moment, I'm writing a presentation about Mason2. The goal is to somehow convince my colleagues to consider using Mason. Instead of Template Toolkit.

  • Posted Give your application a shell (and never write any ad-hoc scripts again) to Jerome Eteve

    As developers, we sometimes have to help operations going smoothly by fiddling with the data "by hand" because there's no GUI to allow people doing some rare and obscure things. One common way of doing it is by connecting to the DB and writing some SQL. But often, accessing your database is not…

  • Commented on Speaking at QCon London next month
    Would love to go, but I can't really afford spending 1.5k + VAT + 3 days off work on it. Sometimes I wonder what kind of programmer can afford these, when the same money would buy them a brand new...
  • Commented on Subtle Template Toolkit bug / quiz
    For someone accustomed to Perl, TT is often full of (good or bad) surprises.. Which is quite unfortunate, given the fact that it's mainly used in Perl based shops....
  • Commented on Form Rendering: Why Do We Even Bother?
    I totally agree, HTML form rendering is one of those area where an general 'one size fits all' solution is doomed to fail, regardless of its level of complexity (that some people call 'flexibility'). When I say fail, it doesn't...
  • Posted Friday Time Waster: Watch the world go by in ASCII with Reuters' API to Jerome Eteve

    I've recently released WebService::ReutersConnect. It's a Perl modules that interfaces with the ReutersConnect's API in OO style. To demonstrate it and hopefully entertain you on this Friday, here's how to use it to watch…

  • Posted Understanding Unicode/UTF8 in Perl to Jerome Eteve

    I'm not a Unicode Guru, but working with third parties, I often find that a lot of people consistently fail to get the basics right about Unicode and encoding. So here's yet another set of slides about unicode/utf8 in Perl.

    It's not meant to be a comprehensive presentation of all Unicode …

  • Commented on The goodness of testing
    Hi Fishi Shlom, speaking with people around me, I found little consensus about the statement 'testing is your product'. This is of course not strictly true, but I still think strong statements tend to stick in mind. Makes it easy...
  • Posted The goodness of testing to Jerome Eteve

    This is not strictly related to Perl, but I was thinking about my practice of testing recently and I've come to some conclusions, some of them proving to be a bit controversial. Read more here and have your say!

  • Commented on Extensible Maintainable Subroutines and Methods
    Well, if Perl5 had had real named arguments like Python, the hash workaround would not have been necessary. But it's Perl so most deficiency has a workaround :) True, there's plenty of modules up there to turn Perl code into...
  • Commented on Extensible Maintainable Subroutines and Methods
    I sometimes use this technique although I've always been unconfortable with it for several reason: - This is stringly typed code, but well, it's Perl so why should we care :) - It can lead to parameters inflation. Facing a...
  • Commented on The best widget set to create a GUI program in Perl
    What about GTK (2)? I remember using it from C something like 10 years ago (do'h) and it did the job very well. afaik, it also exists for Window$...
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  • Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ) commented on Modular, Decoupled, Best Practiced, Well Designed, Bullshit

    This has to be balanced, and of course sometimes purism takes longer not because it takes longer, but because you haven't really grokked it yet (my last post on Dependency Injection and Providers shows this because it took me a while to get to a solution that wasn't a massive pain in the ass ). Though one could argue it's a lot more code than the simplest approach and in some cases that simple approach would work.

    You have to strike a balance though, I've seen a 10k line if/then/else chain CGI, that had 0 abstraction. It's often faster to write 0 abstraction, and slower to write more…

  • Aristotle commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

    Avoid complex inheritance hierarchies. This is equivalent to only allowing one level of inheritance.

    Yes, but then in order to do non-trivial specialisation you have to start inheriting from multiple things, like you would compose multiple roles. And then you run into problems because multiple superclasses can provide the same method – which one do you call? Do you call both? Do the two methods on those two superclasses mean the same thing?

    But with roles you do not have this problem. Why? Because roles become part of the class that consumes them, a…

  • jnareb commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

    Inheritance is (or should be) about is-a relationships fulfilling Liskov's substitution principle.

    One example that I have seen about roles is GuardDog class example: in Dog class hierarchy, and consuming Guard role (which can be consumed by many different unrelated classes).

  • davewood commented on Poor Mans Jobqueue for Catalyst Apps

    reporting back

    need more processes now.

    david@nio:~/dev/myapp$ ./script/
    Found job: 25
    Found job: 25
    Found job: 25
    Processing test_id: 1355
    Processing test_id: 1355
    Processing test_id: 1355


    looking for a job queue now, currently checking out ZeroMQ

  • Ron Savage commented on Image::Magick packaged for Perlbrew and cpanm

    I'm using the same version :-(.

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