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  • Posted New githook-perltidy feature: README from POD to Mark Lawrence

    It has been six years since I last mentioned anything about githook-perltidy, a tool for the automatic tidying of Perl and POD files during a Git commit. I rely on it every day, and I still make minor improvements to it, so I thought…

  • Commented on Simple (Date) Range Overlap Detection
    Woops - I stand corrected: type a||'-'||b c||'-'||d a <= d AND c >= b ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------------- Below 1-3 4-8 0 Intersect 2-5 4-8 1 Contained 5-7 4-8 1 Intersect 7-9 4-8 1 Above 9-10 4-8 0 Within...
  • Commented on Simple (Date) Range Overlap Detection
    Your definition of overlap seems to miss the case where one range is entirely contained within another. | range A | | range B | To detect that you unfortunately need at least two more tests :-(...
  • Commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: October 16th - Nov 1st
    Re: Zefram's proposal of forcing Perl source to be interpreted as UTF-8, effectively making "use utf8" a no-op. Many programs today rely on the fact that "substr" and "length" count bytes by default. The proposal would appear to be heading...
  • Posted Shell access to $NOT_MY_ENVIRONMENT for development? to Mark Lawrence

    I'm a self employed hacker. My development (actually, my total) infrastructure consists of a six-year old laptop running Linux with a full disk and a noisy fan, and a rented virtual server, also Linux. I have a few modules up on CPAN, which occasionally receive reports from cpantesters or the odd…

  • Commented on Bash function for directory-dependent local::lib
    It appears smartcd comes with local::lib *and* perlbrew integration out of the box - fantastic. Thanks for the tip!...
  • Posted Bash function for directory-dependent local::lib to Mark Lawrence

    On my laptop I use perlbrew to keep my system perl separate from my development perl. But I also develop various Perl projects with different dependencies, and would like to keep those dependencies separate if possible. Using a separate perlbrew perl for each project as well would be overkill in…

  • Commented on One tricky thing when using local::lib - RESOLVED! :)
    Thanks for asking from me too - I've been trying to solve something related to this as well. However sudo -E only gets halfway there (on Debian at least): it seems that PATH is reset even with the -E due...
  • Commented on YAPC Videos On YouTube
    The most useful way of reaching a YAPC::NA video on youtube would be via a link from the YAPC::NA conference website schedule abstract page. The list of titles on the youtube yapcna channel on its own doesn't give me enough...
  • Commented on Thanks for the Live Streams from YAPC::NA
    I wish I could leave a thank you note, but "Install Microsoft Silverlight" excludes those of us who aren't members of the club. By all accounts the rest of the YAPC::NA organisation appears to have been excellent, but this particular...
  • Commented on Twitter Bootstrap templates for Dancer Applications
    > The issue why I haven't released this onto CPAN yet is that I'm not aware of a better way to distribute ephemeral projects like templates and Javascript via the CPAN toolchain than to package them into a module /...
  • Commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN
    This highlights a very sad fact about the state of such basic information: there is no single, complete, update-to-date, authoritative source for country names, divisions, timezones, currency, etc in a relationally consistent format, translated, easily update-able, exportable, synchronize-able, partition-able, API-able......
  • Commented on Removing Locale::Country::SubCountry from CPAN
    If you aren't already aware of it has an API that *may* provide the information you need, or (admittedly large) exports of all data which could be culled for this module....
  • Posted githook-perltidy update to Mark Lawrence

    Last year I wrote script to automatically tidy up your Perl code as it is commited by Git. I just ironed out a final issue that had been bugging me: partially indexed files.…

  • Commented on User friendly command line apps with even less suffering
    I like the idea of declarative definition of command-line options, but any combination of "Moose" and "command-line" just turns me right off. If I have to wait for Moose to load (perhaps because I don't have the "big developer's workstation"...
  • Commented on Please help improve Pod::Perldoc 3.17
    Thank you for your work on this un-sexy but important part of the Perl ecosystem....
  • Commented on Running perltidy in a Git commit hook (githook-perltidy)
    Since this initial announcement went out I've written some tests for githook-perltidy and discovered a couple of issues. Namely that the script wasn't doing what it claimed to do. Version 0.02 was pushed to Github a few minutes ago with...
  • Posted Running perltidy in a Git commit hook (githook-perltidy) to Mark Lawrence

    I have found a couple of

  • Commented on Heads up II - Astro-satpass modifications
    I had never heard of the Astro-satpass distribution until you posted this blog entry. In the interests of promoting the wide-ranging uses of Perl I would hope that you continue blogging your updates....
  • Commented on And the fastest OO accessor is...
    quote: "There's a lot of FUD out there about the performance of various OO modules, particularly Mouse. So let's set it straight with some benchmarking." I thought it was now common-wisdom that the overall run-time performance of most applications is...
  • Posted Introducing App::Dispatcher to Mark Lawrence

    I have an issue somewhat related to Steven Haryanto's concern about bloated apps. I can live with a command taking a second longer to run when performing work, but I absolutely detest waiting that…

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  • Steven Haryanto commented on YAPC Videos On YouTube

    Or better yet, copy paste the talk's abstract to the video's description.

    Anyway, thanks for all the videos!

  • Steven Haryanto commented on One tricky thing when using local::lib - RESOLVED! :)

    I have another annoyance: local::lib on my PC/laptop doesn't work when testing script (either using perl t/test.t or prove) which has #!perl -T (taint). Any solution?

  • Joel Berger commented on One tricky thing when using local::lib - RESOLVED! :)

    Steven, have you tried using `#!/usr/bin/env perl -T`? This is the usual incantation (without the -T) for making sure you the perl interpreter specified by your environment.

  • Steven Haryanto commented on One tricky thing when using local::lib - RESOLVED! :)

    Joel, here's what I meant. PERL5LIB is ignored when running under taint mode:

    $ set | grep PERL5

    $ cat t/taint.t
    #!perl -T
    use Test::More;
    diag explain \@INC;

    $ cat t/notaint.t
    use Test::More;
    diag explain \@INC;

    $ prove
    t/notaint.t .. # [
    # '/home/s1/perl5/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-Tthread-multi',
    # '/home/s1/perl5/lib/perl5/x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi',
    # '/home/s1/perl5/lib/perl5',
    # '/e…

  • Grinnz commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: October 16th - Nov 1st

    That proposal would not generally change how functions like substr and length work. It would change how string literals in source code are interpreted, which would cause breakage. But the important part of the proposal there is:

    "To get there, first we have to deprecate all source encoding that's incompatible with it. That is, we deprecate the presence of non-ASCII bytes anywhere in a source file other than in the scope of "use utf8"."

    In other words, any string literals that would be affected by 'use utf8' would now be considered deprecated if there isn't 'use utf8' present…

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