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  • Posted COED:ETHICS 2018 to NeilB

    A group of Perl companies are sponsoring the COED:ETHICS conference, a one-day conference on ethics for developers and technologists, which is in London on July 13th.

  • Posted PAUSE Privacy Policy to NeilB

    Today is GDPR Day, and to celebrate that, the PAUSE admins have added a Privacy Policy to PAUSE. This tells you:

    • what personal data is processed by PAUSE;
    • what PAUSE does with that data;
    • ho…
  • Posted The Great London Perl Bake Off to NeilB

    You may not have noticed, but the London Perl Workshop is happening later this month (Saturday 25th November). It's a free-to-attend community event: organised by members of the community, for the community, and made possible by sponsorship from companies…

  • Posted Introducing the PAUSE Operating Model to NeilB

    At the Toolchain Summit this year, one of the discussion sessions was to reflect on how the DBIx::Class ownership conflict was…

  • Commented on The 20th Anniversary Perl mongers Shirt
    I was going to back this, but it's $25 for the shirt, and then another $25 for postage to the UK -- that's a bit steep!...
  • Posted Ask not what CPAN can do for you to NeilB

    If you're still not sure what to do on you could help me with one of my trickle projects: help us get META.yml and META.json files added to CPAN distributions that currently have neither.

  • Commented on CPAN Day is 16th August
    Isn't every day like that Dean? But right you are. And tweet a picture, with hashtag #cpanday...
  • Posted CPAN Day is 16th August to NeilB

    CPAN Day marks the date of the first recorded upload to CPAN: Andreas König uploaded Symdump 1.20 (it's since been renamed Devel::Symdump).

    On CPAN Day this…

  • Posted The Toolchain Summit is only possible with support from our sponsors to NeilB

    The Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS) started yesterday (Thursday 11th May) in Lyon, France. 35 dedicated toolchain developers have assembled for four days of intensive discussions and co-working. Not only does a lot get done in these four days, but we send everyone home with longer todo lists, fired…

  • Posted Specifying dependencies for your CPAN distribution to NeilB

    In this article I'm going to show you how to specify dependencies for your CPAN distributions: the other Perl and CPAN modules that your distribution relies on. This is the fourth article in a series. The

  • Posted Specifying the type of your CPAN dependencies to NeilB

    This is the third article in a series on CPAN distribution metadata. The first article was a general introduction, and the

  • Posted The Perl Toolchain Summit Project List to NeilB
  • Commented on Golang's 'defer' in Perl
    Have a look at Scope::OnExit. There are a number of similar modules on CPAN. I listed the ones I know about in the SEE ALSO section for the AtExit module: I haven't check to see whether any of them...
  • Commented on Dependency phases in CPAN distribution metadata
    Hi Konstantin, I'll cover this sort of thing in the next article, but to add develop dependencies via Makefile.PL/ExtUtils::MakeMaker you use META_MERGE. For example: META_MERGE => { "meta-spec" => { version => 2 }, prereqs => { develop => {...
  • Posted Dependency phases in CPAN distribution metadata to NeilB

    In the previous article in this series we gave a general introduction to the distribution metadata which is included in releases as files META.json and/or META.yml. In this article I'll drill…

  • Posted An introduction to CPAN distribution metadata to NeilB

    All CPAN releases (these days) include a metadata file which has information about the distribution. It can be used by tools like CPAN clients (when installing modules), but it's also helpful for other tool writers, and people analysing the structure of CPAN. The metadata file will be called…

  • Commented on TVPM Tech Talks in Reading, UK
    We've decided to skip the videos. We don't have a camera, but more importantly I coerced people into giving talks saying "it's just us", so it doesn't feel right to spring youtube stardom on them at this late date. But...
  • Commented on TVPM Tech Talks in Reading, UK
    Hi Matthew -- we hadn't planned on recording this. I'll ask the speakers if they would be ok with becoming youtube superstars, and if so, see if someone has a camera....
  • Posted TVPM Tech Talks in Reading, UK to NeilB

    On Monday 27th March, the Thames Valley Perl Mongers (TVPM) are having a mini tech talks session in Reading. Talks are going to be about 15 minutes each. Speakers and topics are given below, along with details of the venue.

    Any and all are welcome to join us.

  • Posted Working with the MetaCPAN API to NeilB

    This is the fourth article in a series about MetaCPAN. The first article described the two main parts that make up the MetaCPAN project: the API and the search interface. The

  • Posted MetaCPAN operational view to NeilB

    This is the third in a series of articles about MetaCPAN. The first article described the two main parts that make up the MetaCPAN project, the API and the search interface. The

  • Commented on CPAN Testers RULE!
    I bet a pretty significant percentage of CPAN authors have reason to thank Slaven. The White Camel awards should be coming up soon, and hopefully Slaven will get one this year!...
  • Posted An introduction to MetaCPAN's use of Elasticsearch to NeilB

    This is the second in a series of articles, which we're writing to celebrate meta::hack, our first MetaCPAN hackathon, which is currently (Nov 17th through 21st) taking place in Chicago.

    This hackathon was by invitation only, since it had a very specific goal: completing migration of the l…

  • Posted An Overview of MetaCPAN to NeilB

    This week a small group of dedicated Perl developers are gathering in Chicago the first MetaCPAN hackathon. The primary goal is to complete the transition to Elasticsearch v2, a major undertaking that was start…

  • Posted What talks would you like to see (at LPW)? to NeilB

    This post was originally going to be an exhortation to potential speakers, to take the plunge and submit a proposal to the London Perl Workshop. I thought I could list some generic types of talks.


  • Posted Give your first talk at the London Perl Workshop to NeilB

    If you've never given a talk at a Perl event before, I'd like to encourage you to give your first talk at the London Perl Workshop. I'm happy to be your LPW talk buddy, and help you prepare for it, and am c…

  • Posted Tag your CPAN issues on github for Hacktoberfest to NeilB

    Hacktoberfest is nearly upon us again. If you sign up and then do 4 pull requests in October, you'll get a free t-shirt. Sadly the list of Featured Projects doesn't include any Perl ones, but last year I created a

  • Commented on Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: August 15th-21st
    Thank you for continuing to do these Sawyer!...
  • Posted CPAN Day: Tuesday 16th August 2016 to NeilB

    CPAN Day marks the day when the first distribution was recorded as being uploaded to CPAN. That was 16th August 1995, so we've been uploading modules for 21 years now!

    On CPAN Day you could release something to CPAN, send a pull request on someone else's distribution, blog about Perl, or j…

  • Posted Thames Valley Perl Mongers to NeilB

    Thames Valley Perl Mongers, aka TVPM, in the Thames Valley (in the UK).

    Our next meeting is next Monday (18th July) at 8pm, at

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