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  • Salve J. Nilsen commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...

    One obvious way to improve the situation is by letting CPANratings "time out", so old (and presumably fixed) comments get a reduced visibility.

    I think can be made into a much better resource than it is today, but this would require some coding.

    Having said that, who's managing/developing that site, and is the code public?

    The site info page is missing, and it looks very much to be part of Perl NOC's services, although it's not published with the other sites found on .

  • Salve J. Nilsen commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...

    Ooh, correction to myself; CPANRatings is on github!


  • mug896 commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    In bash you cant set IFS=$'\n' instead of IFS="

  • bigfoot commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...

    Unfortunately I think this may simply be a very small example of how the Perl community is generally sometimes unfriendly to new developers. Before I get pounced on I'll give a shout out to all of of the great work done by people who are trying to change that (Gabor Szabo for one). It was also nice to see the Zero to Perl workshop last weekend at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop (Dan Wright)!

    The snobbish attitude though is not reserved just for new developers. I'm not defending poorly written and possibly ill conceived modules that folks might naively upload to CPAN. I believe there …

  • Ether commented on We are all Perl's ambassadors...

    Maybe create some phase gates for new contributors? or create some kind of bar to get over before you can upload and even get rated in the first place? exists as a place where authors can upload code for critique, but it doesn't get used often enough. I wouldn't mind the requirement for a new author to make at least one submission to first (and get some positive feedback) before their first PAUSE upload, but this is difficult to enforce without a lot of code that no one would want to write.

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