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  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on A perl of your own

    nxadm, 'use true;' gets rid of the 1; and MooseX::AutoImmute demonstrates a solution for ->meta->make_immutable (in Moo, immutability happens automatically on first ->new).

    What I'm looking at here is a way to evolve a set of defaults without needing to understand any of the cleverer approaches - in my case, I think I'd rather have it imply 'use MyApp::Defaults;' or similar and centralize everything there with Syntaxt::Collector or or whatever - but I figured first I'd do the simplest thing that could possibly work and experiment.

    I've got a pull request outstanding…

  • commented on A perl of your own

    Never heard of "use true". Thx. The idea looks interesting.

    To nitpick: there are a lot of (potentially well written) admin/devops-code there that does not have a proper cpan project structure. It may be bad, but it's certainly a real world scenario, even for people writing modern Perl. I think specifically of longer nagios plugins, and the like. I guess it's impossible to make everyone happy, but it good to know what the limitations are.


  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on A perl of your own

    nxadm, I think those people are as served as they're going to get by the capacity to have single-line feature bundles.

    Getting from 'one line' to 'no lines' requires a trade-off - in this case 'run this using the myperl script, or apply myperl-rewrite to it'. Doc patches making this clearer would be welcome, but you can't have 'no lines' and 'your old code still works', and I somehow doubt nagios would be amazingly impressed if we broke half the existing plugins to make it easier to write new ones :)

  • Steven Haryanto commented on perl live coding

    Is the video running at real time speed? You sure are fast!

  • vividsnow commented on perl live coding

    Not real time of course - this is condensed version, because it is boring to watch chars appearing one by one )

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