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  • Posted Perl 6 book to enkidu

    Reading the description of the new book, Think Perl 6, I see one line "how to program and think like a computer scientist" and in the same week I hear from a friend of mine trying to get into the gig economy and the only jobs he can…

  • Posted Mojolicious and FullCalendar.js to enkidu

    You've been pulled into an impromptu meeting where the client now wants a web calendar tacked onto their application. Grimace. Walk out worried. But most important ...
    Don't re-invent the wheel.


  • Commented on Perl6 module namespace
    Wow! Let me just try and process these comments to see if I've learned something. I'm not too bothered about it being a decentralized project. I can see the merits in growing the Perl6 namespace organically to find out what...
  • Posted Perl6 module namespace to enkidu

    I'm going to talk about that which I know very little, but looking at the Perl6 Module Directory, I see a namespace that's already storing up pain. Why are there so many modules in the top level namespace that make no sense for a language that has designs…

  • Posted Corrupting the Youth to enkidu

    There's a new version of Modern Perl out in print now. So, what should you do with your old one?

    I gave mine away.

  • Posted Perl in Universities to enkidu

    A very late comment on a small portion of Brian's remarks to Dave's thoughts on recruitment in December. In a blow to my…

  • Posted Thank You, Glen Hinkle! to enkidu

    A very quick post just to say that I'm very excited to get into work today and it's all because of Glen Hinkle and his Amazing Mojocasts.

  • Commented on RFC Perl for education
    Perl didn't lose the fight in the education sector because of the language, but for the lack of a good text book at undergraduate level. Tons of great books for developers and learners, but with the exception of Orwant's Algorithms...
  • Commented on Some new MetaCPAN features
    Sorry, I'm missing one module, but not the co-maint one I thought. I'm the owner, but not the original one. I'll send details off-line. I took a look at the Perlybook integration for Algorithm::Kmeans on my Nook. At my age,...
  • Commented on Some new MetaCPAN features
    There are a number of modules that I didn't author, but I've picked up co-maint on them when the original author moved on. Any chance that I'll be able to see those on the Dashboard? I don't at the moment,...
  • Commented on Learning Perl 6 - Find in a Large File
    I like it! Perl 6 is on my Christmas 2015 list, so keep blogging these little beauties for me and I'll catch up when I've got time. I'd like to work my way up to converting my Perl 5 modules...
  • Commented on XS, Advanced XS Callback Patch For OCI, Part IV Finally Some Code but no Perl and just a little XS
    A feature request for XSFun - would you consider advanced topics concerning things like memory management in the future? I had a problem I dropped a while back about removing a node from a Boost::Graph object because the size of...
  • Commented on eBooks ... for Science!
    There's work going on at the LaTeXML mailing list on a TeX to ePub proof of concept being tested on github There's a new blog post with snazzy images of gorgeous maths that blows mine out of the water....
  • Posted eBooks ... for Science! to enkidu

    I slid into the world of eBooks when a half-price Nook sale collided with O'Reilly's

  • Posted Porting Tests to Perl 6 to enkidu

    Just reading Brent Laabs post on Porting a Module to Perl 6 and two things occurred to me. The first was that I should start getting into Perl 6 sooner rather than later and get the few modules I'm involved with…

  • Posted Finally turning on to DBIx::Class to enkidu

    It's a snow day and time to play. I have a cow orker who prefers to write all the business logic in SQL because he hasn't moved on from what he learnt in the 80's. Nice guy, but I suspect he has a hearing deficiency because he never listens to what I have to say (or he's got a nasty case of…

  • Posted What goes well with DBIx::Class - the review. to enkidu

    In my case, it went very well with Fideos de Sepia and a nice glass of Fina Enguera.

    This is not really a review of Dave's Perl School. His style is competent, informative, sometimes entertaining a…

  • Commented on Moose Mashing
    I get the concept, but seem to lack the discipline to see the duck as an external entity. He just nods his little rubber head and never tells me how much of an idiot I've been. There is just something...
  • Posted But what goes well with DBIx::Class? to enkidu

    Looking forward to Dave's PerlSchool on Saturday. I was satisfied with the format of his Moose school and found myself going back through the notes for how to set a default hashref for an attribute. Got…

  • Posted Moose Mashing to enkidu

    Does Moose eliminate the sin of False Impatience* by making it so damn easy to just add a dash of OO to your script in order to avoid messing around with data structures? That's how I've started, so there's bound to be a few contusions as I find the corners of my own ignorance, digging out the…

  • Commented on A quick static file webserver
    That’s what I’ve been looking for the last 2 months. Too many web servers on CPAN and too few Neil Bowers to sift through them all. That’s something that I can proudly share with my non-Perl friends....
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  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Some new MetaCPAN features

    @Toby Inkster I added those to my TODO list. Thanks for the ideas.

  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    I’d modified Joel’s script to include a default index file by using a before_dispatch hook. It could probably be better, but I stopped when I got it to work.

    I needed this for a particular project so I haven’t stopped to make it pretty.

  • vytas commented on RFC Perl for education

    after some more thinking I must agree with most what Marius said. Technically Perl has easy solutions for ePerl I described.. after finding something close to what I want ( Schwern's Perl5i ), I must say I won't be wasting time for ePerl..

    Some other ideas I came across:
    * pyconuk 2014 had 2 days education track
    * Applications like Pyland would be great
    * It might be great to adjust Perl for different levels, something like staging Perl, i.e. allow only if statemen…

  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    The render_static was deprecated in the middle of the Mojolicious 5 evolution and is now reply->static:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Mojolicious::Lite;
    use Cwd;
    app->static->paths->[0] = getcwd;
    any '/' => sub {
  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl6 module namespace

    > but trying to find out about them was tricky

    It's documented in the S22 speculation, I believe:

    > use Mail:approved-by('LWALL')

    That's not at all what I was talking about. The distribution's META file has a tags field that let any "distribution accumulators" (such as a CPAN site) to use those tags when trying to figure out what the user wants to find. Just like the posts on this website can be tagged with say, 'Perl 6' tag, and then searching for 'Perl 6' would bri…

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