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  • Posted Moose Case Explained to byterock

    It's explain post-ette day there in the Moose-Pen

    As I reviewing some of my code for 'Case' statements I had chanch to stop and think about why I was using a Param class for the message on a case. Right now I have something like this;

  • Posted Moose Test All Again?? to byterock

    Its test post-ette day again here in the Moose-Pen

    I guess I am following a very predictable pattern The weekend is here and I just do a post on test results. Well why spoil a good thing?

    Since my last test round I have changed a good number of things about but I am fairly sure t…

  • Posted Moose Coerce Case to byterock

    Still case day here in the Moose-Pen

    Following on from yesterday's post I first want to make a little changes to my 'Case' class; I think it will be better to have this

  • Posted The Moose When to byterock

    It is another head case day here in the Moose Pen.

    So yesterday I left you hanging on how I was going to incorporate the 'case' statement into Database::Accessor hopefully today I will find some solution for it.

    To start off my attempts to use the present class structure ended in f…

  • Posted The Moose Case to byterock

    Its get off my case day here in the Moose-Pen

    Well I am getting close to running out of things to add into Driver ::DBI as I have all the operators covered, functions, expressions, elements, etc etc so I do see and end in sight maybe I won't get a year of blog posts in after all??

  • Posted Validated Moose Collective to byterock

    Its little validation day here in the Moose-Pen

    Since I didn't put any new code in yesterday just take out I figure I might as well do that little validation I talked about in my last post namely you can only have one aggregate function inside another aggregate. As usual I start with a te…

  • Posted Aggregte Moose to byterock

    Its plan but do not code days here in Moose Pen

    So I was all prepped and ready to start on the aggregate command for SQL as I had research the MongoDB and other similar non-sql dbs and they all shared the same basic set of commands. I even started writing up some tests starting with this…

  • Posted Last Moose to byterock

    It the last operator day here in the Moose-Pen

    Well today is a very short postette but at least I am adding in the last operator 'ANY' and this time I need only this test;

    caption => 'ANY Operator with Data::Accessor',

  • Posted Penultimate Moose to byterock

    Its penultimate operator day here in the Moose-Pen

    This is just a quick postette today add in what I think is next to last special 'operator' the 'All' and as before I start with a test;

    caption => 'Any Operator with Data::Acc…

  • Posted Gorgias Moose to byterock

    Its solipsism day here in the Moose Pen

    Getting down to the last few operators on my list and today I will hopefully be an easy one 'Exists'

    At least this one should be easy to validate as you can only ever use it with a sub-query so I will add that in from the start but as always …

  • Posted Moose Like to byterock

    Its one more operator day here in the Moose-pen

    Today I am finally going to get around to the last two of my operators the 'Like' and 'Not Like'. This is where we get into sort a sticky wicket and we are entering the realm of 'regular expression' queries which may work quite differently …

  • Posted Condiment Moose to byterock

    It is catch up day here in the Moose-Pen.

    I was just about to add in the next operator on my, the 'Like' command but before I did that I added a few more tests for the 'in' operator and with this test;

    { caption => 'in right must not be …

  • Posted In Moose to byterock

    Its is in day here in the Moose-pen

    Now that I have a few little API things worked out from yesterday's post I better carry on and do the next two 'operators' 'In' and 'Not In'

    My original though was these two operators would now require a little parameter validation like I did fo…

  • Posted Fix a Moose to byterock

    It fix the API (yet again) day here in the Moose-Pen

    So as we all know I have been playing with the extended operators over the last few posts and I just notices something in my code;

    I can enter a mixed case operator like this 'BeETween' and things will still work. This is goo…

  • Posted Not Null Moose to byterock

    Its yet another operator day here in the Moos Pen

    Hmm I could just copy and past yesterday's postette here and and in 'NOT' in the correct places to get today's 'Is Not Null' operator postette but I an not going to take the schlock path today.

    As I implied it is the turn of the '…

  • Posted Null Moose to byterock

    It is operator carry on day in the Moose-Pen

    Just a quick postette on adding in another operator to Driver::DBI. Today I am adding the 'Is Null' operator. First of course a set of tests to add into '32_where_operators.t' along this vain;


  • Posted Moose Utils Extend to byterock

    It extend test helper day here in the Moose-pen.

    Yesterday I managed to get the 'Between' operator to work but there was one little thing that was bugging my and that was I had some 40 lines of new code and only three new tests for the possible exception the 'Between' operator might genera…

  • Posted More Moose Operations to byterock

    Its advance my code day here in the Moose-Pen.

    Seems I have hit a milestone in the Database::Accessor/Driver::DBI project I have completed all the easy stuff and I am moving over to the more complicated or at least ignored till now parts.

    I decided to work on some of the more adv…

  • Posted The Last Moose Sort to byterock

    It is more order code day here in the Moose-Pen

    Yesterday I left off with the choice of either a change to do to my tests or a change to my code to solve this error;

    # Expected SQL-> ORDER BY people.last_name, people.first_name
    # Generated…

  • Posted Still sorting Moosse to byterock

    It take back my words day here in the Moose-Pen

    I have to adjust how the SQL is produced yet again. Today I was playing about with the '60_order_by.t' tast case of Driver::DBI and had it all nicely set up and on my first run I was getting errors like this;

  • Posted 100% Moose to byterock

    Its add a little new day here in the Moose-Pen

    I left off yesterday with the problem of the little build in test DB that comes with DBI not working correctly with SQL where the table names are added to the field names. So this SQL would work;


  • Posted Just a Little Moose to byterock

    Just another test post-ette today at the Moose-pen

    Will 100% pass the result from yesterdays post I wanted to see if I could get Driver::DBI at least close to that but things did not start that well;

    t/00_load.t ......... 1/3 Attribute (elements…

  • Posted Moosse All Clean to byterock

    Test post-ette day again here in the Moose-pen

    Today just a quick test clean up for Database::Accessor, since I made quite a few changes to it over the past few days mostly making elements a required field and validating that it is not an empty array.

    On my first run I got a whol…

  • Posted Just a little Moose Trip to byterock

    Its another step back day here in the Moose-Pen

    Yesterday I added in a little code to Database::Accessor to stop users from tying to enter an empty 'elements' attribute like this;


  • Posted Step Back Moose to byterock

    Its two steps backward day here in the Moose-Pen

    I left off yesterday by fixing a bug on the Gather class that allowed you to create a Gather with an empty set of 'elements' like this;


  • Posted Some Moose Today to byterock

    Its a good day for code but a bad one for posts here in the Moose-Pen

    I started off today by adding in some 38 new tests to 40_joins.t in Driver::DBI and after one or two runs to get rid of some typos in my expected results they are all passing. So like the title says a good day for code …

  • Posted Tested Joined Moose to byterock

    So it is little progress day here in the Moose-Pen

    Carrying on from yesterday's post I decided to get 57_dad_elements in order so I added in a few more tests;

    ok( $elem…

  • Posted Joined Moose to byterock

    Its get on with it day here in the Moose-Pen

    After putting on my thinking Moose-cap and reading though some of my notes (and looking at a number of my older posts) the best solution I could come up with was to leave the ability to add a 'JOIN' to an 'UPDATE', 'CREATE' or 'DELETE' statemen…

  • Commented on Time to Put my Thinking Moose Cap On
    The SQL is only one part of it. The other is to generation Mongo queries as well on the fly. I suppose I could use SQL::Abstract to generate the SQL I would have to white some sort of transmogifier code...
  • Commented on Time to Put my Thinking Moose Cap On
    The hole point of this can be summed up in this post
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  • Peter Rabbitson commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    @kd Great stuff! And great seeing @mjevans around here as well!

    Minor nit: your choice of lower-than-latest-dev release version is somewhat suboptimal. A surprisingly large amount of pre-smokers operate over the moral equivalent of:

    `cpanm --look --dev DBD::Oracle`

    As you can see your version is not being picked up as it is lower than @mjevans' older 1.75_2.


  • Dean commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    Smoking by cpantesters is almost entirely pointless for two reasons:

    - the Oracle Client SDK has to be downloaded and installed (requires an account, but is "free" as in beer). there are some random websites that have it for download, avoiding the aforementioned account, but...
    - an actual Oracle database needs to be installed to test against

    There is an official Docker image of the Oracle database... but it requires injecting an oracle database installer file (even the free one from which again requires an account).

    So the smokers will …

  • kd commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    mjevans: yes you're right the changelog is isnconsistent with what's in the release. I'll trawl through the commits and update it some time really soon.

    ribasushi: thanks. Almost all not my work. Although I can take responsibility for exposing the bug that prompted all this. I'll fix the version numbering when I update the trial release and mangle the changelog. As Dean notes it's of little practical consequence, but best to do things properly.

  • Peter Rabbitson commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    > as Dean notes it's of little practical consequence, but best to do things properly.

    I don't want to publicize it too much, but ( DBIC is not the only user afaik )

  • Dean commented on DBD::Oracle Trial release.

    I took that as inspiration for

    Thanks Peter

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