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  • Toby Inkster commented on Immutability with Moo(se)

    DBI is actually an example of where mutable objects are perfectly sensible: as iterators.

    Immutable objects are great because they are easier to reason about, reduce the possibilities for action at a distance, and make testing simpler. But they are not the perfect fit for every problem. Sometimes you need to be prepared to forego the benefits of immutable objects, in favour of coming up with a class design that makes the most sense for the type of data and processes you're modelling.

  • mascip commented on Immutability with Moo(se)

    I don't have a clear opinion about whether iterators should be mutable or immutable. But I would like tools to help me get some level of immutability, without me needing to work on it too hard.

    It would be nice to get most of my attributes to be Sub::Trigger::Lock-ed without needing to write it every time (I could probably try to write a MooX module for that - I'd have to read the relevant Moo documentation). And I'd like to have some functions to test for immutability (I might try it at home).

    Some online people's opinion about whether iterators should be mutable or immutable:…
  • Yuki Kimoto commented on GitPrep 1.8 is released - Public key authentication support

    thanks, I fixed this.

  • davebaker commented on Announcing Mojolicious::Plugin::Routes::Restful

    Wonderful documentation!


  • mrsjanky commented on Announcing Mojolicious::Plugin::Routes::Restful

    Thanks for releasing this as it has saved me having to do it by hand on several projects.

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