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  • Posted Moose Finds More Bugs to byterock

    Back to the API day here in the Moose-Pen

    Well I was just going to do a simple test post-ette today but on my first run I ran into this in the '30_view.t' test case for Database::Accessor;

    Can't call method "view_count" on an undefined value at …

  • Posted Even More Moose API to byterock

    Its even more moose day here in the Moose-Pen

    For those of you who might have been a little disappointed that there has not been much Moose in my posts of late today you are in for a treat.


  • Posted Still Extending Mooosse to byterock

    Back to basics here in the Moose-Pen

    Still expanding my 'xt' tests after yesterday fix. Going to try the “Like” operator to start;

    left => {
    name => 'user_id',

  • Posted Moose Gets Back up to byterock

    Go back again day here in the Moose-Pen

    Yesterday I was stymied by not being able to select out just one 'element/field' from a Database::Accessor before I sent it in as part of a condition. I did hav…

  • Posted Moose Stumbles a Little to byterock

    Is why tinker with a good thing day here in the Moose-pen

    Just carrying on with my extended or as I like to call it my practical test cases. I figure I can skip the rest of the simple where conditions as I have already used most of them in the previous test cases. To start I added a new …

  • Posted More and More Moose Tests. to byterock

    It carry on as if normal day here in the Moose-Pen.

    The next little test I want to try out is this one;

    left => {
    expression => '*',

  • Posted Moose Extends a little more to byterock

    Its just a extend even more post-ette day here in the Moose Pen

    Well going to start on another test case today this time '30_where_basic.t'. Now I do not have to test some of the more basic 'where' conditions as I have already proved that they work from all the other tests cases that use…

  • Posted Test Catch-up Moose to byterock

    It test post-ette day here in the Moose-Pen

    Why stop a habit and as usual ona Saturday I am goting to to a quick post on the current state of the test suite for Database::Accessor and Briver::DBI.

    Not a lot of changes in Accessor today

    3 files changed, 151 inserti…

  • Posted Moore Moose That I though to byterock

    It carry on day here in the Moose-Pen

    Today I am just going to carry on with a few 'xt' tests in my '25_exe_array.t' test case. Now I started out wanting to do an update with the execute array so I came up with this test;


  • Posted Moose Still Extends to byterock

    Back into extended test mode here in the Moose-Pen;

    Time to get back to some more practical tests as I have been side tracked by a few API issues. Just to re-cap the practical tests are found in the 'xt' dir and I am using them to test Driver::DBI against a real DB. So far this practical…

  • Posted Still in the API Moose to byterock

    Still API clean up day here in the Moose-Pen

    It has been a long running battle between myself,m the API and the the 'Link' objects. A number of posts over the past few weeks have been dealing with how to handle the 'view' for the various elements on link.

    Today I started down th…

  • Posted Clean up Tail End Moose to byterock

    Its clean up day here in the Moose-pen

    There are still a few little things to clean up before I move away from record-sets. The first issue I think would be when I have asked for a 'Class' with 'da_result_set' but I have not supplied a 'da_result_class'.

    In my Driver::DIB code I d…

  • Posted Moose Likes Classes to byterock

    Its the last result_set day here in the Moose-pen.

    Going to try and get the final 'da_result_set' 'Class' to work today, and by now it should not take very long.

    The first thing I did was update '20_dad_load.t' yet again but this time I will not bother to show the tests as they sh…

  • Commented on A Request to Larry Wall to Create a Language Name Alias for Perl 6
    How about Wisdom seems logical engough comes from 'pearl of wisdom'...
  • Posted Still Buggy Moose to byterock

    Fix a little bug day here in the Moose-pen

    One of the great things of tests based development is you are always finding new bugs as you progress. Yesterday I found yet another;

    Given this link/jo…

  • Posted Moose Test Postette to byterock

    Test postette day here in the Moose-Pen

    Been a few days since I did a bottom up test on Database::Accessor and seeing it is a rainy Saturday I figure I could do a quick on.

    Starting with Database::Accessor I do not suspect much to go amiss as I only had ' 2 files changed, 41 inser…

  • Posted Moose Likes JSON to byterock

    Its get back to 'da_result_set' to-day in the Moose-pen.

    Getting back on track with 'da_result_set' I still have two JSON which should be quite straightforward and Class which could be problematic, so I am go…

  • Posted Never Ending API Moose to byterock

    Even more API fun day here in the Moose-Pen

    When I left off yesterday I had everything working nicely but I was left with a little problem;

    What should I do about the case of hash-ke…

  • Posted More API Moose to byterock

    It still fix API day here in the Moose-pen

    Yesterday I left off with a new attribute for may Database::Accessor and DAD, 'da_result_set' and I was just going to play with this in my Driver::…

  • Posted Moose Crud May be done but API isn't to byterock

    Its back to the API day here in the Moose-pen

    As my practical tests against a real DB are humming along I noticed that I was missing some-thing quick basic on my API namely retrieving more that just a array-ref of data from the DB. Reading some of my earlier posts I did leave this part to …

  • Posted Moose Crud all Done? to byterock

    It still expand Test day here in the Moose-Pen.

    Carrying on with my extended 'xt' tests or as I like to call them practical test. I wanted to make sure that I can change the conditions on my Database::Accessor and and check that all the DB is correct in the 'person' table.

    To ac…

  • Posted Moose Extends More Tests to byterock

    Its Just a quick post-ette day here in the Moose-Pen

    When we last met our hero she had gotten though most of the perils of the ever-changing API and the ever-increasing code base but found one other problem when working on the test in test case '10_crud_basic.t'


  • Commented on The way to create Class with only Perl core language.
    This was standard early way to do things from many years ago. 1980~90s. Now days we would call it Old Shcool. I have had to do above in so called closed systems some time ago even wrote a module(Orignal)...
  • Posted Moose back on Track to byterock

    Get back on track day here in the Moose-Pen

    Well after mulling things over last night I think I will just have to make a note in my API that the 'view' fix will only work for the first layer of 'Link' and I will give a few examples of bets to use this feature and how to avoid problems.

  • Posted Moose Stuck on API to byterock

    Back to the API day again here in the Moose-pen

    To be extra diligent I decided to play about with some of the tests in '40_joins.t' to see if my API was working as I expected. Namly I took this link;

    type => 'LEFT'…

  • Posted Fix More Moose API to byterock

    Its deal with change day here in the Moose-Pen

    Today the first thing I am going to fix is this little line of code in Database::Accessor;

    foreach my $link ((@{ $self->links },@{ $self->dynamic_links })){
                my $view = $link->…

  • Posted Back to API Moose to byterock

    Its go back and rethink day here in the Moose-Pen

    You might remember form yesterday I really did not like this bit of code

    if ((($field->view)
    and ($field->view ne $self->vie…

  • Posted Moose Bug Test Fixer to byterock

    A quick postette day may-by here in the Moose-Pen

    Well I though I would have a very quick post here today, which is nice as I am still not 100%. I was going to re-run my test-suite end to end and you would think with only '

    2 files chang…

  • Posted Moose Fixes Second Bug to byterock

    ts fix the other bug day here in the Moose-Pen.

    The second of the bugs that I am after squishing today was in Driver::DBI and in test case '15_alias.t'
    It was dropping the elements/fields from the upda…

  • Posted Moose Fixes Test to byterock

    It fix a test postette day here at the Moose-Pen

    Felling a little better today as the mind is a little less foggy, that might change back on October 17th though?
    Today I am…

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