• Posted Brainturk Mobile App to Kiran

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year .

    We have released Brainturk mobile app on the Various app stores



  • Commented on Yay! Moose is free from stringy exceptions!
    Great work Upasana....
  • Commented on Backing up private data securely
    I had used sometime back...
  • Posted is live to Kiran

    We have released a new version of . We have changed the look of the application and now have 35 games and most of the games have different levels.

  • Posted Firebase with perl to Kiran

    I was looking at ways to add instant notifications for a social feature that we are working on for the new version of, I came across Firebase which is a scalable real-time backend database that makes it easy…

  • Commented on Perl and self flagellation...
    Database code written with DBIx::Class is easier to understand that the equivalent code written using DBI and raw SQL. When I have had to deal with complex queries DBIX::Class is harder for me, I prefer using raw SQL and...
  • Commented on How to involve more Indians in the Perl community?
    Here is some data[1] from sometime back. I came back to India from the US last year and am working on my own startup and we are a perl shop in bangalore, we are a five member team and...
  • Commented on Head Gestures in browser based game
    You can go ahead and use it for your demo. Yes that is correct this demo uses only getUserMedia part...
  • Posted Head Gestures in browser based game to Kiran

    Recently I stumbled upon WebRTC. I started looking into this and found some useful libraries on github .

    I have been creating some ="http://brai…

  • Commented on Comparing YUI - Dojo - Ext JS - jQuery
    Hi Ron, That's a nice comparison and gives a good overview . I have started using backbone.js with underscore.js, which I am beginning to like a lot....
  • Commented on So apparently this is creepy
    Hi Steven, Although I have lived in the US for six years I have the same thoughts as you have and I do not understand this reaction (this data is already available and anyone can get this even without programming...
  • Posted Brainturk - Cognitive Games to Kiran is yet another perl powered app that I have been working on , These games are taken from various research papers and articles published. Try it out and let me know if you have any comments/suggestions
    I decided to go with

  • Posted make test errors failed to map segment from shared object to Kiran

    I had to install a version of Storable 2.30 for a client on their server and was getting the following error

    failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted
    Can't load '/tmp/del/Storable-2.30/blib/arch/auto/Storable/' for module Storable: /tmp/del/Storab…

  • Posted gdb basics to Kiran

    Getting started with gdb , some notes on this

    objdump (otool on osx) is a program to examine a binary.
    To examine perl run the command

    objdump -D /usr/bin/perl |grep -A40 main.:

    Interesting to see the function call
    objdump -D /usr/bin/perl |grep -A400 main.: |gr…

  • Commented on Allowing anonymous comments
    Thanks , I was not aware of the enable anonymous comment option, I found that now...
  • Posted Allowing anonymous comments to Kiran

    Gabor has a post here where he points out that the level of interaction is lower than the other blogs, he mentions and chromatic's blog as an example.
    On more than one occ…

  • Commented on Binary search versus hash lookup
    I have also started reading skiena's Algorithm design (I highly recommend the online lectures just google for url). I just read the chapter on Dictionary , I'm still trying to grasp so I might be wrong but here goes ....
  • Posted YAPC - Lightning workshop to Kiran

    After attending YAPC::NA at asheville I got an email for the YAPC feedback survey. I filled it yesterday and later thought of something that could be tried but am not sure if it's a good idea so here is a brain dump :-).

    The idea is to combine social as well as technology aspect together…

  • Posted Cognitive tasks and Dual N Back to Kiran

    A few days back I stumbled on this blog post about increasing your intelligence and the Dual N…

  • Posted Phenona Perl platform on the cloud to Kiran
  • Posted python2.6 for dotcloud to Kiran

    Dotcloud now supports perl. Dotcloud command-line interface requires python 2.6. Here are the steps I used to install python2.6 on mac 10.5.8


  • Commented on JavaScript: The Good Parts
    One of the examples is the javascript == does not work correctly in all the cases ''=='0' //false 0==''//true the suggestion is to use === other example is how the javascript "this" is sometimes bound to the global object based...
  • Posted Useful Links to Kiran

    Here are some useful resources.
    Khan Academy If you have or know any children who are in school, this is an awesome resource, Sal is an excellent and talented teacher . The video's are ten minutes in length and of very good quality.

  • Commented on Perl vs JavaScript
    Two undefs , use === !== operators as per this (Page 109)...
  • Commented on Introduction to Perl at BarCamp Kerala 8, India
    There were some folks interested in organizing a perl conference in the Thread . As far as I know there are a lot of Perl programmers in India but most of them use perl to get their jobs done...
  • Commented on Perl on Android
    I am not aware of any mailing list , This wiki has some information ASE...
  • Posted Perl on Android to Kiran

    I got a new Nexus One phone .
    Here is the that is installed in the /sdcard/ase/scripts

    $ cat
    use Android;
    my $a = Android->new();

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