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  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Grants Committee 2014 first half

    Toby, no. I mean covering all the grants, not only the "General TPF Grant". With details.

    Makoto, thank you for your work. Yes, having the information in a more accessible way would be nice.

  • Olaf Alders commented on RFC: Perl software of the year award

    I like it, particularly as it would make it easy to highlight a single project as an example of a project done well. Working on these sorts of things can be a thankless job, so actively selecting a project to show some appreciation seems like a very nice idea to me.

  • BooK commented on RFC: Perl software of the year award

    I think it would probably be best if the software in question was NOT just a CPAN module. I.e. it should be a complete program, not only a library (or a set of libraries). That restriction (program versus library) does not prevent it to be distributed on CPAN (notable examples, exiftool, ack).

    I imagine there could be several categories: command-line, GUI, web application...
    Then I suppose (contradicting my first paragraph) that there could be a "library" category. :-)

  • mocnii commented on RFC: Perl software of the year award

    One example of CPAN library getting Application of the year award (outside of Perl community) is MySQL::Sandbox (work of GMAX - MySQL expert and long time Perl programmer).
    Why: MySQL Sandbox is a flexible tool that helps to install, test, and dispose of MySQL versions quickly and painlessly. It has been available since 2005, and it is kept up-to-date …

  • BooK commented on RFC: Perl software of the year award

    And if the award needs a name, I think we can forget camels and butterflies for a moment, and call it the Onion Clock, or maybe the Clockwork Onion.

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