Making git bisect more useful

If you've ever used git bisect, you know what an incredibly useful tool this is. It allows you to do a binary search through commits to find out which commit caused a particular error. Many people seem unaware of git bisect run ... which automates this even further, but it has a limitation: it won't let you find a particular error, it detects success or failure, that's all. So I decided to do something about that.

A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

(With permission), I got this email from a former Phoenix.PM-er (my home PM):

I looked at Ruby on Rails, what a mess. I'm running the WordPress meetup group here in Jacksonville Florida...

I've been moving code into Mojolicious lately. Still trying to get used to the "new" ways of doing things.

You have one more "backer" - all the best on this. I can help with documentation at least, if you like.

I was right. I'm not the only Perler who uses WordPress or is responsible for site. In my case, I help with as part of my duties on the board of Tempe Bicycle Action Group.

Right now, there are 47 supporters and $1,840 pledged:

XS, Advanced XS Callback Patch For OCI, Part VI Well Not Really Even 'C' but we will see if there is some XS or perl

Another in my seemingly endless posts for a new chapter in XS Fun. Today I am am going to look at just what and where my the functions from my last two posts store their data.

Now to do a little backtracking I hinted earlier on about a mythical 'c' struct called 'imp_dbh_t' and I had mentioned this is where we where storing the values that we where passing into the 'Store' function and getting from the 'Fetch' function.

No not to go all to 'c' on you what you really need to know it that a 'c struct' is just the way 'c' stores a number of variables in memory with one pointer. Working with structures should be second nature to a Perl programmer as you would access the data in a struct with it name or key like this


If you think it looks very similar any of these Perl lines

my  $value = $my_hash{some_key};
my  $value = $my_hashref->{some_key};
my $result  = $my_object->some_method; is awesome

Just a heads up that if you're not using you should check it out.

I use News+ on my android phone to keep up with RSS feeds, so I find it super useful to be able to at a glance find out when modules that I use frequently have been updated, and what's changed.
I got my list of modules I'm following.

**Edited, fixed links to point to unprotected rss feed instead of logged in view, fixed relative to absolute url to perlmodules site.**

Inheritance is Bad: Code Reuse Part III

0. Overview

  1. Inheritance is Bad: Code Reuse Part I
  2. Inheritance is Bad: Code Reuse Part II
  3. Inheritance is Bad: Code Reuse Part III

1. Introduction

There exists a legend named the Gordian Knot. It was a knot that nobody was able to untie. An oracle predicted that the one who will be able to untie the knot would become the king of Asia. A lot of people tried to untie it, but nobody was successful. It seemed like an impossible task to do. But 333 BC they came a man, when he tried to untie it he drew his sword, sliced the knot and untied it that way. That man was Alexander the Great, and became later the King of Asia.

To the tune of…

Buddy Burden:

Yes, we had multiple keynotes [at YAPC::NA 2014]. Two or three a day, even. I thought that was a bit weird. My friend David Hand kept joking that we had gone beyond keynotes and were now into keychords.

Changes to Test::Builder/More/Simple incoming

A couple months back Schwern handed me the keys to Test::Builder and friends. Initially I planned to try and knock out little bugs and simply maintain stability... That plan failed and I ended up spending a lot of time giving it a major overhaul for a feature Schwern and I agreed would be very nice. Result Streaming. This was further prompted by a minor change to a specific diagnostic message that resulted in breaking fragile tests written with Test::Builder ::Tester, which frankly, has seen better days. THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

I have just released an ALPHA version of the Test-Simple dist. This dist includes the following changes and features:

Reboot All The Things - My thoughts on this years YAPC::NA

There is an old saying that "distance makes the heart grow fonder", and watching Matt Trout talking at YAPC::NA this year filled me with the mixed emotions embodied within that saying. I am simultaneously sad that I was not there to correct Matt's swiss cheese memory of past events and happy that I wasn't around to witness his sad excuse for a beard. But alas, this blog post is about much more then Matt's physiology.

Nothing makes me miss all the wonderful folks in the Perl community as not being able to get to YAPC::NA. So while I have not yet watched all of the videos, I did watch the 6 (count them, six!!!) keynotes, and I wanted to just post about my impressions of them.

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