What Do Managerless Companies Look Like?

I'm please to say that my opening keynote at YAPC::EU 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria, "You're Killing Managers (keep it up)" was the second highest rated talk at the conference (I was narrowly beaten out my Matt Trout's excellent "State of the Velociraptor" keynote). Thanks again to everyone who made that a great conference and for putting the videos online.

I spend a bit of time in that talk discussing Ricardo Semler. His company, Semco, has 3,000 employees and almost a quarter of a billion in annual revenue. You should read more about them.

Please share this talk with others.

Nominate Perl heroes for the 2014 White Camel Awards

We're looking for nominations for the 2014 White Camel Awards that recognize significant non-technical achievement in Perl and its community. Each year we recognize work in the broad categories of community, advocacy, and user groups.

01 - November - 2007 -- White Camel

To nominate someone, you can send me a name through any means you like. Reply here, post on Twitter (use the #whitecamelaward tag so I'll find it), send me email, hire planes to skywrite, or something more creative. Note, however, that the method of nomination does not factor into our decision!

Where is Brent?

Does anybody know Brent B. Powers, the author of (amongst others) Tk::FileDialog and Tk::Waitbox?

I tried to contact the author my e-mail but every address I tried returned an error like undeliverable or unknown user etc.

Open source clone of search.cpan.org

I have started to write an open source clone of search.cpan.org. In case you are interested, see more details and links in that article. It is currently hosted here. The front-page is already there, but of course most of the parts don't work yet.

Strawberry Perl invalid MSI signatures

Unfortunately I have managed to release strawberry-perl- and strawberry-perl- files with wrong MSI signature. The installer will very likely complain about revoked certificate (although I do not know why my laptop have not complained when I tested these MSI).

I am sorry for any inconvenience this might caused you.

The trouble is that although I have sent scanned copy of my passport to Certum CA approx. a year ago they claim that they do not have it. Unfortunately the reminder they sent me was probably "swallowed" by cpan.org's spam filter and they simply revoked my certificate. I have submitted a new request for code signing certificate, unfortunately cpan.org's spam filter struck again and block an e-mail with verification URL I have to click on.

I am tired of dealing with Certum CA and I am fed up with cpan.org's spam filter, therefore I am considering to stop signing MSI packages.

Alpine Perl Stint, Part 2 of 2

It's been over a week now since the Austrian Perl Workshop of 2014. It took place in Salzburg for the second consecutive year. On Thursday, the day before the conference started, Mozart's home town greeted the attendants with glorious summer weather and amazing 26 degrees Celsius.

Inline Granted

This news is a couple of weeks old now, but the Inline-for-XS-Modules TPF Grant Proposal was accepted! A big Thank You to the Perl Community and the TPF.

David and I have just returned from vacations and we started work on the project today. Our first order of business was to create this web site, to which we will be posting regular updates on our progress, and other interesting information about the project.

A fast pragmatic test runner

After breaking the build twice in the space of a week for more or less the same reason each time, I figured that my team needed a continuous integration rig, and we needed it now.

For web application stuff it's not that unusual to have tests that collide with each other, at least in the short term due to the conflict between the need to "do it right' and the need to "do it now". And generally it's desirable to run your test suite in parallel wherever possible. At the moment, our tests are generally inadequate, so I'm only saving around 2 minutes on a parallel versus series run. However I'm doing bulk changes (with the help of PPI) to this largeish existing codebase at the moment, and get into situations where I want to run the whole test suite every 10 minutes or so, at which point saving 12 minutes in an hour becomes significant.

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