Parsing: a timeline

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1960: The ALGOL 60 spec comes out. It specifies, for the first time, a block structured language. The ALGOL committee is well aware that nobody knows how to parse such a language. But they believe that, if they specify a block-structured language, a parser for it will be invented. Risky as this approach is, it pays off ...

Install Net::SSLeay without root

Want to install Net::SSLeay on a Debian or Ubuntu system that you don't have root on, and doesn't have `libssl-dev` installed? Let me see if I can save you some time...

You are going to need to keep a compiled version of libssl around, and so you need to decide where that will live: I went for: `~/perl5/alien`...

mkdir ~/perl5/alien-src mkdir ~/perl5/alien

cd ~/perl5/alien-src

apt-get source lib64z1-dev # Or the 32 bit version
apt-get source libssl-dev

cd zlib- # Or whatever it is
./configure --prefix=~/perl5/alien
make install

cd ..

cd openssl-1.0.1/ # Or whatever it is
# These options took me approximately 15 years to figure out
./config shared -fPIC --prefix=~/perl5/alien

Alpine Perl Stint, Part 1 of 2

The Alps, Western region. Northern Switzerland. Halfway between Zurich and Basel. Here you can find Olten, a nice little city which these last few days had an unusually high concentration of Perl aficionados roaming its streets. I'm talking about this year's Swiss Perl Workshop, the second incantation ever, and a very successful one.

My YAPC::Asia photo gallery

"There is more than one way to enjoy it" is a slogan of YAPC::ASIA 2014. This is also another way that you can enjoy my story from photo on My Photo Gallery

YAPC::EU 2015 from 2nd to 4th September

The YAPC::EU 2015 conference in Granada will officially begin on Wednesday Septermber 2nd and will end on Friday 4th.

We also encourage you to be in Granada by Tuesday September 1st: we will be having other interesting events to warm up before the conference. For instance, if you'd like to use the venue to organize a meeting, a hackathon or a workshop just drop us a line.

In any case, make sure you don't miss the pre-conference meeting on Tuesday evening.

Mojolicious: Do It For The Candy!

Most of my recent blog posts about Mojolicious have revolved around its non-blocking capabilities. I like to write about those because I think that it is those capabilities that can bring new eyes to Perl from other languages, much like Node.js brought eyes to server-side javascript (for the same reason). That said, lately I have had excuses to show off Mojolicious and when I have done so, it has been some of the other cool features that have garnered the “Ooooh”s and “Aaaah”s from onlookers.

In this article I will show you some of those extras, like accessing your generated pages and even app itself direcly from the command line. I will also show how testing can be easy, powerful, expressive and yet still readably beautiful.

A Newbie is Sent in YAPC::ASIA

As I'm an awardee from the Sand-A-Newbie program to attend YAPC::ASIA in Tokyo, Japan. This is my blog about what I have got so far and would like to share:

A Newbie is Sent in YAPC::ASIA

Hope you enjoy it ! :)

Second Swiss Perl Workshop - Perfect Location

This year, the Swiss Perl Workshop was held at the Flörli Olten, an old Town Villa turned into a meeting house. The atmosphere at this place was just incredible. The beautifully renovated rooms and an on site catering team gave the whole event the feel of a big happy family gathering. A big thank you to Matthias and Roman and Daniela and her kitchen team. I am already looking forward to next years edition.


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