My Second NYC Perl Hackathon experience

On May 2nd 2015, the Second NYC Perl Hackathon event took place and this time around it was a completely different experience from the First NYC Perl Hackathon that took place in 2013. In early February, Jim Keenan made a call for a Perl Hackathon venue space in the mailing list and Peter Martini from Bloomberg L.P. arranged a meeting to discuss the possibility of having Bloomberg L.P. host the event ( This is where my adventure started ). Jim Keenan reached out to me to assist him as a co-organizer ( and I excitedly said Yes ! ).

Veure: Arbitrary Mission Actions

This little baby makes me very happy:

That is a screenshot from the completion of a level 1 mission "Find Amaidoo's E-slate." The code was painful to integrate, but it makes things like the above simple to do.

Montage of Brian

Further to my last post about Brian McCauley, his wife Sam has a request for photos any of us may have taken over the years of Brian, so that she can used them to create a montage at his memorial.

If you have anything you'd like to submit, perhaps from a YAPC or other Perl event, please send them to the email address:

Please do not send photos to myself or Sam, as she is using this email address to enable her to sort through photos. This email address is being sent to friends and colleagues at SJA, so hopefully Sam will have quite a collection to choose from.

"Become a CPAN Author" at MiniConf in NYC, June 6

I'll be leading my "Become a CPAN Author in Three Hours" workshop on the morning of Saturday, June 6 at MiniConf in New York City. This is our replacement for the MojoConf.

Brian McCauley (1967-2015)

It is with great sadness that I pass on the news that Brian McCauley passed away yesterday morning.

How I Spent my 2015 Hackathon

The 2015 hackathon was a really fun event. I've posted a report on how it all happened for me .

Next stable DBD::SQLite to be released in mid June

DBD::SQLite 1.47_05 is a release candidate of the next stable DBD::SQLite. As always, please test it with your modules/applications and let me know if you find anything. If there's no blocker nor request to wait, I'll release 1.48 in the mid June, hopefully on 11th, the day after the YAPC::NA is over.

There'll be no big change in DBD::SQLite 1.48 itself, but a few notable changes that might affect you include:

  • Fixed optimization (-O2) was removed. This usually shouldn't matter, but if your perl is compiled with a different level of optimization, test carefully.
  • Now you can pass an extra bit (SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC) to create_function() and create_aggregate() for better performance.
  • $dbh->do($sql_without_bind_values) should also perform better.
  • DBD::SQLite::Constants is introduced to export a number of useful constants.

See Changes file in the distribution for other fixes and improvements.

Beta Features for Veure

There was positive response to my last entry about Veure, both on the post and in private email, so I'll keep posting.

Currently, we're pushing forward hard to try to get to the alpha release and get playtesters (let me know if you want in on it). Major things we need to finish to get there:

  • More missions and jobs (repeatable missions for lower rewards)
  • Auction Houses
  • Elite-style trading
  • More NPCs
  • More game balancing
  • Some legal stuff (expensive and time-consuming)

There's more we need, but those are the "big" items we need to finish. The content generation is some of the most time-consuming. Plus, I need to do a lot of work to make the mission system manageable for someone who isn't me. Right now it's complex (to put it mildly) and I'm adding a new feature to make it more flexible but which also increases complexity. If we can't have rich, compelling, missions, much of the game falls flat.

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