The Joy In What We Do by Sawyer X This is perhaps the best...

The Joy In What We Do by Sawyer X

This is perhaps the best speech I’ve ever heard about software development. Thank you Sawyer X.

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$4,000 grant approved

The Grants Committee approved and funded the grant proposal "Modern Object Oriented Programming in Perl" in the previous round.

This is our first time to fund a grant which exceeds $3,000 since we lifted the grant limit of $3,000 earlier this year.

I am pleased that we are now able to fund larger scale grants and help the Perl development. While we don't have unlimited budget, it is the right thing that appropriate amount of money is funded for good projects which will help the growth of Perl.

If you did not submit a grant proposal in the past just because $3,000 limit was too low, act now. The deadline of the next evaluation round is July 15th.

For choosing the grant amount, see "Improving the grant program (1) Grant Limit" too.

XS, Advanced XS Callback Patch For OCI, Part VIII Just a little 'c'

Just a quick one tonight's installment for my new chapter in XS Fun just looking at the next function from my patch.

Now just to continue on to the next logical step we will need a disable function as well so my patch is


++static void disable_ha( imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh) {

++  sword status;
++    ha_callback_t haevents;
++    haevents.function = NULL;
++    haevents.dbh_ref = NULL;
++    OCIAttrSet_log_stat(imp_dbh->envhp, (ub4) OCI_HTYPE_ENV,NULL ,(ub4)0,(ub4)OCI_ATTR_EVTCBK, imp_dbh->errhp, status);
++	OCIAttrSet_log_stat(imp_dbh->envhp, OCI_HTYPE_ENV,haevents,0,OCI_ATTR_EVTCTX, imp_dbh->errhp , status);

++    return;

static void disable_taf(
    imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh) {

so here we have a 'void' function, one that does not return anything, that simply cleans up some memory on the Oracle side of things as we are cleaning up our FAN callback basically by sending NULL over to Oracle for the values that we actully have not set up yet.

Procedural Quest Generation in Perl

Yes, it's another post about Veure (whose actual name we might finally have chosen, but that's another story), the MMORPG that I've been writing.

There are 117 stars in a 20 light year radius around Sol. There are 544 space stations and currently there are 3,080 rooms in those stations (and that number is growing). That means there's a lot of area, but how do I fill that area? There's a lot of work still left to be done, but I took a quick stab at implementing a procedural mission generator as described in this paper. Surprisingly, the core of the code only took about an hour to write.

Charlie Stross on the future of technology and Perl.

Charlie Stross on the future of technology and Perl.

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XS, Advanced XS Callback Patch For OCI, Part VII Back into 'C' and a little XS

Tonight's installment for my new chapter in XS Fun I am heading back to the 'c' land again looking at the function that actuality sets up the callback.

So now that we have a place to store of callback we can have another quick look at the 'dbd_db_STORE_attrib' function and this little addtion

    if (SvTRUE(valuesv)) {
        enable_ha(dbh, imp_dbh);
   else {

Making git bisect more useful

If you've ever used git bisect, you know what an incredibly useful tool this is. It allows you to do a binary search through commits to find out which commit caused a particular error. Many people seem unaware of git bisect run ... which automates this even further, but it has a limitation: it won't let you find a particular error, it detects success or failure, that's all. So I decided to do something about that.

A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

(With permission), I got this email from a former Phoenix.PM-er (my home PM):

I looked at Ruby on Rails, what a mess. I'm running the WordPress meetup group here in Jacksonville Florida...

I've been moving code into Mojolicious lately. Still trying to get used to the "new" ways of doing things.

You have one more "backer" - all the best on this. I can help with documentation at least, if you like.

I was right. I'm not the only Perler who uses WordPress or is responsible for site. In my case, I help with as part of my duties on the board of Tempe Bicycle Action Group.

Right now, there are 47 supporters and $1,840 pledged:

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