CPAN PR-Challenge: March Report #1

This month I was assigned Exobrain. My first problem is that I can not install install it at all because dependencies are failing. The first failing dependency was Data::Structure::Util.

Looking around in Testers Matrix I found that is was failing only on 5.20 or above. Then, looked up the failing test, and understood Perl changed the way undef are passed to subroutines as first argument. After reading the Perl Delta and discussing with Andy Armstrong (the module maintainer) about that, the test was removed (it was based on a bug or not standard behavior). I did not get a chance to create the PR as AndyA fixed the code and released a new version.

Nevertheless, when trying to find the problem, I noticed the XS code was giving a lot of warnings on recent GCC, so I went out and fixed them, preparing a PR available here:

Now waiting for Andy to release a new version.

What could a reddit bot do with feedback?

David Farrell is conducting some Reddit experiments with his Perly::Bot. Through the _perly_bot user, he automagically injects things into the Perl subreddit, making a bit more like a feed aggregator. But that's just a start.

I like reddit because it allows for casual feedback, either up or down (unlike Likes). Some of that information could feed back into the bot. If someone's entries in, for instance, are consistently disfavored, the bot could neglect to inject them. There's lot of interesting math and algorithms around this sort of thing. And, counter-gaming and counter-counter-gaming. I'm sure some of you reading this know how to do that stuff and would have fun adding those features.

Perl 6 for Mere Mortals - FOSDEM Video

My FOSDEM talk, Perl 6 for Mere Mortals, is now online:

You can see the rest of the Perl dev room videos here. Sadly, there were some technical problems, so a couple of videos have audio issues.

All of FOSDEM videos will eventually be here, but not all videos are ready yet.

Are you the one person left on the planet using a Palm Treo?

If you are, then I have two very important things to say to you.

First, why the hell haven't you upgraded to something - anything! - else?

Second, I just released updated versions of Palm::SMS, Palm::Treo680MessagesDB, and Palm::TreoPhoneCallDB. Now they should build with a vaguely modern perl toolchain (in the case of Palm::SMS) and will work with a modern version of Palm::PDB, which appears to have mysteriously travelled back in time and gone from version 1.29 in 2002 to version 1.016 today.

CPAN PR-Challenge: February Report

Given the lack of answers and/or comments from Ovid and the Community on my Pull Request on MooseX::Role::Strict, and given my lack of knowledge on Moose internals, I will declare the February assignment as finished.

Nevertheless, if meanwhile anybody comments on my Pull Request and suggest any change, I am happy to make the PR better.

PEG: Ambiguity, precision and confusion

In my lastest blog post , I talk about PEG, the popular parsing algorithm.

Wish list: SVG to PNG converter

I think once I used Image::LibRSVG to convert images created by SVG to PNG, but now it has 70% test fail rate and I could install it on Mac .

I wish someone saw it as a CPAN challenge, took overt the maintenance of the module and made it easy to install it.



Well it seems somehow I always have great luck (not sure if it is good or bad) when getting a new computer and then loading Mojolicious on it.

So twice before this has happened to me, I set it up with all my dev software, a few flavors of perl, Padre and so on. Then I add start to port over some of my web apps then I try to run them and sure enough Mojolicous gives me great grief.

It seems I have an uncanny knack to update or break in a new box just as a new n.0 version of Mojolicious comes out (this time it is 6.0, I might of actually been one of the first to download it). Well at least I am savvy enough not to update the Mojo on my production boxes as quickly, so there is no real loss money wise just some frustration.

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