YAPC::Europe 2014 Survey results are online

The YAPC::Europe 2014 survey results are now online.

If you'd like to read more about my follow-up, please see my blog entry.

Book Report - September 2014

As you may be aware, I'm writing a book which will eventually become a free e-book. (Oh how I'm beginning to hate the e- prefix on everything vaguely related to computers. Or should I call them e-machines?) This is my initial report on how I'm getting along.

CPAN Testers & pre-requisite reporting

Seeing as b.p.o won't let me comment on others' blog entries, I'm posting here.

This is in reply to brian's recent post about a trial version of Test::More.

Firstly. @preaction CPANTS != CPAN Testers. They are two very different projects.

Secondly, this is a conversation that has cropped up before, and I'm still in two minds about it. Short answer: I tend to side with brian. The tester platform shouldn't be doing any testing with the trial/development releases of pre-requisities, unless the tester is going to manually filter the results and send to the pre-requisite author if appropriate. I do understand Ether's perspective too, and there is merit in having these reports, but they more often target the wrong author.

What is the Perl community?

After my last rant about the p5 roadmap I wanted get technical again, but ... this last post about a link collection brought me back.:

A pre-release of Pod::Readme is available on CPAN

Last month, I mentioned that I was rewriting Pod::Readme.

Basically, this is a module that allows you to generate a useful README file from a module's POD, besides a simple "pod2text lib/MyModule.pm > README". You can add sections of POD that are only included in the README, like installation prerequisites, and exclude bits that don't belong in the README, like the details of every method.

A pre-release has just been uploaded to CPAN. A short summary of the changes:

  • It requires Perl v5.10 or newer, and uses Moose. (This will be rewritten to use Moo in a later release.)
  • Instead of using a full POD parser, it implements a simple POD filter and passes that POD to other modules to convert it to text or other formats.
  • It supports plugins. This version has plugins to include the module version, a requirements section, and the latest changes.
  • Support for generating README files as markdown, POD or other formats has been added.

Feedback would be appreciated, as are patches in the git repository.

Test::More has lots of crazy new development that's breaking my modules

I still wish we had a way to remove reports from CPAN Testers. The case of a broken Test::More is a really good reason for this.

I received many fail reports for Business::ISBN, which I've been working on lately. However, it's from a test I hadn't touched for things I wasn't working on.

The failure looked odd. I've never heard of Test::More::DeepCheck:

Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -1 at .../Test/More/DeepCheck.pm line 82.

Then I noticed that all of the fail reports reported the same development version of Test::More:


    Module               Need     Have        
    -------------------- -------- ------------
    ExtUtils::MakeMaker  0        6.99_14     
    Test::More           0.95     1.301001_045

There are a few other bad tests for things happening in v5.21, but for the most part I get the black eye on MetaCPAN or CPAN Search from the CPAN Testers using a bad version of Test::More. It happens. Schwern once said that he could break all of CPAN.


Event::Lib is a binding to a libevent library. Its development stalled for about 7 years. Module doesn't build with new Perls (at least >= 5.16), and has a lot of open tickets in a RT CPAN queue. Looks like maintainer of module Tassilo von Parseval is not available via email. I have module Net::IEC104 which rely on Event::Lib, so I'd like to make new release of Event::Lib with fixes for any currently known issues to keep my module installable and functional. I'm making this post asking for permission.

Support the "Fund for Act development"

I just announced that the patch -p2 hackathon in Lyon will have a special focus on Act. To support the people hacking on Act and willing to attend this and other future Act hackathons, the French Perl Mongers have decided to setup an Act fund.

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