Dist::Zilla Tempate

It is still POD day here at the Dist-Pen

I spent the day trying to get a little deeper into POD::Weaver to understand how it works rather than just aping the three lines I have seen in the odd tutorial or should I say tuturial-ette;


[-Transformer / List]
transformer = List

The fist thing to know about POD::Weaver is if you want to use it any deeper than the above then don't bother going to its home-page on CPAN there is not much there to get…

Dist::Zilla and Weaver. Play Nice!

Small problem solving day here in the Dist-Pen.

Just a quick post-ette today to resolve the problem I was having in my last post, where I was trying to get [PodWeaver] to work with 'Pod::Elemental::Transformer'.

I was trying to get this;

=head1 Table Of Contents
=for :list
* Database::Accessor::Tutorial::Gettin…

He's Back!!!

Just when you think the Dist::Zilla is gone, I am going to go back to the Dist-Pen for the next few posts.

I could just spend the next thirty posts or so writing up a new POD each day and posting the results here. I wouldn't learn anything though, I alreay know how to write POD, and I am sure I would loose any readers I might of gained over the last few weeks. So I think I will spare us that and instead re-visit Dist-Zilla today.

I am going to re-vist how I am using [PodWeaver] plugin, as I am facing so…

No Dist::Zilla

I guess it is the POD-pen now.

The third POD post in as many days and really noting to do with Dist::Zilla so I guess I will have to find some other pictures to post.

After yesterday's post I took some time and had a look at a large number of different CPAN modules to get some ideas on the contents and style of my Accessor POD.

One thing that I have seem many modules do is break their documentation into separate PODs, under the names-pace and I will do that with Accessor as well.

I am going to keep some things in the Accessor.pm proper as it is good to have s…

Dist::Zilla Goes to SKULE

Another boring day in the POD-pen

I am getting sick of writing up PO of well necessary evil I guess at least my post will be sort for the next few days.

Today I managed to get my methods and attributes all written up but that left me with a layout dilemma that I have to solve. Should I go with the very traditional POD alphabetical grouping like this

  • Methods
    • add_condition
    • add_element
    • add_filter
    • add_gather
    • add_link
    • add_sort
    • create
    • delete
    • new…