Dist::Zilla Set B Scene 169 Take 2A

Today in the Dist-Pen I am going to try and get all my version numbers in a row.

Doing some more investigation on how Dist::Zilla will solve another of my distro pains and that is Versioning of my package. I did learn a lesson on version some years again when I though I was doing someone a favor I did a quickie release of DBD::Oracle where the release tar ball didn't match up with the release name.

Go a whole bunch of heat over that breaking a few things that other people where doing. I guess going from 1.23 to 1.24a…

Dist::Zilla Check License

Just a quickie post here at the Dist-Pen today!

One thing that has been pointed out to me in the past it that I neglected to includ a license file on some of my CPAN distros. I have even forgotten to include a copyright notice, not a mistake one should really be making.

Dist::Zilla already has a rule that compels me to add in a license, as we saw that in this post and I think with only a few quick changes to my '.ini' file I will be able to get the license file in there as well.

In my '.i…

'Dist::Zilla' A Bath for Your Distro

So today in the Dist-pen I am going to add in a few more plugins into my Dist::Zilla just to see how bad my Kwalitee is.

One of the things that has always caused me problems when creating a perl module distribution are the 'required' modules that sometimes may be unknowingly buried in the code or just forgotten when the distro was created. My Database::Accessor package has a large number of required mods so I will have to be careful when creating my Dirstro

Just of the top of my head I have some ten or eleven in the Data::Accessor class and then there are my test cases where t…

Mmm! Dist::Zilla Tea

Well today in the Dist-Pen I am going to get a little deeper into the basic plugins of Dist::Zilla.

I left off in my last post with Dist::Zilla I needed to add in an 'Abstract' to my dist.ini file and this I did ad first a pod entry

=Abstract: CRUD Interface for any DB
Unfortunately Dist::Zilla didn't like that so I should just did what it said first and add this into my Accessor.pm

    package Database::Accessor;
# ABSTRACT: CRUD Interface for any DB and

No Such thing as Moose-Zilla!

So the dilemma today is to decide what to call my next series I guess Dist-Pen would be an apt name and now to come up with some catchy titles and imags.

I spent a good little while looking at the fancy new (at least to me) distribution helpers out there and I have made a decision on which one I am going to use with accessor.

Well I have already abused 'ExtUtils::MakeMaker ' over the years so I will not lear much from playing with that one.

As for Module::Build I did play with that for a bit because it is Pure Perl and I have a Windows box but it did not play out the …