Late Night Moose

In today's Moose-pen we are going to have a look on one of the first my compound Database::Accessor classes 'Database::Accessor::Condition'. By compound I simply mean a class that holds other classes.

The Condition class is just as it sounds a class to add a logical condition to an Accessor. In SQL it would be a 'where' clause and Mongo some of the 'Aggregate' clauses. So basically this is a class that holds a number of 'Predicate' classes. So all I need to add is;

has predicates => (
is => 'rw',
isa …

More Than One?

Well today in the Moose-pen I am going to have a look at my Database::Accessor::Parm. Now this is one of the more use full of my classes, This is the one that is used to supply data to a DB query. So in DBI you may have something like this
sub some_sql{
my ($in) = @_;
my $sql = 'SELECT * FROM person where'
my $sth -= $dbh->prepare($sql);
my $person = $sth->execute($in);

The '?' is replaced with the '4' in the execute. Now in my model that '4' wo…

The Moose Collective

Well in my last post I added a few new attributes to my Database::Accessor::Element class and when playing about bout today I think I will have to revisit one of them 'aggregate'.

If I just leave it as it is

has 'aggregate' => (
is => 'rw',
isa => 'Str',

It will begin to break-down my API as a programmer could come along and enter a very specific Mongo item such as 'mergeObjects' or something odd from an SQL DB like 'DENSERANK' and that makes for a very inconstant API.…

A Few Moose Never Hurt

So continuing on with the attribute fun today in the Moose-pen I am going to have a look at my 'Element' Database::Accessor class. So far like View there is not much to it only 'alias' and 'name'

Now putting my fore-ward looking Moose glasses you can see that I am going to need some more attributes. Well in SQL this class is being used as a field so I will need at least a 'table name' but then again I do not have a table in Classes so I guess I need a 'View' object now I could do this.

has 'view' => (
is => 'rw',

Cool Moose

In yesterday's Moose-pen I hinted that I would be getting all my test in order. Well I did that and checked them in but there really was not that much to report on. Just a lot of repetitive code. I suppose I could write one test case to check all of my Database::Accessor classes using some simpler iteration over a list but I really like having a separate test case for all my classes as there really is only a small part that is common between them, so onto something different today.