Paging for Fun and Profit

Paging PAWS for fun an profit

Egad have been away for a while, it is not due to laziness on my part, I really have been stuck on a Paws problem over the past month+, add to that dozens of inside and out sided projects that I need to get done around the house time has just not been there.

At least I have finally cracked it.

I really went down a rabbit hole for this one and spend way too many hours trying to figure out how to test 'Paws Pagination' end to end.

In my last post I started out with a new test suite '30_pagination.t' and a few test YAMLs. …

Back to Paws

It has been a little while since I played with my little PAWS and yes like many of us these days I have been just a little distracted, trip planned, trip changed, trip canceled etc etc etc.

Anyway to recap where I left off I was just getting the 'SubscribeToShard' action to work with a HTTP stream to work, after a fashion anyway. Then I got side tracked a little playing about with the problem of testing if the stream was correctly sending data down the pipe and if I was decoding it correctly.

As a byproduct of getting to the bottom of that I finally figured out what the PAWS …

No Paws in this post (well maybe a litte)

Well back to the PAWs game again. This is one group of actions that has really got me distracted.

In my last post I manged to get 'SubscribeToShard' to work with my stream decoder though it is really just beta code for now. What first go me distracted was reading along in the Amazon doc I saw a bit about streaming an audio file.

Well the last time I worked on this sort of stream was in the dieing days of the last century??

This got me thinking and I went downstairs and dusted off my good old 2201 and fired it up thi…

PAWS Almost

I think in my last post I said this is going to be a very short series well I think I am wrong on that count.

When I last posted on the Kinesis 'SubscribeToShard' action I discovered that it is returning a 'application/' and that lead me down a very deep rabbit hole that got me well sidetracked.

Well to start out I had to figure out what AWS was returning when it was sending 'vnd.amason.eventstream' I eventually found that here Event Stream Encoding

Egad not more PAWs posts :(

Well back on my PAWS run again. This one might be a rather short series as I am really just looking at one Action in the Kinesis API 'SubscribeToShard'. There is an open bug for this one up on github and one I think I can fix up fairly eaisy.

First things first, a little word on Kinesis. Well in short it touted as a very scalable real time data-stream thingy that sings dances and basically makes you line much better. Myself I do not havea use for it but it is part of the system and there is a bug so in I go.

I first had to set…