Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap VI

Last one I promis in the Dist-Pen

The go of my Dist::Zilla~Pod::Weaver round up.

Dist::Zilla Gets More Legal

Went back to law school in this post. Has a look at three section plugs ins [Legal::Complicated], [Legal::Supplemented] and

Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap V

Well another ten to do. Getting close to the end! This is the spot where I start my series of going over most of the available Section plugins.

Dist::Zilla Ready and Available

The first post of many looking at the various section plug-ins that are left over. The [Avaliability] plug-in is one works closely with Dist::Zilla and I also le…

Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap IV

Well still a few more of these in the Dist-Pen

Time to nock off another ten posts!

Dist::Zilla Tempate

In this post I decided to dig deeper into the Pod::Weaver template well really I just explain that the 'weaver.ini' file is the template/

Dist::Zilla On Style
This post I go a little deeper into the varios differnt template bundles out that and show the template works a in a little more depth…

Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap III

Another less than insipred day here at the Dist-Pen.

Well ten more posts to look at.

Dist::Zilla Plan
In this post I sat down with my Database::Accessor code base and ran it though dzil test to make sure it was all working.

Very Little Dist::Zilla
Well went off on a tangent with this post. I had problems with this test case ="h…

Dist::Zilla Its a Wrap II

Well it not a very creative day today in the old Dist-pen

So careering on from my las post here it the next bunch of posts to do with Dist-Zilla.

Dist::Zilla Takes Instructions

Another chore post this time creating the README file.

Dist::Zilla VCS Opps!
In this post I had a go at linking up my distribution to my VCS which in this case was GitHub. Though I am quite sure I did things…