Beans Anyone?

Well not really.

Any of us pre-web people might remember a nifty new language called Java that made a splash on the world just as the web was beginning.

The time I first started with JavaBeans there where a set of I think about 75 encapsulated GUI objects in a 'jar' file, get it 'a jar of beans' or at least that is what the myth is*.

Anyway one was suppose to use these beans to assemble you GUI program, and this was to lead to all sorts of time saving as you could just re-use componetes for all sorts of projects. I think in my about 7 years programming with Java I n…

SWP Day Two

Well a little less busy today just a few talks and mine own and then a little Perl6 playtime.

Maxim Vuets (‎mvuets‎) gave an interesting talk on that terrible Canadian invention of toki pona. Some-how Max managed to get Perl to work at parsing that language and it gives a whole new meaning to the Practical part of the P in Perl.

Next Dave and I where up with our introduction to Replay which was well received and we had a …

SWP Day One

Well after being all Perl6ed out the day before I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed for this year's Swiss Perl Work Shop

The first talk today was by Dr. Tara Andrews (‎aurum‎) a most entertaining speaker who can some-how mix arcane Byzantine~Armenian history, the battle between the Epistemology of the Inexact and Exact Sciences, digital rot and open source Perl projects and still…

My First Perl6 (Part the First)

Well since I was in Olten anyway for the SWP I might as well take in the Perl6 workshop. I initialy signed up to do some install testing on windows 64 which according to the many rumors I have herd it would be a nightmare wrapped up in a nice bow.

So after arriving a little later than expected and seeing the good old familiar faces I grabbed a seat and began to play.

The first stop was getting started page on and within a few mins…

Perl Zombie Ate My Brain


Well something like t…