Announcing Mojolicious::Command::generate::routes_restsful and Mojolicious::Command::generate::routes_restsful_just_routes

Get everything you need from just a hash

My recent release of Mojolicious::Plugin::Routes::Restful inspired my to go a little beyond and create code that generates code.

I have never been a big fan of this getting something from nothing idea


Little Bugs

Sometimes littlest bugs can really get on your nerves


Announcing Mojolicious::Plugin::Routes::Restful

Have Hash Get Routes

One of my long standing mental code blocks has been trying to get me little brain to understand what a 'Route' is. This really came to a head when I first started to use Mojolicous in a big way.


Long Story Short

Not a tech blog today more just a store on design and development. So here goes.

Once upon a time not too long ago and not very far away I was happily working working away when the dreaded battle started between 'The Design' and the 'The Process' types.

Well the end of this was that neither side won their little war and as the big hats came in an 'solved' the team problems by a compromise which left both sides unhappy and shall we say not on speaking terms.

So on the process side the great and glorious 'Scrum' process was adopted (btw not the choice of the Process …

Beans Anyone?

Well not really.

Any of us pre-web people might remember a nifty new language called Java that made a splash on the world just as the web was beginning.

The time I first started with JavaBeans there where a set of I think about 75 encapsulated GUI objects in a 'jar' file, get it 'a jar of beans' or at least that is what the myth is*.

Anyway one was suppose to use these beans to assemble you GUI program, and this was to lead to all sorts of time saving as you could just re-use componetes for all sorts of projects. I think in my about 7 years programming with Java I n…