Moose Test All Again??

Its test post-ette day again here in the Moose-Pen

I guess I am following a very predictable pattern The weekend is here and I just do a post on test results. Well why spoil a good thing?

Since my last test round I have changed a good number of things about but I am fairly sure that Database::Accessor is in good shape though I am not looking forward to see what sort of state Driver ::DBI is in.

As I suspected there was only very minor problems with Database::Accessor;

Looks like you planned 2 tests but ran 6.

Moose Coerce Case

Still case day here in the Moose-Pen

Following on from yesterday's post I first want to make a little changes to my 'Case' class; I think it will be better to have this

--has 'case' => (
++has 'whens' => (
isa => 'ArrayRefofWhens',
is => 'ro',
required => 1,

and that jibes a little better with the type that I am using. I will of course have …

The Moose When

It is another head case day here in the Moose Pen.

So yesterday I left you hanging on how I was going to incorporate the 'case' statement into Database::Accessor hopefully today I will find some solution for it.

To start off my attempts to use the present class structure ended in failure and from my analysys of the problem I have one of two choices.

  1. Add in new attributes

  2. Add in a new class

The main disadvantage of the first solution is I will have a number of attributes that will be useless 99.99% of the time. The …

The Moose Case

Its get off my case day here in the Moose-Pen

Well I am getting close to running out of things to add into Driver ::DBI as I have all the operators covered, functions, expressions, elements, etc etc so I do see and end in sight maybe I won't get a year of blog posts in after all??

Today I am going to try and tackle on of the much abused SQL commands the 'CASE' statement. The question is where to test this one as it can appear anywhere a predicate can so in a 'sort/order by', 'element/field', even a 'link/join'. I was thinking the best spot for it would be back in 32_where_ope…

Validated Moose Collective

Its little validation day here in the Moose-Pen

Since I didn't put any new code in yesterday just take out I figure I might as well do that little validation I talked about in my last post namely you can only have one aggregate function inside another aggregate. As usual I start with a test;

caption => 'Can not have a an aggregate in an aggregate',
type => 'exception',
key => 'elements',
elements => [
function => 'count'…

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