Well it seems somehow I always have great…

20 years and counting

So myself and I think most of the Perl world missed an important date on October 12th

Well that day marked the first release of DBI to CPAN.

It is hard to judge how much an impact this hunk of code has had on dare I say it the world. IMHO it was the first killer app for the web and still with us today being actively developed and improved on and has kept its place just quietly sitting in the background doing its job.

If I sit back and think of 20 years ago I had just upgraded to a 12k mode…

Day Two At the Swiss PErl Workshop

Well another pleasant day here in Olten and we started off with a talk by Laurent Dami about a project he has been working on for the Swiss courts system that allows admins access to CRUD a database that should not really ever be changed. ‎The key tto with was a mod called App::AutoCRUD‎ that allows the admins to see and manipulate data via a simple web interface that allows the specialized grouping and sorting required by the data and allows single and bulk operations. I(f you want to see a simple and elegant design that uses Plack and an ORM that isn't DBIx::Class it is well worth…

Day One At the Swiss Perl Workshop

Well we started out today with a key-note (if a workshop has a keynote??) talk by Brian d Foy, you can see the slides here, and from the first few you will think it is just a blurb on regexs etc but fortunately Brian quickly left that rather overdone (and in my case dreaded) subject on how we can build up the Perl community. What it breaks down to is that you will never gain any notoriety out there re-doing what was already done you have to take on something that is either 'Boring', 'Tedious', or 'Hard' and hopefully stick with it until it is done.

The Talk as a whole was interesti…

XS, Advanced XS Callback Patch For OCI, Part IX A little review

Well just another quick installment for my new chapter in XS Fun This time I am just going to review what we have gone over so far before we dive into the real fun stuff.

Now we are more than half way there at least in code changes and we have covered allot of varies subjects from general 'c' programming the very specific OCI programming and a little XS sprinkled about.

So I have shown you how to get your callback into and out of DBD::Oracle with the dbd_db_STORE_attrib and…