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some thoughts about Pearls

While preparing some major technical stuff not yet released, here some more philosophical items. Last time i was comparing Larry with Al Yankovic. A funny thing with some mostly well known insights. so lets go even deeper. What's a Pearl really?

Like many Perl scripts also Pearls start with a pain. A mussel gets a stone or something else painfull into his shell and has to deal with it and something shiny takes birth out of it. Perl is also more focussed to solve practical problems t…

What Weird Al and Larry have in common

Both can be funny with words come from LA and and wear sometime a moustache and wild coloured shirts. But this is a Perl blog and not about trivia right?

Both believe life should be fun and are not afraid if people lough about them. But to go deeper than that, to actually manufacture something like "white and nerdy" you need to know a lot about rap have a feel for rythm and know enough about "neird culture" to be funny. to be funny you need a feeling what people expect and how they there emotional reaction will be.

Thats where we slowly get to a difference between them. Al hel…

Kephra 0.4.4 and release cycles

In the next days, Kephra 0.4.4 will arrive.

Back on the track for Perl 6

Yes, Dave Vaux, one of the british daves helps me translating my perl 6 tutorial and I'm writing here and there new lines into it. More important I'm reading synopses again. Im chatting with the Perl 6 crew again. What a great feeling, even jnthn is currently traveling. But I'm doing it more focussed then earlier. And when I learn something it gets immediately into stuff i write for the wiki, talks, slides. And to all of you who also stay at perl booths, I will try deliver them also in english. At least in a…

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