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First Grant Report: Perl 6 Tablets

Not that I was too lazy but my time was very compartmentalized. So i just start slowly and since I don't get bucks til its done, you don't have to worry anyway. I just completed Tablet 2. Its a nice and dense overview what Perl 6 is about and whith which mindset Larry is designing Perl 6. (already got very positive feedback from #perl6 people).

On other hand It's small and not part of the official grant, but it belongs to the overall concept of the Perl 6 T…

The Pearl Metaphor

After "What Weird Al and Larry have in common" and "some thoughts about Pearls" comes here the showdown of our little trilogy about the meaning of the name of our favorite language.

Some people asked me, why I don't use more words to explain some terms like binah and give more links. I try to do it this time a bit more. Some Jews may even say thats not good to talk about such things at all in…

Kephra 0.4.4 on the verge

I fixed some nasty bugs lately and get these days ready for the next testrelease. Im happy that this release brings also some new features. And I don't mean new for Kephra, but literally unknown to many editors. and in this episode I will highlight just 2 of them.

I already mentioned, that if you select a text by holding the left mouse button and while its still pressed you push the right too, the text gets deleted (opposite of acme). Now i just seperate the direction you selected it. If its from left to right, its cuts, meaning remember in the clipboard. if you do it backwards, its …

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