The Pearl Metaphor

After "What Weird Al and Larry have in common" and "some thoughts about Pearls" comes here the showdown of our little trilogy about the meaning of the name of our favorite language.

Some people asked me, why I don't use more words to explain some terms like binah and give more links. I try to do it this time a bit more. Some Jews may even say thats not good to talk about such things at all in the open, but i prefer to orient myself on the baal shem tov who said otherwise. to some this may be completely of the top, but on other hand you not might get so easily to that kind of information. :)

Binah which I associated in the last part with a pearl and one ending of the camel path (lurianic version) was called in ancient greek time chronos. The fierce father of Zeus fom which comes the word for time. He apparently merciless (tried to eat all his children) gives and takes when he feel appropriate. In medieval texts saturn (the latin name for the same deity) is descibed that way. And some of todays new agers believe that in the spiriatual realm of saturn live souls who decide when is what necessary to happen in that solar system. Simliar to the angels of the latter days who look deep into the souls and have to decide which soul progresses in the "upper" realms.

So when looking into the christian bibel we find also this all or nothing situation in the lines where camel or pearls appear. In that infamous quote, from which the name Perl is derived(Mt 13-46), immanuel (jesus) speaks about a merchant who sells everything he has to get this precious pearl. and in a similar passage (luke 18-22) jesus says: to get eternal life sell all you have and follow me. After the listener got sad, he continues in 18-25 with the also famous camel verse: its easier for camel get trough a needles eye then a richt gets into heaven. Of course this refers to the town gates called needles eye where camels can get through (if they take off their bagage).

So we see that on the one side perl is very friendly to one person, as he can continue his style. But on the other side the perl philosophy demands lot of depth and commitment (nearly as in selll everything and follow me :) ) to be fully understood and handled properly, knowing the consequences of each action you theoretically could choose. Because chronos will mercyless show you some day later of what nature this decision really was.


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We have to take a quote from the book with a literary element, mine was:

“’Pearl punishes me too! See ye not, she is the scarlet letter, only capable of being loved, and so endowing with a million-fold the power of retribution for my sin?’”

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