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ATGR (another tiny grant report)

I almost could repeat the last post, But in an effort not to be boring: here are the exciting parts. I turned over to do something almost daily. Sometimes not much, but it turned out that i discover this way some dark dark corners of the spec and the tablets as well that really need some attention. And its so much fun to come up with keywords in the #perl 6 channel present people never heard of.

Much work went further into the details. I standardize almost everything not only that th…

YACGR (yet another creepy grant report)

I mean creepy in the sense that results slowly creeping in. People who follow my tweets know that 2 smaller milestones are achieved: predefined subrules and regex quantifier are now all in place (in Index A and B). This was of course a byproduct of my upcoming Perl 6 Regex and Grammar talk.


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