MongoDB wants Perl programmers

If you love Perl and are interested in MongoDB, we want to hire you. Feel free to drop me a line at if you're interested, or take a look at the official posting here. The full job description is below.

Floating Points Podcast: Perl and MongoDB

I had the opportunity to sit down with some of the folks at Huffington Post to talk a little bit about Perl and MongoDB and my work as an engineer slash evangelist for the MongoDB community. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the experience immensely. You can listen to the podcast below or check out prior episodes at the Floating Points page.

What's the difference between arrays and lists?

One of the most common sources of confusion for new Perl programmers is the difference between arrays and lists. Although they sometimes look similar, they are very different things, and many bugs and misunderstandings are caused by not having a full understanding of the differences. Even experienced Perl programmers sometimes think arrays and lists are the same, but they are quite different in several important ways.

Read more at my blog: Arrays vs. Lists in Perl: What's the Difference?

I'd also love to hear…

Building Your First App with MongoDB and Perl at MongoDB Boston

I'll be speaking on October 24th at MongoDB Boston 2012, taking place at the lovely Marriot Courtyard Tremont/Downtown.

This talk introduces the features of MongoDB by demonstrating…

MongoDB drops support for Perl 5.8.

One of my many rules of software engineering, born of more than a decade seeing things done the Wrong Way, is that serialization must occur only at the extreme edges of your program. At all other points you should, if possible, deal only with structured data. The lack of it in one crucial area of the Perl MongoDB driver is what made support for Perl 5.8 no longer possible.

Read more about my rationale for this change at my blog here: Structured Data and the Road to Obsolescence.