Segfault Fixing for Dummies

Today i tried to rebase my dev branch of on the latest changes and found that a segfault in OpenGL::Array was assumed to be fixed, despite still being alive and well. With nothing (haha) better to do i decided to poke at it and see if i could fix it. I foregrounded #xs on in my IRC client and set to work. My first stumbling block came surprisingly soon:

How to print debug messages in XS?

Since i can't just step through XS in the perl debugger, i had to debug via printing to the command line. However the XS in seems to swallow all output to ST…

How to compile DBD::mysql on Windows

Putting this down here both for the public and for myself as a reminder.

I still run ActivePerl v12, both because our production servers are at that version and because i see a lot of windows users at that version and lower. I use CPAN a lot and do tend to find obscure issues that break modules on v12 or cause incompatibilities.

However there's a fairly big stone in the way when going that path, since ActiveState has followed their rolling lockdown policy and with the release of Pumpkin Perl v18 locked the PPM servers for v12 (and below) to the public, leaving them only access…

Do your piece to fix TIOBE or stop talking about it

Many people talk about TIOBE and how it's bad, or irrelevant, or broken, or many other vague descriptors of why it should be ignored.

All people talking about TIOBE miss one crucial point: It is software, it has an algorithm, and it is not "bad", it is buggy. That means it can be fixed.

So either fix it, or stop talking about it.

Here's why you can fix it

The TIOBE algorithm is to search for "[language] programming" on a number of search engines, then apply a weight to the resulting count, b…

How many ways to start a process do you know?

Note: The titular question applies only to different ways in Perl.

I am planning to write a small guide/comparison of the different ways to start a process in Perl and while thinking about all the ways i do know, became certain that:

1. my knowledge about the ways i know is not complete
2. there will be ways i do not even know about

Thus i am turning to the Perl community for help. Please tell me what ways you know to start a process in Perl and all of the permutations it can go through. :)

How the YAPC::NA videos got on Youtube

In my previous post oalders (of Metacpan) asked me about how working on Windows influenced the process and in answering him i got a bit more wordy, so here's another post:

Video is a bit easier on Windows because, even if many of those are very amateur, it has a wider spread of tools available. However, that said, i still needed a bunch of linux tools (that i could luckily run on windows).

First issue was to free the stream from the Silverlight playe…