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  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Welcome to Perl Node Interface

    Very nice and I think I'd like to include this in the next "Padre on Strawberry" distribution.

    The main issue I have is that I have a very strong preference of installing it directly from CPAN.
    I installed both PNI and PNI::Core from CPAN on Win 7 but it did not see any executable to launch it. It also did not specify Tk as a prerequisite and I thought you mentioned that.

    Is there a script to launch the application I missed? If not, any chance including one?

  • BooK commented on Of course you can `requires` attributes!

    Sorry for replying a few month later, but your code example gives an error:

    perl -e '
        package MyRole {
            use Moo::Role;
            requires "my_attr";

    package MyClass {
    use Moo;
    with "MyRole";

    sub my_attr;
    has my_attr => ( is => "ro" );
    You cannot overwrite a locally defined method (my_attr) with a reader at /usr/share/perl5/Method/Generate/ line 30.

    The only way I've found to avoid this without putting the with at end is th…

  • Makoto Nozaki commented on Bounty for fixing CPAN modules

    As a start, I have made a list of ideas I gathered and also added a link to BountySource. Feedback will be welcomed!

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