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  • Salvador Fandiño commented on Smoke testing on Windows

    AFAIK, Net::SFTP::Foreign, Net::SSH2 and Net::SSH::Any work on Windows.

  • Aristotle commented on The Math::BigRat Trap

    That would make the problem go away. But it would do so by foisting Math::BigRat on everyone who installs Math::BigInt::GMP, whether they need BigRat or not.

  • martin commented on The Math::BigRat Trap

    Other ideas for coping with the problem:

  • Upgrade Math::BigInt & Math::BigRat in the core. This has already been done in perl v5.25.3.
  • Drop Math::BigRat from the core. If you have to fetch it from CPAN, you'll get a recent release.
  • Persuade Peter to revert the incompatible changes. After all, they haven't reached stable perl yet.
  • Make Math::BigInt check for and warn about known outdated reverse dependencies on installation.
  • Change Math::BigInt further to make old Math::BigRat versions noisily crash rather than silently give wrong results. …
  • pjacklam commented on The Math::BigRat Trap

    I haven't seen this blog post before now. As the maintainer of these modules, it would have been nice to know about the issues you mention.

    The distributions are a maintenance nightmare. I assume the original author did the best he could, but the quasi object oriented design is fundamentally broken. The problems caused by the broken design were "fixed" by creating shortcuts which made the modules into a mess of spaghetti code.

    In addition, it has been difficult to understand how the modules are supposed to behave. In many cases, the documentation (POD) says one thing, the com…

  • Dean commented on An objective criteria for deprecating community platforms Subscribe to feed Responses to Comments from Mike B

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