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  • Peter Edwards commented on The Future of Perl 5

    +1 to OO classes and optional type checking in core. It would save time, effort and errors, and give more standardised, readable code (while still letting you TIMTOWTDI)

  • Erez Schatz commented on The Future of Perl 5

    I gave it much thought before, mostly when I wondered why did so much effort was given to something like "postfix dereferencing" that is nothing more than syntactic sugar (or, to my taste, syntactic salt) rather than a proper object system, Class::MOP or otherwise.

    In other words, since the perl5porters is a small, focused team of volunteers …

  • Duncan White commented on The Future of Perl 5

    Hi Ovid, your LRU example is indeed lovely syntax, I'd certainly use it - and I'm not a Moose user, I like the original bless-based Perl 5 object system. For my own amusement, I wrote a bless-based version. It's shorter than your original Moose version, although of course I had to write a new function which Moose does for you.

    But is anyone likely to implement "class" syntax in Perl 5 anytime soon? If not, it's just a pipe dream, isn't it?

    Finally, I note that the "method" syntax is already available in Perl 5 via either Method::Signatures or (my preference) Function::Para…

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on I start to write Mojolicious Startup

    Oh, this way is very good!

    I use this way for my Japanese Web Site.

  • Aristotle commented on Mojocast #4: Stash, Flash, and Sessions

    This entry was posted in 2011. As early as 2013 the site was redirecting to some post on Google Plus (remember that thing?) which has since been lost, and unsurprisingly the domain was for sale half a year later. I was going to say that your chances of finding any remnants of the content look less than promising.

    To my astonishment, doing the minimum-effort thing of googling for [mojocast perl] does turn up an collection containing a sparse few of its episodes:…

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