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  • Toby Inkster commented on Exploring Type::Tiny Part 1: Using Type::Params for Validating Function Parameters

    There is actually an underscore in all the examples. The combination of the font and line height makes the underscore invisible though. If you copy and paste the examples, you'll see it's there.

  • Systemz commented on Machine learning in Perl: Kyuubi goes to a (Model)Zoo during The Starry Night.

    I am in the process of learning ML and was reluctantly learning python even though we are big perl users. I have just come across this blog and its really made my day. Going to give this library a go!

    Thank you for your selfless work


  • Alexander commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    What about extended identifiers per se, e.g. identifiers of the form “ordinary_identifier:key”? Should such identifiers be considered to contain an actual “colon pair”? Or is it better to refer to such an identifier as merely comprising, for instance, a “colon-separated string”, or perhaps a “colon-separated string adhering to colon pair syntax”?

    The question came up while revising the Perl6 documentation on identifiers, and there is uncertainty about whether or not the “colon pair” is a syntactic construct that plays an actual role in the formation of identifiers…

  • Alexander commented on Perl 6 Colonpairoscopy

    That should be: identifiers of the form ordinary_identifier:key<value>?

  • tinmarino commented on Machine learning in Perl: Kyuubi goes to a (Model)Zoo during The Starry Night.

    You made a wonderfull work Sergey !!

    I followed your tutorial, everything compiles, works super easy. Time for me to discover the API, make some slides, graph, images ...

    Currently, I am not trained enought to make pull request in github. But I'll try to correct some errors when they appears.

    This is contributing to AI diversity. I'd like to imitate you (softly), making a GEcode (constraint programming) wrapper. But I am scared of the overabundance of C++ templat…

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