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  • mrallen1#63580 commented on Make Your Live Demo Flawless!

    Damian Conway demo'd IO::Prompter with this functionality at OSCON a few years ago:

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on German Perl Workshop 2014 - Talks available on YouTube - T+25 days and exist to centralize such videos. It would be helpful to add the videos (or the links) on those sites too.

  • bigfoot commented on tmux musings

    Thanks, that looks very interesting.

  • Buddy Burden commented on The Joy in What We Run

    > For my Statocles project, I was planning on bundling the entire pure-Perl dependency chain into the user's repository, but what you've described is a much better option, especially if it can be made to work on Windows.

    Yeah, working on Windows is a bit more challenging. On Unixoid varieties, you can count on having bash and at least some flavor of Perl, even if ancient, and you can do quite a lot with just those two. With Windows you can't count on much, so you're pretty much forced to compile something executable. Which is a bit more work than I was personally hoping to do. :-…

  • Buddy Burden commented on The Joy in What We Run
    The Pinto installer is conceptually similar to your bash script. It doesn't build a perl for you, but it does bootstrap itself with cpanm and locally install Pinto and all dependencies from a stable repository on

    Two things there:

    1) Maybe I should make building the separate Perl optional. It does take forever, even with the tests turned off. And that's a pretty big downside for adoption of your app. But there's just so many glitchy little things with not knowing what version of Perl is running your app. You have language features that you …

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