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  • Posted Tau Station considered Dangerous: Game Review to enkidu

    I thought I’d try out Tau Station for a couple of days and get a quick blog post out of it. That was three months and 11 levels ago. It took 2 months to wind down my obsessive nature and if not for Tau, I could have pushed a couple of new module versions to CPAN by now. That’s rather the…

  • Commented on Let's be friend ...
    As for your comments about PWC taking over Perl Weekly, I'm one of those that hasn't had the time to follow it, so I don't read the posts. I also don't do the crossword in the newspaper, but they still...
  • Posted Perl is dead ... when I'm dead! to enkidu

    Too fanboy/girl-ish, perhaps?

    Yes, I'm well on-trend, by a couple of months. As you see, lockdown has made a hot mess of my blogging schedule. I count myself very fortunate that is the worst effect it's had on me, alongside the gaining of some mass.


  • Posted Lucky Number Per7 to enkidu

    I swear it was Perl 5 just a moment ago. I turned my back for all of 5 minutes ...

    I don't need the new features, but I don't like boilerplate and I'm happy to accommodate those who seek progress. Harking back to lessons from the past, SysAdmins of a certain age may remember the…

  • Commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book
    I entirely agree. Content is key and the more I dig through the documentation, the more I see there is to write about. The "loads of free time" quip was tongue-in-cheek. Other than a lottery win, the one way I...
  • Commented on Comparing coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spike protein sequences with BioPerl
    Nice post!...
  • Posted Enter the Matrix ... with PDL to enkidu

    We interrupt this k-Means broadcast to bring you an important Perl kind - darn those overloaded terms!)

    The Assignment


  • Commented on &nbsp; k-Means<br>k-Means-er
    I've tried to use k-means before and came off the worse, so you could see this as Rocky II. This time I'm going the distance! I think Dave Cross suggested to me that an e-book could be like a short...
  • Posted &nbsp; k-Means<br>k-Means-er to enkidu

    As we take another lap around the k-Means race trace, are still neck and neck. This time we'll try a straight-forward normalisation that linearly scales …

  • Posted Possibly the best k-means clustering ... <i>in the world!</i> to enkidu

    Short post this time because I got looking at the data. The fun part is that you quickly move from thinking about how to get your results to trying to work out what they mean.

    Forget why I started down this road. Right now, we are seeking t…

  • Commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book
    Zubenel, sometimes I blog my frustrations out in the hopes that it will be useful to someone in the future. Write what you can no matter how useful you think it could be and we can decide how and where...
  • Commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book
    If you're automating file processing over several nights, have a look at PDL::DiskCache to treat your files as a tied array. This gem was a throw-away comment by David Mertens in his talk Intro to PDL Documentation also at
  • Posted PDL: Episode VI - a New Book to enkidu

    The title is clickbait. I ran short of time this week and am ~~recycling~~^Wconsolidating comments, replies and thoughts. Let's talk about Books!

    I would love a new PDL Book. One that's completely different from the ori…

  • Commented on k-means: a brief interlude into Data Wrangling
    My replies to comments on the previous post haven't appeared (found them in the spam bucket), so I'll take this space to continue that discussion as I get time. Thanks, Saif! Personally, I warm to the serialized posts and conversational...
  • Posted k-means: a brief interlude into Data Wrangling to enkidu

    When what they thought was the brink of success turned out to be the precipice of hasty interpretation and now they are dangling for dear life on the branch of normalization!

  • Commented on No more rhyming and I k-means it!
    I'd say that if you've found some examples from the PDL Book that don't work on Windows, that you should raise an issue on I was very surprised at how fast some people respond to bug reports. That being...
  • Commented on No more rhyming and I k-means it!
    I find the easiest way to blog is to have an editor window open and write what I think and see as it happens which gives it that personal touch. I also like the serialized style that byterock and many...
  • Posted No more rhyming and I k-means it! to enkidu

    "... anybody wanna peanut?" - Fezzik, TPB

    When last we saw our heroes, they had just applied PDL::Stats::Kmeans to a CSV file of …

  • Posted It's beginning to look a lot like k-Means &#127925; to enkidu

    ... every where you go!

    Continuing on from the intention of clustering data in Perl (a form of unsupervised learning), I'm going to start w…

  • Posted Working with CSV files using PDL to enkidu

    Ahh, the venerable comma separated variable format, beloved of data scientists.

    I grabbed a couple of csv files from Matt Pettis’ csvkit talk to prepare for the datafile that I should be getting my mitts on and tri…

  • Posted By Any k-Means Necessary to enkidu

    You want to get to know your data, questions like, You don't know what these classes might be, so your task is clustering and you reach for one of the oldest clustering algorithms around k-means.

    k-means is pop…

  • Commented on DBD::Oracle Trial Release 2
    I've installed DBD::Oracle 1.75_40 and it works as well as I expect using the Oracle 12.2.0 client libraries against what's probably an Oracle 11g server. My uses are mostly SELECT calls, so not a great testbed. Many thanks for putting...
  • Commented on What's happening with DBD::Oracle?
    Long-time, superficial user of DBD::Oracle. Currently running SELECT calls against 11g and 12c....
  • Posted Perl 6 book to enkidu

    Reading the description of the new book, Think Perl 6, I see one line "how to program and think like a computer scientist" and in the same week I hear from a friend of mine trying to get into the gig economy and the only jobs he can…

  • Posted Mojolicious and FullCalendar.js to enkidu

    You've been pulled into an impromptu meeting where the client now wants a web calendar tacked onto their application. Grimace. Walk out worried. But most important ...
    Don't re-invent the wheel.


  • Commented on Perl6 module namespace
    Wow! Let me just try and process these comments to see if I've learned something. I'm not too bothered about it being a decentralized project. I can see the merits in growing the Perl6 namespace organically to find out what...
  • Posted Perl6 module namespace to enkidu

    I'm going to talk about that which I know very little, but looking at the Perl6 Module Directory, I see a namespace that's already storing up pain. Why are there so many modules in the top level namespace that make no sense for a language that has designs…

  • Posted Corrupting the Youth to enkidu

    There's a new version of Modern Perl out in print now. So, what should you do with your old one?

    I gave mine away.

  • Posted Perl in Universities to enkidu

    A very late comment on a small portion of Brian's remarks to Dave's thoughts on recruitment in December. In a blow to my…

  • Posted Thank You, Glen Hinkle! to enkidu

    A very quick post just to say that I'm very excited to get into work today and it's all because of Glen Hinkle and his Amazing Mojocasts.

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  • brian d foy commented on A quick static file webserver

    The render_static was deprecated in the middle of the Mojolicious 5 evolution and is now reply->static:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Mojolicious::Lite;
    use Cwd;
    app->static->paths->[0] = getcwd;
    any '/' => sub {
  • Zoffix Znet commented on Perl6 module namespace

    It's documented in the S22 speculation, I believe:

    use Mail:approved-by('LWALL')

    That's not at all what I was talking about. The distribution's META file has a tags field that let any "distribution accumulators" (such as a CPAN site) to use those tags when trying to figure out what the user wants to find. Just like the posts on this website can be tagged with say, '…

  • zubenel commented on No more rhyming and I k-means it!

    I have encountered problems trying to visualize results with PDL::Graphics::Simple as written in perlmonks:

  • zubenel commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book

    Enkidu, as I am only Perl beginner I do not think that my trials will be very useful and could make an entire chapter. Nevertheless I might try to find time to write about it but I do not know where to post it. Maybe I could send it to you? Regarding the book it seems a good idea. IMO it could have chapters with different strategies how to deal with data as: how to import it, clean and transform it, run exploratory analysis, visualize, create regression models and interpret them.

  • brian d foy commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book

    I'd love to write a PDL book. It's definitely on my list of interesting ideas.

    However, good books take quite a bit of time and effort. It's not a matter of simply writing. Most of the pain is in sequencing—what's the minimal amount someone needs to know to do the next step?

    My Learning Perl 6 book raised $40k on Kickstarter. I got about $37k after fees, and spent about half of that on buying the books wholesale to ship to people. I don't think I'd do a niche book like that for that little again because that's all the money I'd ever get. With Learning Perl, my royalties are…

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