• Posted Gaming Con event filtering and RapidApp to gizmo_mathboy

    I'm a fussy person I guess. I haven't really like the way I can filter or search for events that might interest me for the two gaming conventions I've attended the last few years, GenCon and Gary Con.

    GenCon provides an…

  • Commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2
    This “bug” was reported and taken care of.
  • Commented on How I write custom quests for Veure
    Regarding your questions: Yes Hell Yes Fucking Hell Yes....
  • Commented on The Quantified Onion is not just another echo chamber
    I was thinking of a short to medium term project would be to put the PDL book into a talk format like you did for Intro to PDL. Maybe make some screencasts to go along with it. Maybe that could...
  • Commented on Scientific papers and softwares
    Testing is my weakest point but being a sysadmin is my excuse. However, as far as testing you could make sure for a given set of inputs the correct output is created? Also, test the various methods/subroutines behave properly when...
  • Commented on Scientific papers and softwares
    If there is one thing I know it's grad student coding. It's awful, but gets their job done. I'm not surprised at all. Most get very little training on that. TDD isn't even in their vocabulary. You're lucky if they...
  • Posted The Quantified Onion to gizmo_mathboy

    Since Joel has outed me already. :-)

    At this year's YAPC::NA I had a chance to meet David…

  • Commented on Adapting PDL to a Big Data Landscape
    As you know, plotting is the current "weakness" for PDL. I know Perl folks that do their stuff in R and not Perl because it is sort of easier to do the plotting in R. I think the Alien::Base work...
  • Commented on Guess what this does ...
    Well isn't that output rather interesting....
  • Commented on Perl 5.16.0 installed
    Maybe if I get some free time this afternoon. :-) I suppose I could do it again and turn off testing and see if I get Leon's time....
  • Commented on Perl 5.16.0 installed
    Leon, I did -j9 for my 8 core box (can't recall if it's 4 core and hyperthreads the other 4 or is really 8 cores). I didn't turn off testing so that probably slowed things down. That 18 minutes is...
  • Posted Perl 5.16.0 installed to gizmo_mathboy

    I thought I would see how long my new 8 core box would take to compile 5.16.0.

    It took about 18 minutes 25 seconds if stat on the build log is accurate.

    So now I have the new shiny...just need to reload all the CPAN modules I use now.


  • Commented on Be nice to your speakers
    Pittsburgh Perl Workshop had something similar. Definitely useful....
  • Commented on What if we could drop archives into @INC?
    brian, what about using .iso files or something like sqashfs (i didn't see anything in the CPAN regarding squashfs)? I have no idea if .iso is better than tar or not. I'm just spitballing. A quick google gave: Interesting...
  • Commented on Books and Ebooks: Renumerations on the Future
    Regarding the future of book publishing Kathryn Rusch has an interesting section of her blog about it: gizmo...
  • Commented on Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
    1) . instead of -> 2) better plotting (or at least easier to install plotting libraries that the modules use) 3) slightly better module install (see 2 regarding installing PDL and the plotting modules it uses...). There is an...
  • Commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?
    Maybe more can be done to promote Modern::Perl, perl5i and Task::Kensho? Modern::Perl is the least "invasive" in it's changes. perl5i amps it up a bit. Task::Kensho really goes all out and now is large enough to break out into separate...
  • Commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?
    I rescind my previous vote and second Elliot's votes. A degree of restraint coupled with some changes that would have a systemic improvement to the OO in Perl. With the removal of it would focus the core of language...
  • Commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?
    About the only module that I might even consider adding to core that hasn't already been mentioned is: Log::Log4perl But I would could it more of a second round choice. It would be nice to have some OO framework in...
  • Commented on Putting Perl Back on Top in the Fields of Scientific and Financial Computing
    Looks like I have a homework assignment this month. :-) Hopefully I'll have time to digest the informative comments, do a comparison (or at least get a better handle on PDL's plotting) and do a write up. Also, sounds like...
  • Commented on Putting Perl Back on Top in the Fields of Scientific and Financial Computing
    I think that matplotlib is a bit easier to work with than just about anything in Perl. It has been a year or three since I last compared plotting libraries to be fair. As a sysadmin at a university I...
  • Commented on WTF Perl Books
    brian, I haven't read the license for Perl in some time so I couldn't recall if this was ok or not. Hell, didn't O'Reilly get its start publishing the X11 manuals? The only book that is probably fishy, in my...
  • Posted WTF Perl Books to gizmo_mathboy

    I was purchasing a dead tree copy of Modern Perl on evil Amazon I noticed several "you might also like" books:

    Higher-Order Perl


  • Posted Frozen Perl 2011: Parse::Stallion/Intro to Dancer/Hallway Track to gizmo_mathboy

    I missed the Parse::Stallion and most of the Intro to Dancer talks because I spent it talking with olegm and perigrin.

    I really would have liked to catch them but it is always interesting to talk with folks.

    perigrin is a fellow player of Lacuna …

  • Posted Frozen Perl 2011: Parallel::Depend: designing a little language in Perl‎ to gizmo_mathboy

    Lembark's second talk is basically about designing a little language in Perl.

    This module is a scheduler.

    When designing a language it should be easy to edit, eyeball and parse.

    It is a good idea to have line oriented and whitespace oriented tokens.

    One should consi…

  • Posted Frozen Perl 2011: ‎Perl Marketing and Evangelism‎ to gizmo_mathboy

    This is the first of two talks by oZ.

    He likes Perl a lot, in the last few years there has been a fundamental change in Perl. Things like the modern Perl movement, chromatic's Modern Perl book, Moose, Catalyst and DBIx::Class changed how we can use Perl.

    Even with all that Perl has…

  • Commented on Frozen Perl 2011: Keynote
    brian, thanks for the clarifications. My notes were kind of sucky for of the parts....
  • Posted Frozen Perl 2011: Perl and Arduino to gizmo_mathboy

    Robert Blackwell gave a good intro to the world of Arduino and Perl.

    It was mostly how one would work with Arduinos's and the Perl interface to them.

    There is a variety of vendors, arduinos and extensions that let you do all sorts of fun things.

    It's probably the first open…

  • Posted Frozen Perl 2011: ‎Wrapping Installed Subroutines: Wear a Raincoat in Someone Else's Perl to gizmo_mathboy

    Wrapping installed subroutines

    Steven Lembark gave a talk about wrapping installed subroutines.

    It was noted on irc that this was the cotinuation/sequal of another talk. The jumping off point is having to work in some code and it has the following at the top of every program/module…

  • Posted Frozen Perl 2011: Keynote to gizmo_mathboy

    Keynote = 5 things I hate about Perl

    brian d foy gave the keynote this year. He talked about his talk from two years that was sort of based on Better Off by Eric Bende, his reading of Skeptic magazine and what this means regarding Perl.

    As part of this he touched on the fashionab…

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  • chris fedde commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2

    Is the implicit single argument open() behavior of <> appropriate any more?

    $ cat foo
    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Modern::Perl;
    my $x = "ARGV";
    while () {
        say $_;
    # execute as: foo 'ipconfig|'
  • shmem commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2

    If I was Perl, I would sue Netanel Rubin for slander.

  • shmem commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2


    while (<$x>) {
        say $_;

    (after preview, I found that the diamond has to be entered as &lt;$x&gt; into the text box :-)

    Single argument open is fine; the real question is whether piped open via ARGV magic is appropriate at all - which is the only valid point of Netanel Rubin’s talk. Is that a bug or a feature?

  • shmem commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2

    Even the -dangerous - ARGV magic is covered in the docs. From perlop:

    Since the null filehandle uses the two argument form of “open” in perlfunc it interprets special characters, so if you have a script like this:

               while (<>) {

    and call it with “perl ‘rm -rfv *|’”, it actually opens a pipe, executes the “rm” command and reads “rm“‘s output from that pipe. If you want all items in @ARGV to be interpreted as file names, you can use th…

  • mj41 commented on Response to The Perl Jam 2

    Yes, everybody should use static languages. For example Java.

    “… Going forward, developers should take this as an example of why it’s not safe to unserialize untrusted data. Unfortunately in the Java world, so much is built on the concept that this is okay, it’s going to take a long time to move away from that. …”…

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