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  • Posted Egad I have been a lazy Sod to byterock

    Yep been a while since I posted something, been playing about with my HAM gear too much these days, but I do have a little gem of wisdom to share so here it is.

    I updated my Mojolicious for the first time in quite awhile and my personal web server died.

    Well this on was 100% my fa…

  • Posted Paws anyone? to byterock

    Gee almost a year since my lat post. I better start posting again or Mohammad will catch up with me ;).

    Been quite a year for every one on this big blue marble. I hope you are all good.

    Ok here is the very short post for today.

    I just did my first build and upload of …

  • Posted Paging for Fun and Profit to byterock

    Paging PAWS for fun an profit

    Egad have been away for a while, it is not due to laziness on my part, I really have been stuck on a Paws problem over the past month+, add to that dozens of inside and out sided projects that I need to get done around the house time has just not been …

  • Posted Back to Paws to byterock

    It has been a little while since I played with my little PAWS and yes like many of us these days I have been just a little distracted, trip planned, trip changed, trip canceled etc etc etc.

    Anyway to recap where I left off I was just getting the 'SubscribeToShard' action to work with a HT…

  • Posted No Paws in this post (well maybe a litte) to byterock

    Well back to the PAWs game again. This is one group of actions that has really got me distracted.

    In my last post I manged to get 'SubscribeToShard' to work with my stream decoder though it is really just beta code for now. What first go me distracted was reading along in the Amazon d…

  • Posted PAWS Almost to byterock

    I think in my last post I said this is going to be a very short series well I think I am wrong on that count.

    When I last posted on the Kinesis 'SubscribeToShard' action I discovered that it is returning a 'application/' and that lead me down a very deep rabbit ho…

  • Posted Egad not more PAWs posts :( to byterock

    Well back on my PAWS run again. This one might be a rather short series as I am really just looking at one Action in the Kinesis API 'SubscribeToShard'. There is an open bug for this one up on github and one I think I can fix up fairly eaisy.

  • Posted Paws L (A little party planned) to byterock

    Well it looks like a wrap for PAWS XML as the last thing I am working on is getting the test suite to pass

    Looking at S3 I have only 1 error with the 09_requestst.t test suite;

    ok 829 - Call S3->SelectObjectContent from t/09_requests/s3-select-object-content.request

  • Commented on Paws XXXXIX (Very Close)
    Now if we can only get the Paws to relase or at lease merge it. It would be great...
  • Posted Paws XXXXIX (Very Close) to byterock

    Finally things were looking my way. I plowed thought the remaining CloudFront actions and got them all to work without any more changes to Paws.

    In the end I checked in 30+ new tests cases and over 2k of tests the other day. So I can safely say that 'CloudFront' is fully operational. …

  • Posted Paws XXXXVIII (Way too many 'I' s) to byterock

    Well I think it is a first here in the Paws patrol. I spent the day plunging away with CloudFront and I have no new Paws issues but I did learn and important practical lesson about using CloudFront.

    I got stuck on the 'UpdateCloudFrontOriginAccessIdentity' call.

    It seemed simple …

  • Posted Paws XXXXVII (What about the tests????) to byterock

    I decided I might as well get busy with CloudFront and at least get most of my real world scripts written.

    At the moment I am getting 400 errors such as 'InvalidArgument' or 'InvalidOrigin' on the Delete and Create actions as I do not have the proper config on the AWS end for the Cre…

  • Posted Paws XXXXVI (The game she is over) to byterock

    Well I left off on form my last post with this Moose error;

    Attribute (Items) does not pass the type constraint because: Validation failed for 'ArrayRef[Str|Undef]' with value [ { Method: ARRAY(0x5184cf0) } ] at /wwwveh/lib/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/Moose/ line 24

    but befo…

  • Posted PAWS XXXXV (You are now leaving S3. Please have your customs forms ready.) to byterock

    Well I manages to plow though the final few S3Control actions the other day so today I move into the much more complex CloudFront API.

    This one was to say the least a little daunting as the XML calls are …

  • Posted Paws XXXXIV (More Boto Fun) to byterock

    So I was quickly knocking off the various S3Control actions until I ran in to 'ListJOBS' which I though would be an easy one as there is no XML content on this call. I kept on getting


    The call cannot be any simpler a GE…

  • Posted Paws XXXXIII (More fun with XML) to byterock

    he first order of the day was to clean up all the debugging code I peppered across my perl trying to find an answer to my 'Failed Signature' bug.

    This did take a while and in the end the changes that I am sticking with are;


    if ( my $xml_body = $…

  • Posted Paws XXXXII (A little help from my friends) to byterock

    Now that I have at least one call working 'ListJobs' I reran the full test suit and to my surprise I got no fails. So maybe it is going to be an easy ride?

    Well I was dead wrong.

    Just spent the last few days banging my head against the AWS servers thinking that if the first 825 a…

  • Posted Paws XXXXI (Doubble Sawbuck plus 1) to byterock

    I was hoping that I would have an easy time with S3Control once I figured out the XML problems. Sadly I was a little premature on that thought.

    I spent a good while over the past few days getting either an 'Access Denied' or 'Forbidden' response to my 'CreateJob' call.

    I eve…

  • Posted Paws XXXX (A new Start) to byterock

    The next chapter in the 'Book of PAWS' is to the S3 control working.

    I do not see this project to go on to long as the S3 as there are only eight actions that are exposed by the S3control API. Given this, the many fixes I have made to the XML Rests side of the perl code my full test su…

  • Posted Paws XXXIX (The Paws is Dead. Long Live the Paws) to byterock

    S3 is a wrap was quite the journey since September.

    The end result

    • All non depreciated S3 actions on API work
    • A new test case 09_requests.t and test for each action was created
    • All none deprecated action now have a 10_response test as well
    • A…
  • Posted Paws XXXVII (So close but yest so far) to byterock

    Well I was just about ready to check everything in on S3 Paws and move onto the next part of Paws that need some love and kindness when I did one last review of all the test cases I have created over the past little while when I discovered I had left one out.

    I forgot to add in a request t…

  • Posted Paws XXXVI (Still not finished.) to byterock

    Well finally got the last of my tests done for S3, not much of a story as most of the test cases at least for the 'PUT' actions cases were mostly made up of two tests 'load' the results class and check the value of the '_request_id'.

    That being said I still had some 80 tests that where fa…

  • Posted Paws XXXV (Well not a wrap but close) to byterock

    Well it looks like a wrap for Paws S3

    I made up my own test creation caller. No rocket science in this one. I just added in a few useful attributes;

    has [
  • Posted Paws XXXIV (Yet more code) to byterock

    Well after spending a little while trying to create an auto test generator I found the test generator script that came with PAWS.

    So I decided to try it out. With only a little fudging of the code internals, no real code changes just changes to libs, I got it to work;

    perl scr…
  • Posted Paws XXXIII (A little advice please) to byterock

    Well some-days it would be nice to get a little advice, without asking for it, before one heads down a very long and in the end futile path.

    Today that happened to me when I was starting down a path that I dreaded. Namely creating the 'response' test suite for all those S3 requests I hav…

  • Posted Paws XXXII (80+ paws) to byterock

    Today's post proves that test suite, even one that uses canned data, requests and responses, is a very valuable asset to have about.

    As I was charging though some 80 action calls copying the requests from my successful unit tests into my t/09_request.t test cases I ran into the odd real …

  • Posted Paws XXXI (Digging up more dirt) to byterock

    I ending up in my last post with a test that was running but most of the tests where failing.

    ok 1 - Call S3->CreateBucket from /home/scolesj/aws-sdk-perl/t/09_requests/s3-create-bucket.request
    ok 2 - Got content eq from result
    ok 11 - Got method eq PUT from result…
  • Posted Paws XXX (Three of a kind) to byterock

    Goodness Paws 30 and I am at least code compete as far as running through all of the different action found on S3. Now that leads me to a very important part.

    I now have to do a little bit of back peddling and come up with a test suite for all the now fixed S3 actions. 90% of the bugs a…

  • Posted Paws XXIX (Would you like fries with that) to byterock

    Well still in clean-up mode here in the Paws Pen trying to get the full t/10_response.t test case working.

    I was having all sorts of fun with the 'GetBucketPolicy' action test. By fun I mean a good hour of frustration and cursing and gnashing of teeth as my real-time test script was wo…

  • Posted Paws XXVIII (Just one More ) to byterock

    Seems I lied in my last post when I said there where no longer any boto changes for my S3 fixes. There is still one call 'GetBucketLocation' that is using a new bit I added to boto

    I stumbled upon this when…

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