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  • Enkidu commented on No more rhyming and I k-means it!

    I'd say that if you've found some examples from the PDL Book that don't work on Windows, that you should raise an issue on I was very surprised at how fast some people respond to bug reports.

    That being said, a chapter on how to make PDL work with Windows would make any book that much nicer. Do you fancy sharing some of your pain?

  • Enkidu commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book

    Zubenel, sometimes I blog my frustrations out in the hopes that it will be useful

    As an author, you won't get better unless you write and I will do my utmost to enable that! If you can reply here, I would think you can also post here on (look for the Post link at the top). The locals are quite polite, so it's a good place to get started. It's not the b…

  • Enkidu commented on &nbsp; k-Means<br>k-Means-er

    I've tried to use k-means before and came off the worse, so you could see this as Rocky II. This time I'm going the distance!

    I think Dave Cross suggested to me that an e-book could be like a short story, only as long as it needs to be to complete an idea. Or you could think of it as an Agile approach to authoring. I'm just trying to keep to a schedule of one post every 2 weeks and an investment of 3 hours effort (which explains the glib and haphazard style :)

  • brian d foy commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book

    I'd love to write a PDL book. It's definitely on my list of interesting ideas.

    However, good books take quite a bit of time and effort. It's not a matter of simply writing. Most of the pain is in sequencing—what's the minimal amount someone needs to know to do the next step?

    My Learning Perl 6 book raised $40k on Kickstarter. I got about $37k after fees, and spent about half of that on buying the books wholesale to ship to people. I don't think I'd do a niche book like that for that little again because that's all the money I'd ever get. With Learning Perl, my royalties are…

  • Enkidu commented on PDL: Episode VI - a New Book

    I entirely agree. Content is key and the more I dig through the documentation, the more I see there is to write about. The "loads of free time" quip was tongue-in-cheek. Other than a lottery win, the one way I see a book getting written is for 20 people to think it'll be easy and then be too stubborn to stop. If someone out there does think they have what it takes to get a book over the line, I could be persuaded to release my stuff under CC-BY just for the joy of seeing something new pushed out there. It warmed my heart when I recently tripped over 40 pages on the ="https://ar…

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