my YAPC::EU summary

first some ad for Gabor, you might want to skip that *g*. I read "perl testing" and listened to some talks on that topic, even gave one, but until 2 days ago i actually hat had some misunderstanding about Devel::Cover and that it actually marks code pieces "already executed" when tests just call subs with different options and not by calling the pieces directly. Just a short comment by Gabor has lightend that up. thank you.

What i like most about yapc even more than about perl workshops: you get more high profile people. just grab them and discuss things that needs to get done. I met my grant manager Tom and I actually have some sense what kind of person he is and how to communicate to him or Karen better. I could also drop Larry some msg if he wants to give some thoughts on that too.

I could speak with Ingy to understand what to do when we got spam on our perl 6 wiki again or we want to change it into another wiki. he had some very interesting idea what wiki to use and Masak has here some very interesting plans too (about a new kind of wiki software). Ingy helped me also with yaml. KephraXP will use from now on YAML::XS. YAML::Tiny just makes the config files for Kephra menus look strange and changes too error prone and complicated (for the very good reason of minimalism-its a tiny module after all). i will not burden my users with that.

Then i spoke with Brian d Foy, Jesse Vincent and other (Hugo and Steffen) p5p people to get a sense what changes of the p5 core doc are needed and wanted.

mdk seduced me to maybe write something for the register that would help to spread the message of perl.

of course i talked about editors too to get a better sense what people need in Kephra.

we even talked about how to improve yapc with hacktracks, or open discussions on certain time and topic yesterday. but normal life has me a bit back and i feel much better prepared and straightened up for my next goals then before the YAPC.

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